Can You Put Rugs On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Although the choices relating to the interior between all house owners may differ, what stands to be common ground between them is that all want to top their vinyl planks off with an extravagant look aided by a beautiful rug.

However, every house owner chooses to proceed with the rug that suits their living space’s color combination and aura at its best, without ever considering the materials the rugs might be made of. This particular aspect can threaten your vinyl plank floor, and we will see why later.

But for now, our focus remains on whether can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring and, most importantly, whether all types of rugs are safe for the purpose. To enlighten yourself about the issue, keep reading!

Can You Put Rugs On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

We understand how most users are concerned about if and not they should be progressing with finalizing the look of their vinyl plank flooring with a rug. Often they think that the rug might seem out of place or that some other piece of furniture would be better suited as an accessory.

Rest assured, laying a rug on your vinyl plank flooring is worth considering. The rug adjusts itself within the space and ensures that the vinyl plank flooring does not seem incomplete but provides the area with a warm and comfy look.

However, you must remember that not all kinds of rugs you may want to lay on the vinyl plank flooring suit the job. This is because some particular types of rugs, especially those made of synthetic materials, carry forward with them a severe risk of staining the floors.

Why Are Not All Rugs Suitable For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

A crucial consideration to be made when purchasing rugs is concerning the suitability of the rug on the vinyl plank flooring. Following our statement that not all carpets are suitable, let’s elaborate on it.

Rugs are manufactured with the key aim of providing a beautiful exterior appearance to your vinyl plank flooring. They are also made to be resistant to slipping so that you are not exposed to the threat of slipping every time you step on the rug.

Companies involved in production tend to use a combination of materials to ensure that rugs are anti-slipping and not advocating for slipping. One reason is that it cuts production costs for large corporations producing in an assembly line.

Where using a combination of materials is more affordable than using a pure material. Another reason for using various materials or precisely utilizing rubber or plastic (synthetic materials) is that they are easier to work with when it comes to toxin chemicals.

When such chemicals are applied to these synthetic materials, the resulting rugs are not only hesitant to slip but also budget-friendly for the user.

All this seems to be in favor of the user, so then what is the problem with laying these rugs on the vinyl plank flooring?

Problem With Synthetic Rugs On Vinyl Plank Flooring:

The problem arising from picking on this situation is that rugs made of latex, rubber, or plastic are infamous for the staining they cause on the vinyl plank flooring after some time has elapsed.

What happens is that the chemicals applied to the materials initially tend to react with any heat or friction that may come in contact with the rug. As a result, the chemicals start seeping out of the rug and into the vinyl plank flooring, which leads the floor to be discolored and stained.

Supposedly, you were unaware of such knowledge, and out of pure coincidence, you purchased a synthetically composed rug for your vinyl plank flooring. Now what? In this case, you can purchase a rug pad to prevent your floors from being stained or discolored because of the rug’s material.

These pads for rugs act as a barrier between the rug and the floor, maintaining an adequate distance between both surfaces to prevent staining. Rug pads also cushion the rug and provide an even finer look to a rug placed on the vinyl plank flooring.

Recommendations For Rug And Rug Pad On Vinyl Plank Flooring:

If you are having difficulty choosing the most appropriate rug and rug pad for your vinyl plank flooring. Don’t worry, we got you as we bring you some top recommendations for both that are compatible with your vinyl plank flooring.

1.) Mohawk Rug Pad:

The Mohawk rug pad is one of the most reliable rug pads you will encounter. The primary reason is its guarantee not to let the rug stain the vinyl plank flooring even if the pad has been laid on the surface for a significant span.


Featuring an utmost non-slip grip, the durable and slip-resistant rug pad manufactured of a rubber latex backing not only prevents slipping but also works toward supporting the rug laid over it.

This makes keeping the rug wrinkle and curl-free very convenient, and especially the task of vacuuming has been straightforward because now, despite the vacuum’s air pressure, with the rug pad’s support, the rug will not be swaying astray.

Even though the rug pad has a rubber bottom but despite that, all users who have purchased this product and have used it for a long time have reported in the favor of the pad. They have claimed that despite its manufacturing material, no staining has been observed on the surfaces.

Another feature enhancing the utility of the rug pad is that its use is not only restricted to vinyl plank flooring, but the mohawk pad has floor versatility. For carpets, merely place the pad beneath the rug with the felt side facing downwards.

However, with surfaces similar to hardwood, you must set the pad underneath, but this time the rubber facing on the floor. You can choose the rug pad in any thickness and size that suits you best, as there are many options.

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  • High versatility
  • Multiple size and thickness options
  • Prevents staining
  • No such drawbacks


The key factor compelling you into concluding your decision in support of purchasing this Mohawk rug pad is the fact that no drawbacks accompany the product. As for our opinion, we are all in for the rug pad.

2.) Unique Loom Rug:

Your search for buying a rug that will be compatible with your vinyl plank flooring and not result in staining should end now with us bringing you a recommendation for the ideal rug: a Unique Loom Rug.


This recommendation for an appropriate rug for your vinyl plank flooring is from the Solo Solid Shag rug collection introduced by Unique Loom. Instead of having a colorful design, the rug is simplistic and minimalistic.

All the options for the rugs that you may come across by Unique Loom are of a solid color, but the color palette that they feature is not restricted to just a few colors but have twenty-two colors ranging from very light to very dark.

Therefore, matching a unique loom rug suitable with your vinyl plank flooring and your room’s color scheme will not be a task you will struggle with. These shag rugs are a flawless combination of style and comfort.

The comfortable texture of the rugs makes them a supreme option for a rug to be placed in your children’s room that will not compromise their safety but only add to it. All credit to the multiple sizes and shapes in which the shag rugs are available; finding the right shag rug to fit your space is convenient.

The best part about Unique Loom’s shag rugs is that they are friendly to be vacuumed, and supposedly, if you have creased the rug, then just fold it in an opposite direction while applying intense pressure.

Then take the edges out, and flip the region where the crease is while slowly pulling the rug back, using a downward force onto the crease to eliminate it.

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  • Several color options
  • Multiple available sizes
  • Texture is comfortable
  • Might have a smell


Smell that we talked about in the con is just part and is not there to remain. So do not bother. Apart from this, the Unique Loom rug is a great option for a rug to be placed on vinyl plank flooring.


In this article, we have found your answer: Can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring? You can always place a rug on a vinyl floor; we advise you to be cautious when choosing a suitable rug.

In situations where the urge to purchase a rug that might be incompatible is irresistible, then with the rug, you also buy an accompanying rug pa. For that, we have given you an amazing option.

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