Best Rug Pad For Jute Rug

Opting for jute as the material for your rugs is the most premium choice you could make. Regardless of whatever flooring material you have installed in and around your house, jute rugs qualify as those rugs that are the safest and most compatible with almost all surfaces.

Does not matter whether you have an installation for wooden, vinyl, or any other kind of flooring vulnerable to damage because, with a jute rug, no harm will occur. So you must relieve yourself of any denting, scratching, or staining worry.

Nevertheless, often jute rugs can be problematic for sure house owners. This is because there is no backing underneath a jute rug to counter for slipping, bunching, and skidding. Hence, placing a jute rug pad is a necessity for jute rugs.

To assist our readers and to ensure that you all make the right decision, I have a list of our finest picks for the best rug pad for jute rugs.

Best Rug Pad For Jute Rug

After carefully analyzing the pros and cons of all the available options for the best rug pad for jute rugs, I finalized the following options. All of our finest picks for the best rug pad for jute rugs are reliable. You would have to choose the one that will cater to you sufficiently.

1.) Mohawk Home Rug Pad:

Our second top pick for the best rug pad for jute rugs is the rug pad manufactured by Mohawk Homes. This is one of the most popular picks amongst consumers for the right and justified reasons. Let’s have a look!


Placing a Mohawk home rug pad under your jute rugs can always go wrong. A singular product (rug pad) serves you with multiple purposes, such as protection of the susceptible to damaged flooring, protection of the user against slipping, and, most important, enhancement of the durability of your jute rug.

The rug pad is thick in its outlook, which means that your previously rough jute rugs will feel smooth under your feet and add further support to your feet whenever you stand on it through their extra cushioning feature.

Additionally, when the rug pad is placed, your jute rug will no longer curl around the edges nor collect under a bunch. The best part is that the rug will not be skidding or slipping. All thanks to the protective rubber backing underneath the jute rug, this aspect may bring apprehension about placing the rug pad on a wooden or vinyl floor.Check Price Red Button

  • Easy to customize
  • Available in two backing options
  • Provides protection and cushioning
  • Has a rubber backing


Supposedly, if in your house you do not have hardwood or vinyl plank flooring only, then opt for the Mohawk Home Rug pad because though it may not stain, the risk of staining to occur is always present because of the rubber backing.

2.) Original Gorilla Rug Pad:

Yet another recommendation for you for the best rug pad for jute rug is the original Gorilla Rug Pad, currently marked as the best seller on Amazon.


A distinct characteristic only featured by the original Gorilla Rug pad is the availability of the rug placed above the pad to breathe. When you place your jute rug over the rug pad, it will constantly release any moisture and air instead of trapping it.

Durability is another prominent feature that comes accompanied with the Gorilla Rug pad. Build out of a solid construction regardless of the wear and tear that your jute rug is exposed to. The rug pad you have placed underneath will remain unaffected.

Additionally, the Gorilla rug pad will keep aiding the users in protecting the floorings against any potential damage that could materialize on the surface, either because of the jute rug or the furniture.

Since the rug pad acquires a mesh-like outward look, whenever you need to clean it, you will have to vacuum over it, and your product will be new as it was when first purchased.

Moreover, do not worry about slipping or bunching because the Gorilla rug pad will take the onus of holding your jute rug in place.Check Price Red Button

  • Easy to clean
  • Available in various sizes
  • Non-slip
  • Unsuitable for hardwood floors


Though the Original Gorilla Rug Pad may not guarantee its offered features with hardwood floors, apart from that, this product is a dependable option to proceed with.

3.) RUGPADUSA Rug Pad:

Agitated over your jute rug feeling too flat and against the floor? Check out this rug pad by Rugpadusa, which is guaranteed to provide an ultimate and extreme level of cushioning to your jute rugs.


Cushioning of the jute rug through this rug pad comes from the fact that it is denser and thicker when compared to your typical rug pads. This precise factor of the rug pad adds significant utility for the buyer and ensures that their jute rug feels more comfortable under the feet after placing the rug pad.

Another considerable quality of the Rugpadusa rug pad is its added protection to the surfaces beneath. Certain floorings are easily and quickly damaged by sliding furniture or scratching through pet nails such as timber and vinyl.

When the rug pad is placed under your jute rug, with added comfort, it will also assure you of protecting your flooring against any potential damage by acting as a well-founded shield between the floor and the rug. Therefore, enhancing the durability not only of your floor but also of your jute rug.Check Price Red Button

  • Excellent insulation
  • The composition is made from 100% recycled material
  • Thick
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Does not prevent slipping


Suppose your only concern and the singular requirement for a rug pad under your jute rug is for the product to aid in cushioning and maintaining the outlook of your flooring through protection. In that case, the Rugpadusa rug pad is ideal!

4.) Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad:

Are you looking for a rug pad countering the slipping of your jute rug while simultaneously adding cushioning? These two-in-one features are offered to you in the Veken non-slip rug pad.


With the exceptional gripping potential of the Veken non-slip rug pad and after its placement under your jute area rugs, there will not be another instance where you would have to bother with slipping, skidding, and bunching.

The rug pad firmly and tightly grips the jute rug from beneath and ensures the rug stays in a single location. Whether you stand on the rug or furniture is placed, none will be a victim to slipping and skidding, respectively.

Moreover, thick in construction, the Veken rug pad will aid in cushioning the jute rug too. With this additional cushioning, the jute rug will be a source of solace. Thanks to the added cushioning, you can sit on the rug pad without feeling as if you are sitting on the floor.

However, one factor to remember about this product is that to counter slipping and other similarities, the manufacturers- Veken- have used a PVC backing, which is unsuitable if you are considering placing this rug pad on your vinyl or hardwood surfaces. Therefore, I advise you to rethink!Check Price Red Button

  • Adds cushioning
  • Dense and thick
  • Anti-slip
  • Incompatible with hardwood floors


Make sure that when choosing this option, the flooring you have is not of hardwood because then the Veken rug pad may not be the best option for a rug pad for jute rugs.

Why Is A Jute Rug Pad A Must-Have?

A jute rug pad, or the best one for jute rugs, is a crucial must-have. Undoubtedly, jute rugs are a safe option for rugs, and this is the most significant advantage you have with them. However, there are slight disadvantages to constructing a jute rug being 100% natural and pure.

Counters Slipping:

One of the disadvantages is that the natural construction makes no use of chemicals or toxins to add any qualities to the jute rug further. The jute rug you lay on your floor is pure and therefore does not accounts for preventing skidding, slippering, and bunching.

When not countered, these alleged disadvantages of jute rugs can be highly concerning and result in you sustaining severe injuries by accidentally tripping from the rug when it’s bunched or slipping from it, making a jute rug pad a must-have.

Cushioning & Comfort:

Similarly, standing on the jute rug does not comfort the feet. Not to say that jute rugs are uncomfortable, but if the comfort levels of a jute rug are compared to those provided by other rugs, supposedly your rubber-backed area rugs, they are more comfortable to stand on.

A rug pad under your jute rug will bring comfort to you by assisting the jute rug with cushioning, and then whenever you may rest your feet upon a jute rug, they will only feel comfortable.


This article lists four of our finest picks for the best rug pad for jute rugs. Now choose the one that you think is the best for you!

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