Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?

Do you put vinyl plank flooring under appliances? Yes, you can but wait! there might be some issues you need to understand to reduce the risk and shortcomings of floor damage. Find out!

When putting heavy appliances on your vinyl plank flooring, a recurring concern is whether or not devices should be placed on them. do you put vinyl plank flooring under appliances? The vinyl plank flooring is durable and easily abides heavyweight, but there might still be some concerns when choosing the system for heavy appliance sites.

Vinyl plank flooring is increasingly becoming popular over the years because of its durable and affordable nature with ease of maintenance.

Also, it is perfect for homeowners looking to renovate their homes without breaking the bank, but it is pivotal to understand the case due to some issues.

This post will examine whether vinyl plank flooring should be laid under appliances and what concerns exist; moreover, with the help of a guide, you can take preventive measures and turn back the issues, ensuring damage-free flooring. So, let’s dive in!

Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?

Large appliances placed on vinyl plank flooring can create bubbling, lifting, scratches, scuff marks, and dents. It is critical to use strong adhesive interlocking, ensure correct plank shift in any direction, invest in a solid appliance pad, barrier mat, or rug, purchase furniture sliders, or use hand trucks. To preserve your flooring, use Furniture Pads and Appliance Hand Truck. Want to know in more detail? Let’s check out the guide!

Why can’t I put the heavy appliance on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Lift and bubbling:

Each Vinyl plank can weigh up to 500 pounds, but appliances heavier than this may cause bubbling or floor lift due to no proper shifting or expansion. Normally You get two types of flooring systems for vinyl plank flooring, one is adhesive, and the other is floating. So, if you are using the floating system, the issue of bubbling and lifting is more common.

For those putting heavier appliances on Vinyl plank flooring, the risk is high, leading to a tripping hazard then will only get easily off if you opt for replacement or spend more on repairing or replacing the floor.

Leave behind Scratches and Dents:

Another issue that users might face because of putting heavy appliances on your Vinyl plank flooring is that you can end up with dense scratches, scuff marks, or dents that do not make Vinyl plank flooring appear elegant; rather, it ends up with damaged flooring that needs replacement. Remember that replacing the Vinyl plank flooring seems a costly fix.

So before placing a heavy appliance, take precautionary steps to limit the damage and ensure the flooring long run.

Protective Measure For Putting Heavy Appliances On Your Vinyl Plank Flooring:

Can you replace the refrigerator or such appliances on the floor? Well, the issues are only with weights more than 500 Pounds, so refrigerators with low weight can be placed with ensuring precautionary measures that won’t cause any Dent or scratches. What those measures are, let’s check out!

Ensure Proper Interlocking Using Adhesives:

It’s quite clear that with the help of certain precautionary measures, you can use heavy appliances. To protect Vinyl plank flooring under appliances, you must first ensure the area under the appliances is properly glued. Using strong adhesive interlock the system and prevent any chances of floor warping.

Ensure Plank Shift At Any Direction:

The Vinyl plank flooring has a property that expands or relocates because of certain conditions.

If you do not leave a space within the walls or cabinets, the issue of lifting and bubbling will be more prevalent as there won’t be enough space for the plank to shift.

To troubleshoot the issue, you need to install the planks with a space that would make it easily shift direction in case the heavy is put on. The result would be preventing bubbling issues and keeping the floor safe.

Invest In A Good Appliance Pad:

Despite The Vinyl plank flooring’s high durability and great holding capacity for foot traffic, there are chances that your floor might get scratched, Dent, or lifted because of heavy appliances and the floor’s soft nature.

So, to solve the issue, all you need is a furniture pad above the flooring and ensure that your appliance securely resides on it to reduce the pressure on the flooring and make it stands stable without deteriorating the beauty of your flooring.

A slight investment in a good furniture pad would help you not invest in any replacement due to heavy appliance damage. The furniture pad is all set as a protective shield and lets you get free from scratching, denting, or any other issue as you move the appliance or place it on the floor.

