Do You Need Rug Pad With Jute Rug?

Jute rugs mark to be out of one of those rugs that are the safest for all types of floorings. Whether you have the most sensitive flooring around your house or another kind, a laid jute rug on it can never be harmful, nor would you face severe consequences with your flooring.

The reason why we so confidently claim that jute rugs are safe is because of their construction. Such rugs are made of nothing but jute fibers extracted primarily and only from jute plants and then precisely handwoven to formulate your vibrant yet elegant jute rug.

Thus, the construction of the jute rug will never ring bells of concern for you. Regardless, the query we want to discuss in this article is whether rug pads under these rugs are necessary- do you need a rug pad with a jute rug?

Do You Need Rug Pad With Jute Rug?

Although the opinions over the question posed- do you need a rug pad with jute rug may differ. Still, in our opinion, a rug pad under a jute rug is a necessity and the one without which, if you proceed, you are only bound to act to your detriment.

Placement of a rug pad under any rug is beneficial because these pads act like a barrier between your rug and the flooring, minimizing interaction and contact between both surfaces.

As a result, what you achieve as an outcome is a floor with the least number of scratches, not only through the sliding of furniture but also because the rug pads are constantly dedicated to preventing the rubber, PVC, latex, or another synthetic backing from coming into contact with your sensitive floors.

When the interaction is kept at a low or blocked entirely, your floors remain safe from the risks of scratching, denting, staining, and the remains of sticky residuals, thus advantaging you significantly.

Reasons Why A Rug Pad Under Jute Rug Is A Necessity:

In the preceding section of our article, we precisely stated the benefits that a rug pad brings along with it for all types of rugs; however, it is time now that we further narrow down our focus to defining the reasons why a rug pad under jute rug is a necessity for you and your jute rug!

1). Construction:


The primary reason why the need for a rug pad under a jute rug arises in the first place can be traced back down to the construction of this rug. Most rugs, not just jute rugs, composed of 100% pure and natural materials without any interference of chemicals or other synthetic toxins, do not control for slipping.

We are here not trying to imply that choosing a jute rug as an option for a rug to be placed in your living room is a wrong and undetermined decision. Instead, we aim to provide the flipside of the natural construction of jute rugs.

Everything that has advantages comes accompanied with its disadvantages too. Where the advantage of purchasing a jute rug is the composition from natural materials, it is also the disadvantage when looked at from a shift in the lens.

Because the manufacturing has been solely out of guaranteed pure materials and, in their essence, these materials fail to take accountability for controlling any slipping, bunching, and skidding that may happen with your jute rug.

Meaning that when you will place your jute rug on any surface, while it won’t damage the surface, it will also not prevent you from slipping, nor will there be anything in the jute rug’s manufacturing assuring to hold the corners in place, and preventing them from curling or bunching.

2). Counters Slipping:

Counters Slipping

Keeping in mind the construction of the jute rug, we have established for them to take the onus for countering slipping. If not opposed, slipping can become a severe physical health hazard, leading you to endure extreme and painful injuries.

Therefore, to be protected against the risk of slipping and injuring yourself, a rug pad under a jute rug is a necessity that you must not choose to skip out on. Supposedly, you do not believe that your jute rug slips. In that case, you may slide a foot against the jute rug, and rest assured you feel a slight slip.

By advocating for you to get a rug pad under a jute rug, we are only trying to protect our readers from the unrecognized and unregistered harm they are constantly exposed to.

3). Tackles Unnecessary Movement Of Jute Rug:

Tackles Unnecessary Movement Of Jute Rug

Similar to how a jute rug is not responsible for minimizing slipping, it also does not come with the assurity of ensuring to keep your jute rug in a single place. Whenever something is placed over the rug, it will not be able to maintain position successfully and rather keep moving.

This can be a cause of nuisance for many house owners. Additionally, the jute rugs are prone to curling from the edges and, again, for the same reason that their 100% natural construction does not have any additives to control the bunching of the entire rug or even the curling of the edges.

With a rug pad under your jute rug, you will eliminate both problematic situations for yourself.

4). Protects Floor:

Protects Floor

Agreeably, we have been reiterating that jute rugs are safe to be placed on all types of flooring. However, it is not significant, but still, there may be some doubt within this statement, and with the sliding of the jute rug, or when you walk above it, there may be a slight risk for the jute rug to scratch the underneath flooring.

To consider this factor as a valid reason to purchase a rug pad for your jute rug is something for you to decide. All we have to say is it is always better to be safe than sorry in such circumstances.

If you place a rug pad under your jute rug, then even the slightest risk previously present for your rug to scratch the floor will immediately be eradicated. Nevertheless, even if your jute rug does not scratch, damage to the floor can occur from high-foot traffic on the rug itself.

Hence, extra protection to your valuable flooring underneath the rug will be offered if you purchase a rug pad for the jute rug to protect the floor from the rug or the high-foot traffic.

5). Easy Maintenance Of Jute Rug:

Easy Maintenance Of Jute Rug

Placing any naturally manufactured rug on a floor only promises durability once and when the rug has some chemicals added. The cause for this is straightforward- manufacturers want to abide by their word of the rug pad’s manufacturing to be natural, so they refrain from any chemical composition.

Subsequently, the low-lying durability of a jute rug indicates the rug wears out sooner than you may anticipate. This often happens through the jute rug loosening out on its attached fibers, which eventually detach from the rug and fall out on the surface.

Now collecting these fibers is a task, a challenging one. However, if and when you have a rug pad underneath a jute rug, its traction will ensure all the loose fibers are collected on the pad’s surface.

You can simply dust off the fibers from the rug pad instead of indulging in a deep cleansing procedure whenever needed.

6). Adds Comfort:

Adds Comfort

Last but not least, a rug pad under a jute rug is necessary because of its comfort. Mainly, we are talking about rug pads that add cushioning to rugs.

Jute rugs, because of the way they are made, are flat and thin. Different from your other conventional rugs, such as rubber-backed area rugs, jute rugs are not dense or thick. Therefore, whenever you stand on them, they feel rough to the feet, or if you sit on them, it would be as if you are simply sitting on a bare floor. This is how thin and flat jute rugs are.

But when you add a rug pad with cushioning under the jute rug, the discomfort will instantly be replaced with comfort. Standing on the rug will make your feet comfortable and cozy. Likewise, sitting on the jute rug will feel pleasant.

7). A Consideration To Be Made:

A Consideration To Be Made

Whenever you are choosing a rug pad for your jute rugs, there is one single consideration you must make- have a detailed look at the rug pad’s manufacturing materials.

This is because some rug pads have a purely synthetic backing of PVC, latex, plastic, or rubber. These materials are incompatible with your vulnerable to damaged floors like hardwood and vinyl.

A precise and minor consideration while choosing a rug pad for your jute rug can be advantageous!


In this article on do you need rug pad with jute rugs, we have clearly stated that a rug pad is a necessity with a jute rug and have also made efforts to convince you, so do not choose otherwise!

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