Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

Preserving wooden floors is a challenging task that comes uninvited with installing a wooden base. To ensure that your wooden floor remains in the same shape and condition when purchased, you, as a house owner, must make regular efforts and be consistent with them.

When and if not, efforts are made to preserve the wooden floor, and in a new condition, they will deteriorate by the day. Meaning scratches, dents, and other damages such as staining and residue will be a phenomenon appearing much sooner than anticipated.

Therefore, one of the products you can use for this purpose wood floors is Old English on wood floors, but can you use Old English on wood floors? Is this widely popular and house owner’s favorite product worth the hype? Together we will investigate!

Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

The nervousness and apprehensiveness that guards the question can you use Old English on wood floors is somewhat justified. Every person with a wooden floor should investigate the product and its compatibility with the timber surface before delving into the application.

Through this, not only will the user save themselves the disappointment of the product not being fruitful in its outcome, but they can also gauge the suitability of it on the wood floor. Thus, shield themselves against the damage that might have occurred without their research.

Returning to our discussion of if can you use Old English on wood floors, it is with quite a fortune we bring you the good news that Old English is extremely safe in its usability on wooden floors.

If it’s any consolation, you can use Old English on all types of sensitive floors that fall into the same category as wood floors, such as laminate and vinyl, and also on the furniture constructed of these materials.

Old English acquires various forms, of each serves a unique purpose. Such as, there is a polish that does the job of restoring the lost essence in the appearance of the wooden floor, and on the other hand, you get a scratch cover in Old English which takes the onus of covering any scratches through the darker shade of polish on the hardwood.

Further, we will briefly discuss both the Old English Polish and the scratch cover you can avail of and their advantages.

Old English  Wood Polish:

The first consideration that we have regarding Old English is the Old English wood polish. You can purchase this polish in two shades per your wooden floor’s requirements.

For instance, if your wooden floor has a lighter shade, you will not be progressing with using a darker shade polish because then you will achieve nothing as an outcome but a stained floor, looking discolored in its appearance.

Therefore, match the Old English wood polish with the color palette of your hardwood floors. We recommend Old English Wood Polish for lighter-looking surfaces and timber surfaces with a darker shade of Old English Polish Dark Wood.


The purposes served by the Old English wood polish are such that it caters to all the typical needs of a house owner concerning their wooden surfaces. The product is safe to apply on any type of wooden artifact, not only on floors.

It does not matter whether you are considering buying the polish for your furniture or the floors because the Old English polish will adequately demonstrate its results, which will be a hardwood surface that looks brighter, shiny, and fine.

As the Old English wood works toward gaining the lost appearance of the wooden floor, as a result, it leaves the floor slippery. This slipperiness of the floor can be lasting and beneficial because even if something drops off on the wooden floor, it can easily be cleaned.

Additionally, if you accidentally spill water, then the thick layer of the Old English wood polish will act as a solid barrier against permitting the water from seeping into the wooden surface, running it.

While you are utilizing Old English wood polish, you may notice that after its application, some of the minor scratches and stains on the surface are no more visible. While the product may not guarantee this outcome every time, there is a likely chance for such stains and residues to be removed as a plus point.


Though most of the polishes you may purchase are in a solid form, the Old English Polish acquires a unique form: a liquid. Every time you have to use the product to polish any wooden thing or the floor, pour a minimal amount of the liquid onto a microfiber towel and simply rub it all over the wooden ornament.

Remember not to add a lot of polish because the wooden floor can become too slippery and pose a severe risk of slipping. Similarly, try and opt for a cloth material to be used on the wood that does not scratch the surface and is constructed out of soft and natural fibers. Hence, microbe-fiber towel.

Old English Scratch Cover For Wood Floors:

If the current situation with the wooden floor you are suffering is in terms of scratches, then a solution to most, if not all, of the problem is the Old English scratch cover for wood floors.

This product does not guarantee to remove or eliminate all the scratches from your hardwood floor, but it does promise to make sure that none of the previously visible scratches are prominent anymore.

The primary way that this happens is through applying the Old English scratch cover for wood floors onto the floors by which any evident scratches are hidden under the coating of the product. Luckily, the Old English scratch cover can also be matched according to the shade of the wooden floor.

Moreover, the application of the Old English scratch cover for wood floors is exactly like the application of the Old English polish; therefore, straightforward and convenient.


Coming to the most important part of the product and a highly crucial determinant of the decision-making factor: advantages. There are several advantages of purchasing and using the Old English scratch cover for wood floors.


Beginning with the product’s price, it is very reasonable and within the budget of most house owners. If you try and distinguish between the cost of an ordinary efficient detergent and an Old English wood scratch cover, you will hardly see any massive difference.

Purchasing price of the product is low, but the advantages it brings about in return for the customers excel the small amount you have paid. Thus, there is value for money in the investment of the Old English scratch cover.

Hides Scratches:

The Old English scratch cover does an excellent job at hiding any scratches that seem unsightly and which “pop out” on the wooden floor. Reiterating, scratches will be there on the wood floor because once a floor is scratched, it is complicated to get a scratch out, but now they will be less highlighted with the coating of Old English.

As an additional outcome, you will receive a wood floor that also looks neat in its appearance and feels smoother when walked upon. Therefore, this freshly attained smoothness of the wooden floor can protect you against any injury that a rough surface could have held you as a victim of.

Adds A Preventative Layer:

We previously mentioned that as a purpose for the Old English polish, it acts as a preventative layer on the wooden floor, ensuring that no scratches come about. The same is the case with the Old English scratch cover, but another element exists.

With protection from scratches, you also get a guarantee that the thick, sticky, and waxy later of the Old English scratch cover is going to be a barrier for any moisture to enter and for any dirt to be trapped within the wood floor.

Even when there are no visible scratches on the wood floor, you can apply a thin layer of Old English to lessen the burden of high traffic endured by the wooden floor by keeping it protected.

So where the Old English wood scratch cover adds a preventive layer after the scratches have been there, it can also be a preventative layer hindering the process of the scratches appearing.

Accounts For Stains:

We completely immersed ourselves in discussing scratching on the wooden floor that forgot to consider how the Old English would also be considering the stains on the wood surface.

The manufactured formula is an ideal choice that is phenomenal for protecting wooden floors against stains. If you continuously rub the Old English against a stain on the floor, the stain may light, and if you are blessed enough, then the stain may be no more.


In this article, not only have we thoroughly conducted a discussion around whether can you use Old English on wood floors, but we also have recommended two appropriate products. So choose and use the product wisely!

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