Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors?

Who does not love a shiny and spotlessly clean wood floor? As much as every homeowner loves having a sparkling wooden floor, achieving the task is not as easy as it seems. Often cleaners tend to stain the floor, and if you scrub too hard, it will result in scratches.

With such complications and risks with the wood floor, what is the safest way to ensure you have a clean wood floor without any costs? One solution to your problem is the use of Fabuloso on wood floors.

The all and multi-purpose cleaner can be used on various surfaces, but if you are still unsure about its use on wood floors, read through our home guide on whether can you use Fabuloso on wood floors and learn more about the product.

Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors?

Any query you have about the use of Fabuloso on wooden floors is justified. Anyone with a wooden floor around somewhere in their house will be well aware of the cost of the installation, and through lack of maintenance or misuse of products over the surface, one would not want to ruin their wooden floors.

The reason underlying the effortless cleaning by the Fabuloso cleaning detergent on wooden floors is because of the pH that it has. Unlike conventional cleaning liquids, Fabuloso’s pH is neutral and strikingly balanced between acidic and alkaline.

Subsequently, this makes the product safe for use on wood floors, especially when getting rid of any dust, dirt, grime, or grease stuck on the floor that will not go away despite your constant efforts at scrubbing it with soap or surf.

Additionally, Fabuloso also works toward removing those tough stains that have remained after an unfortunate and unforeseen incident on the wooden floor, resulting in a gleaming floor with no buildups or streaks after cleansing.

The best part about choosing to use Fabuloso to clean your wooden floors is the product’s easy accessibility. Due to the widespread demand for this cleansing product, you can easily and readily find it in your local utility grocery store. If not, you can always order the detergent online through Amazon or by placing the order at its official website.

What Is Fabuloso?

What is Fabloo?

We have been all in awe of Fabuloso and have been advocating for you to utilize the cleansing detergent on your wooden floors because it is safe. But what is faubuloso?

Fabuloso is a company that precisely manufactures a range of multi-purpose disinfectant wipes and cleaners. However, it will be best not to misinterpret the perfumed and scented bottled formulas produced for disinfectants.

The company, in their production line, and to ensure their products have a competitive advantage over other cleaning products, have innovated by introducing a wide range of scents in their cleaning products.

Such as lemon, passion fruit, lavender, ocean paradise, citrus and fruits (apple scents and pomegranate), and spring fresh. With such a variety to choose from, every cleaning enthusiast is almost always drawn towards purchasing from Fabuloso.

Scents are not the unique selling point used by Fabuloso. Another one is their array of detergents, also known as Fabuloso Complete. These cleaners have added other ingredients in the formulation of liquids that make cleaning a hassle-free and a rather seamless process to undertake with the use of productThe following section will state someone Fabuloso.

Nevertheless, if you are cleaning detergents containing bleach or ammonia, rest assured that the products are bleach and ammonia free. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, we initially vouched for Fabuloso’s safe use on wooden floors because of its neutral pH and lack of use of the substances.

How To Utilize Fabuloso?

The utilization of Fabuloso on wood floors is very convenient and does not require much effort, nor makes the procedure demand your special tools or cleaning supplies. However, you must have the Fabuloso cleaner, a bucket and clean water, a broom or mop, and a dustpan.

Follow the steps below to achieve a spotless wooden floor using Fabuloso.

Step 1: Sweeping The Floor

Sweeping The Floor

Before you begin cleaning your wooden floor with the Fabuloso cleaning detergent, it is recommended that you mop the surface to remove any tiny particles of dust, dirt, or debris. Hence, using a broom or mop, wipe the floor and collect all the contaminants swept from the floor into the dustpan.

Step 2: Dissolving Fabuloso With Water

Dissolving Fabuloso With Water

In the bucket, add adequate clean water. Now the amount of water you add to the bucket depends on the surface area of the wooden floor that you will be cleaning. If your floor is huge, add more water, and if the area is not so expansive, add per the requirement.

Often, users think using hot water and mixing Fabuloso into it is the only way the detergent will work. This is a misconception and a myth, and there is no such concept. So you can add water at any temperature that you like.

After collecting the appropriate amount of water into the bucket, cautiously add ¼  cup of the Fabuloso cleaning detergent per the gallons of water in the bucket.  To state it simply for every gallon of water that you will be using, add ¼ cup of Fabuloso into it.

Step Three: Mopping The Wooden Floor

Mopping The Wooden Floor

Once the mixture of water and Fabuloso is ready, immerse your mop into the solution until it has been completely soaked. Then wring out any excess water before using it on the wooden floor.

Every time you repeat this process, keep an eye out for any water droplets that may remain on the wooden floor. Water and wood do not go well together, and if the water seeps into the wood, then that can cause significant damage to your wooden floor.

On this note, every time you sweep the floor using the Fabuloso cleaning detergent, ensure the wooden floor dries out completely.

Different Ways To Utilize Fabuloso:

Different Ways To Utilize Fabuloso

In the preceding section of our home guide on whether you can use Fabuloso on wood floors, we stated the traditional method users prefer. However, you can also differ from this method and utilize Fabuloso in other methods. The upcoming section will state some recommendations we bring forth for you.

Apart from using Fabuloso only for cleaning your wooden floors, there is another beneficial use of the cleaning detergent: using the cleansing product over stained clothes. Let’s observe how.

Fabuloso In A Spray Bottle:

When using Fabuloso to remove any stains from your clothes, diluting the solution with a large bucket of room-temperature water will not work, so you have to troubleshoot that and come up with an alternative method. Thus, the spray bottle method.

Fabuloso in a spray bottle is not necessarily converting the detergent into the bottle and spritzing it over any cloth you have stained. Instead, pour ⅛ cup of the cleanser into the spray bottle and fill the remaining portion with water.

This will help dilute the liquid appropriately and reduce the cleaner’s strong impact on your clothes. Not all stains require an increased portion of Fabuloso; however, you can improvise if the stain is old and rigid. The provided ratio of Fabuloso to water that we have proposed will work!

Fabuloso For Cleaning:

Using Fabuloso for cleaning is rather straightforward. There are no certain ratios that you must consider every time you pick Fabuloso to clean the wooden floors. Just follow the guidelines in the “how to utilize Fabuloso” section, and we promise you you will be ready for your cleaning task.

Is Mixing Bleach in Fabuloso Ideal?

Is Mixing Bleach in Fabuloso Ideal

A lot of users of Fabuloso are often struck with the question of whether they should add bleach to their Fabuloso and water mixture to attain a higher level of cleaning or not.

Before you even consider this thought, we ask you to rest and ponder: did the manufacturers add bleach to the initial formulation of the cleaning detergent?

The company did not choose to add bleach as an ingredient to the Fabuloso mix for a reason, and for you as a user to make any additions on your own is only accompanied by risk.

Therefore, for that matter, do not add bleach or any other cleaning detergents with Fabuloso in an attempt to clean the floor better, because this is coming from experience with the product- experimentation with Fabuloso will only lead to more damage.


In our home guide, we have successfully addressed your concern about whether can you use Fabuloso on wood floors. Now we hope that you can use this information to your good.

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