Are Waterhog Mats Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Nothing is more concerning and worrisome than the safety of your hardwood floors. Due to the inflated prices that a hardwood floor installation comes at, it is mandated upon every house owner to ensure that the surface is kept maintained and away from any damage.

However, damaging the hardwood floor is very convenient. Often you will not even realize that the wooden flooring will be on its path to being ruined in appearance and construction.

The cause can be as minor as accidentally spilling water on the floor or moving the furniture on the flooring around without caution. Both situations are to be deteriorating for the hardwood.

Therefore, to counter the former circumstance of water spillage, you can undertake steps to avoid the outcome, such as placing a Waterhog mat, but are Waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors?

Let’s find out if Waterhog mats are a yay or nay for hardwood floors!

Are Waterhog Mats Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Before we delve any deeper into inquiring whether Waterhog mats are safe for hardwood floors, every reader needs to be well-affiliated with what a Waterhog mat is and the purposes it will serve to the user.

Like other types of mats, such as transparent, door, comfort, and anti-fatigue mats, the Waterhog mat constitutes the broader category, serving a unique advantage of its construction to all the customers who purchase it.

With a Waterhog mat on your floor, the mat will act as a solid shield that will not allow water droplets to penetrate through and seep onto the flooring. As an outcome, keep your floorings safe and preserved from the alarming threat of damage that could have materialized otherwise and without a Waterhog mat.

Though water spillages do not indicate an alarming situation for all flooring types, for some, it is, such as, if you spill water on granite or marble flooring, there is no need for you to worry about it or even the need for you to wipe the water from the surface because, eventually, water will evaporate.

Contrasting to other sensitive kinds of floorings like hardwood, laminate, and vinyl having water spills on them is a direct cause of damage. What will happen to hardwood floors is that the exact location where you spilled water will start to swell up.

This brings us back to our core discussion theme of the article: are waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors such that they can act as a guarding shield against water, not permitting the droplets to be on the surface beneath?

Waterhog Mats Safety:

Supposedly, you are passionately searching for a mat that will keep your hardwood floor safe and protected from damage caused by liquids. In that case, there is no better option for you to pursue than purchase a Waterhog mat.

Are waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors? Waterhog mats are not only safe but the safest and the prime option of a mat that you can opt for, which will guarantee to safeguard the quality and the outlook of your hardwood floors.

Manufactured for a particular reason- Waterhog mats retain water on their surface and away from the hardwood floors pretty effectively. Additionally, these mats are produced in two specified kinds which cater to not only the users of hardwood but also carpet.

The two distinct production kinds of Waterhog mats are smooth and cleated. As you are a hardwood user, for you to progress with purchasing a smooth Waterhog mat will result in the best results as the mat is created for smooth surfaces with a backing that further enhances the usability.

Per your flooring requirement, you must purchase the Waterhog mat type because if there is any mismatch, the outcome will not be what you may anticipate.

This means that do not always consider the broader category of Waterhog mats, but be more particular about the kind of Waterhog mat you want, which in this case, a hardwood Waterhog mat for smooth surfaces.

Though the Waterhog mat has a backing made of rubber, this should not be of concern to you because the recycled rubber takes the onus to not damage the hardwood flooring even in the slightest manner.

You can place the Waterhog mat anywhere around your living space, wherever you feel it is needed, whether it be the hardwood entryway, lobby, or bedroom. In every nook and cranny of the house, the Waterhog mat will ensure that you benefit the most from its presence as a user.

Recommendation – Waterhog Mat Safe For Hardwood Floors

On the internet and in the market, you will be coming across a range of mats that are waterhog mats and safe for hardwood floors. However, even when some manufacturers may claim to have produced a Waterhog mat, the mat might not be efficient for the purpose for which it is created.

Hence, to have all our readers not go through the trouble of navigating the market or the internet and so that they are all safe from purchasing a mat allegedly declared a “Waterhog mat,” we bring you a reliable recommendation.

Our ultimate preference for a Waterhog mat safe for hardwood floors is the M+A Matting Waterhog Mat. Nothing can go wrong with your hardwood surface as long as the M+A Matting Waterhog mat is placed on it, and to further advocate for our recommendation following we state the several advantages this product has!


Variety in Colors:

A very evident regard that many customers have about a product is the variety of colors that the product is available in. It is one of those factors which highly influences an individual’s decision-making.

With the M+A matting Waterhog mat, you will not have to come across a limited number of colors that the Waterhog mat is available because the product on Amazon has been advertised in twelve different colors. Ranging from the basics and dark to the lighter and subtle shades.

Range Of Sizes:

Similarly, size is another consideration that every customer tends to make.

Nevertheless, this is not the case with the M+A Matting Waterhog mat because now, without needing alteration to arise and from within the offered sizes of the mat, you can conveniently choose the one that will fit the most appropriately on your hardwood floor.

Causes No Damage:

No one would ever want their Waterhog mat to damage the hardwood floor. This would be a prominent contradiction: on the one hand, the Waterhog mat promises to act as a guaranteed shield, preventing the water from seeping onto the floor, and on the other hand, causing stains via its rubber backing!

To this assumed proposition, we say no more. Nothing of this sort will happen with the M+A Matting Waterhog mat purchase. The mat will not only be working towards delivering its purpose relating to water spillages but will also counter any staining that could be caused through other means.

Likewise, it will not constitute a reason for your hardwood floor to endure damage by leaving behind sticky residues or scratching.

Quick Dry:

The M+A matting Waterhog mat is well structured, so it will retain any water that may come it’s way. Subsequently, more than just frequently, there will be the call for you to dry the mat out.

With the same efficiency that the mat retains the water, your Waterhog mat will be drying out at the same speed. The Waterhog mat will not be demanding much of your time in the sense whereby you have to keep the mat hanging for hours until it completely drains all the liquid it retains.

However, a few minutes under the sun’s scorching rays will be enough to ensure that there is no water left in the mat and that the Waterhog mat is fit to be placed back onto the hardwood floor.


Manufactured of pure and 100% natural polypropylene, the M+A matting Waterhog mat entails the ability to withstand all weather conditions and absorb much water from water spills.

The dyes too that have been used to give the Waterhog mat its beautiful color are such that they are resistant to fading, and no matter how much water is retained in the construction, the dyes will remain highlighted and not fade away after some time.

The high durability of the Waterhog mat is a favorable characteristic of our recommendation. As long as the product will accommodate you, it will be for the same span that your hardwood floors will remain protected from damage.

Thus, the exceptional durability of the M+A matting Waterhog mat comes complimentary to the prolonged lifespan of your hardwood floors.


In the write-up concerning whether are Waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors, we have given you the answer you were looking for and, for further assistance, have also stated a dependable recommendation for a Waterhog mat for you!

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