Do Small Dogs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

Many homeowners embrace the ambiance radiated by the hardwood floors. Despite the repercussions that they might be made to be faced later on, they still choose to go with a hardwood installation when it comes to selecting the surface floor.

However, having a small dog and choosing to get a hardwood floor often leaves a house owner in dissonance, constantly contemplating if they have made the right decision.

Typically, large dogs that are kept as in-house pets are known to be problematic with floorings and rugs, but what about your small dogs? Do small dogs scratch hardwood floors? Let’s discuss and learn more!

Do Small Dogs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

To damage a hardwood floor does not take much. You can gauge the ease with which a hardwood floor can be damaged from the fact that even if you push or pull a chair or a table across the room, which is not heavy, with the slightest force, it will leave scratches underneath.

Similarly, does the case appear to be with rugs? A simple and negligible change in the choice of rug material is to the detriment of a hardwood floor where not only scratching would materialize but staining as well.

Therefore, you must abide by extreme caution and vigilance with hardwood floors. Today’s discussion topic is whether small dogs scratch hardwood floors. Yes, and unfortunately, if you have a small dog around the house with a hardwood floor installation and have been observing scratches on the timber surface, there is no other cause than your pet.

As a pet owner, keeping your pet out of a particular area of the house can be challenging, especially with small dogs who are always up to something and love exploring around. So what is that you do? Do you let the scratching from small dogs prevail and ruin the entire outlook of your hardwood floor?

There are several ways to avert the outcome of scratching from happening on your hardwood floors, these troubleshooting remedies do not take much, and surely for the sake of your small dog, you wouldn’t mind undertaking these steps!

Remedying Scratching From Small Dogs:

The primary reason why a small dog will be scratching your hardwood floor is because of the paws that they have. These paws come accompanied by nails, which, when slid against the hardwood floor, result in scratching.

You are aware of do small dogs scratch hardwood floors. Now, it is to formulate remedying scratching from small dogs because you surely cannot afford the costly damage that is being done, nor can you possibly keep your small dog out of the area where there is a hardwood floor installation.

1.) Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder:

Trimming your small dog’s nails on the paw with a traditional nail cutter. We say stop right there and hold onto the thought before you proceed and instead have a look at this phenomenal Casufy Dog Nail Grinder.

The Nail Grinder is simply an innovative modification of your manual nail cutter; however, some evident alternations are beneficial. The nail grinder is electric and rechargeable, promising to grind your small dog’s nails most safely and plausibly, ensuring no harm to your pet.



No one likes purchasing a product that is not efficient in its use. Casufy Dog Nail Grinder is the optimal example of a product that delivers exceptional efficiency when trimming nails.

You can quickly and easily grind your way through the nails of your small dogs. Additionally, it is an extremely safe way. Your dog will endure no cuts because you were too passionate to cut the nails “small.” Even when attempting to reduce the nail size to the smallest, there is no danger of a cut appearing on the small dog accidentally.

Moreover, with this nail grinder, there is no restriction for the product to be only used for grinding the nails of a small dog, but simply by switching the port and matching it to the size of your dog, you can grind nails for your other dogs as well.

Portable Design:

The fact that the Casufy Dog Nail Grinder is portable enhances the offered utility for the user. It can often become a task to grind nails with a small dog because small dogs tend to get irritated and move around. Nevertheless, we recommend a portable grinder, and you will not have to suffer.

Likewise, the design is ergonomic too. You can operate the grinder from your left or right hand, and there is no particular requirement for managing it because regardless of how you use it, the grinder will produce the same outcome.

Convenient Maintenance:

After you grind, you can conveniently clean and maintain the grinder while adding to its durability. If you keep the Dog Nail Grinder maintained, the noise produced while grinding the small dog’s nail will remain minimal regardless of the usability span. At the same time, the produced vibrations will be kept at a low even when the grinder operates at high speed.Check Price Red Button

2.) QUMY Dog Shoes:

Supposedly, you are not too keen on considering the option of regularly cutting the nails of your small dog, but at the same time, you want your hardwood floor to be protected against the risk of scratching.

Our ideal product to help you achieve your goals is Dog Shoes by QUMY. Pretty in the outlook and comfortable on the small dog’s feet is an accurate description and what you will get with purchasing QUMY Dog Shoes.

Not only will the dog shoes be an advantage to the hardwood floor, keeping them guarded against scratching, but the dog shoes are also advantageous for your small dogs because now your small dog will not be slipping due to the smoothness of the hardwood surface as this product is slipping-resistant.



Worried about the adorable dog shoes getting swamped and destroyed? If you have purchased the QUMY dog shoes, you must not consider this worry precisely.

This is because the shoes are waterproof, meaning no amount of water will bring discomfort to your small dog’s feet, and will always ensure to keep the tiny paws of your pet dry, warm, and cozy.


So far, the most significant advantage of the QUMY dog shoes for small dogs is that they are non-slip. Where your small dog was always slipping around the house unnecessarily, whether, from the stairs or the smoothness of your hardwood floor, this shall no longer continue once the dog shoes are on your dog’s paws.

Protection To Small Dog And Hardwood Floor:

With the QUMY dog shoes, you are paying for the hardwood floor to be kept neat, clean, shiny, tidy, and away from scratches, but also, the dog shoes will protect your small dogs in multiple ways.

One of the prominent ways these dog shoes assist in safety is that no longer will your dog have to be mindful of the pavements they walk on. This is because their paws are guarded against all sorts of dangers, and no harm can penetrate through the thickness of the dog shoes and onto your dog’s feet.Check Price Red Button

3.) Soft Claws Dog Nail Caps:

Another alternative to our first recommendation of a nail grinder is the Soft Claws Dog Nail Caps. Again, if you do not want to take the responsibility of constantly cutting your small dog’s fastly growing nails, you can simply place these claw caps on the claws of the small dog and not fret about scratching on the hardwood floor.

Soft Claws Dog Nail Caps are very easy to put onto the claws of any small dog, and they are there to remain, not falling off quickly or right after they have been placed.



Is the thought of the claw caps interfering with the expected behavior of your small dog keeping you at an edge and away from finalizing your purchase of these claw caps? Rest assured. This is only a suspicion you are having because nothing like this will happen with your small dog, and their activity will remain resumed and the same.


Congratulations! You have figured out a successful and effective way out of the situation where you would have to clip the nails of your small dog just to have the hardwood floor not be scratched. The Soft Claw Dog Nail Caps come in a 2 in 1 advantage.

Various Sizes:

Another source of ease provided to you as a customer by the Soft Claw Dog Nail Cap is that firstly they are available in a range of sizes, and secondly that this range accommodates almost all of the claw sizes of your dogs.

Whether it be that your dog is a small dog or a large dog, you will succeed in finding the claw cap per the size of your dog.Check Price Red Button


We have addressed the concern of many house and dog owners: do small dogs scratch hardwood floors? Knowing the answer, we recommend you go with one of the three recommended products!

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