Thinking of a good furniture pad to buy?

After researching, I recommend X-PROTECTOR Felt Furniture Pads that ensure the protection of your laminate flooring more efficiently and protect the surface from scuff and scratches.

The product shows diversity in terms of sizes as different furniture and appliances, as per the case, require multiple sizing. You can use it for any heavier objects to protect your flooring from damage.

So why wait? Protect your flooring using the X-PROTECTOR appliance pads, which seem much safer and better for your flooring eliminating stains Dent or scratches.

Users can try a barrier mat or rug, usually of natural fiber, to prevent unwanted scratches or damage by the appliance.

Invest in Furniture slider:

Putting heavy appliances on The Vinyl plank flooring is manageable initially unless you try to drag or move it from its place because scratches or dent formation may occur when you drag Vinyl plank flooring. So, what’s the fix? Any idea?

To ensure the Vinyl plank flooring safety, try using a furniture slider that slides the appliance without causing the flooring damage and prevents you from spending on costly repairing. To make it easy opt, I recommend going with X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders  That make it easy  For all users to drag or slide the appliances from their place, leaving the floor Dent and scratch-free.

The felt sliders help prevent dents while dragging the appliance and are useful in lift-up issues. So, opt for it to avoid lift-up problems and keep your floor and hard-earned bucks safe for any other useful project.

Use Hand Trucks:

What if you need to clean yours under appliance space? Would you drag the appliance? Don’t ever do that because it can damage the flooring. When you drag or push the appliance, that flooring can be damaged.

So to avoid such issues, try using Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truck, which comes with ease of use and conveniently relocates your appliances across the flooring. It keeps the floor scratch or Dent free with protection and easy hold.

When selecting the best hand truck for your appliance, ensure you get the product with high load capacity.

Our suggested truck comes with rubber wheels that easily reduce the stress on the floor and its high load capacity of more than 800 lbs. It is a good option for all your general home available appliances.

Use Of High-Quality Underlayment:

It is critical to use a high-quality underlayment; its thin layer is placed between the subfloor and the vinyl plank flooring as an underlayment. It aids in sound absorption and moisture reduction and provides a smooth surface for the vinyl planks to rest on.

Also, the subfloor must be adequately prepared before installing vinyl plank flooring. It guarantees that the vinyl planks sit flat and the flooring lasts longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1). Can I opt for vinyl plank flooring under the heating stove?

It is determined by your stoke type and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some vinyl plank flooring manufacturers may permit installation beneath certain heating stoves, while others may not. Before placing any flooring beneath appliances, always verify with the manual.

However, using LVP (luxury vinyl plank) floors will ensure crack and wrap-free flooring for any appliance and prevent moisture damage. So if you require flooring, go with the plastic LVP under stoves.

2). Can I move heavy appliances on my vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can move heavy appliances on vinyl plank flooring, but you must be cautious and use some protection to prevent scratches and dents. Avoid dragging heavy appliances as such rather, use a dolly or trolley having soft wheels that easily hold the device and make it portable at your desired site.

It seems more helpful in keeping the appliance upright despite its heavy weight.

3). How long will vinyl plank flooring last?

Vinyl plank flooring is cost-effective, durable, and easy to install; it also works longer and has a life span of almost 20 years if properly maintained. A standard vinyl plank lasts 10-20 years, depending on the conditions and maintenance schedule.

Final Thoughts:

Do you put vinyl plank flooring under appliances? A general query to all users with vinyl flooring but not after the guide. It’s recommended to avoid putting heavy appliances weighing more than 500 pounds on vinyl plank flooring as it may cause damage to the floor.

Ensure preventive measures for daily life heavy appliances like leaving a little gap between the flooring and the devices for good ventilation or to prevent moisture accumulation, try using pads and sliders, and many others. By following the measures, you can easily ensure that your vinyl plank flooring will endure for years.

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