Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors?

If you previously did not know, let us enlighten you with the fact that rugs, while they seem appealing when placed on a hardwood floor covering a specific area, tend to ruin your hardwood floor.

However, this situation will only appear when the material constructing the rug or the lining backing the rug is not appropriate, suitable, or compatible with the hardwood floor.

When the rug differs from the standard per the hardwood floor, most homeowners often consider opting for a rug pad to be laid under the rug to prevent staining from materializing.

Though you want to rely on rug pads to act as a barrier between the rug and the hardwood surface, the question that occurs and is the core discussion topic of this investigation is: do rug pads damage hardwood floors?

Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors?

Many house owners have a typical concern regarding whether rug pads are a feasible and safe option to be placed under a rug that is to be laid over the hardwood flooring. Hence, do rug pads damage hardwood floors?

Fortunately, in the case of rug pads, you certainly do not have to worry about the rug pads destroying the appearance or the surface of your hardwood.

Nevertheless, it is a crucial requirement that while you are searching for a rug pad, you end up finalizing the one that not only seems to be the best choice as a product but is indeed the safest option.

Selection of such a rug pad requires you to have no expert knowledge, but knowing the common do’s and don’t that must be taken into account will suffice in this scenario where you want a rug pad that does not do any damage to your hardwood floor and keep the surface maintained and regulated.

Don’t For A Rug Pad:

The following guideline must be remembered as a factor that is never to be considered when buying a rug pad because the likely answer to your question of whether do rug pads damage hardwood floors will be a YES!

Cheap Rug Pads:

We say “cheap” rug pads precisely because of the quality that will be offered to you on a low budget. We know this might not be true for all types of products for which being cheap indicates poor quality.

However, when explicitly considering options for a rug pad, a cheap rug pad is not the best indicator promising high quality. This is because manufacturing a rug pad that comes to you at a low budget will only be composed of materials damaging to your hardwood floor.

For example, any plastic, latex, rubber, or PVC rug pad will be offered to you at the lowest prices, and these are some of those mediums that are not safe for hardwood, whether in the form of a rug pad or a rug.

You must avoid a rug pad in the first place, considering they have a constitution of the materials mentioned above. No protection against staining, dye leaching, scratching, or discoloration will be provided to the wood floor when you use a rubber rug pad.

Similarly, rubber is not the best material to resist the slipping of the rug under which the rug pad is placed. Even when you may think that initially, the rug pad is acting as an exemplary resister for slipping, this may be a false and early conclusion you have drawn.

Once the chemicals utilized to make the rubber rug pad anti-slipping start seeping out of the rug pad and onto the hardwood floor- the rug pad loses its anti-slipping characteristic and stains the hardwood floor.

Do For A Rug Pad:

A consideration that you must make and which is actually in favor of protecting your hardwood floor from damage against any potential damage being caused by the rug pad is the following:

Invest In Quality:

Even though investing in quality means paying prices that far exceed the low rug pad prices, taking the long-run view, rest assured, we guarantee you will not regret spending a few extra bucks to purchase a high-quality rug pad.

You can conveniently purchase a high-quality rug pad in the market. Instead of focusing on the price tag that the rug pad is coming along with, focus on the rug pad’s materials.

Any rug pad with a construction based on natural rubber felt or a combination of felt and rubber is ideal for your rug pad. Initially, the comparatively high price of the rug pad may bother you, but it is far less than the cost to be later invested in replacing the destroyed hardwood floor by opting for a cheap rug pad.

So invest in an option that will not make you regret it later.

Damages Caused By Low-Quality Rug Pad:

Supposedly you failed to take notice of the don’t we mentioned in the preceding section of the article; you will have to withstand the repercussions.

Dangerous Chemicals Possession:

A low-quality rug pad is likely made of either plastic or rubber, two immensely harmful materials for your hardwood floors. Plastic rug pads are mostly coated with adhesive substances to enhance the grip, which can ruin the hardwood.

Coatings of dangerous chemicals on these rug pads release toxin fumes into the atmosphere and the surface. Primarily, this is to happen if you purchase a rug pad from an overseas supplier.

For instance, plastic rug pads have phthalates and chemicals to ensure lasting and sturdy plastic. Although the chemicals do their job efficiently but later on, the underlying toxic nature of such constituents poses a severe health risk when in use for a long span.

Residue From Sticky Coating:

Low-quality rug pads damage the hardwood floor, resulting in residue from the sticky coating. The adhesive layer is present on the rug pad to amplify the gripping capacity and keep the rug in a single position while resisting the chances of slipping.

Eventually, what will happen is that the adhesive coating will ruin the underneath surface of your rug, making it forcefully stick to the rug pad. Additionally, the residue of this coating will also remain on the hardwood floor.

Mind you, getting rid of the sticky residue originating from the adhesives used in the formulation of a rug pad offered at a low price is a rather challenging task.


Another similar drawback of using cheap rug pads on hardwood floors is staining. Just like the residue remaining on the hardwood floor because of the adhesive coating, a similar process goes on with staining.

Here the chemicals, instead of appearing as a sticky residue, appear more subtly on the hardwood floor, and due to being in a constant and direct chemical reaction with the hardwood floor, leave stains in the form of marks.

Again, removing these stains from the hardwood floor is not an effortless task. It requires a lot of vigilant cleaning, and it is not always the case for these stains to be temporary, but permanent too, which are there to remain and not fade with time.

Ideal Rug Pad For Hardwood Floor:

To assist all our readers in the decision-making process for rug pad damage hardwood floors, we bring you all a recommendation that is an ideal rug pad for hardwood floors. If you follow through with our advised product, there will be no staining, remaining sticky residue, or health threat to any of you.

This happens because the foremost reason is the rug pad’s manufacturing material. Now let’s explore the recommendation that we have for you.

Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper:

Formulated out of 100% natural felt and available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, there is no other better option for you for a rug pad that is ideal and suitable to not result in any damage to the hardwood floor.

The long-lasting Mohawk Home rug pad eliminates all your worries regarding slipping because it has a latex rubber backing that continuously supports placement and encourages the product to remain in one place despite the high foot traffic on it.

Non-slip rug pad gripper not only counters slipping but also ensures for no wrinkling occurs as well. Therefore, this option for a rug pad will be working towards protecting the hardwood floor from any damage relating to scratching, punctures, dents, scrapes, and other sorts of abrasion.

Adjusting the rug pad under the rug is straightforward. All you have to do is simply place the rug above the pad with its felt side facing downwards and in contact with the hardwood floor.


In this investigation, we have successfully addressed your concern about do rug pads damage hardwood floors. Now that you know all the considerations that must be made when purchasing a rug pad, we hope you are mindful and make the right decision!

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