Does Engineered Wood Flooring Scratch Easily?

Most commonly, we have only heard about wooden flooring as a whole. Still, in this article, we will further look into another type of wooden floor you might not have previously known: engineered wood floor.

Although on a superficial level and at a glance, contrasting your ordinary and engineered wood floors is a task. This is because they look identical, and the only differences lie in the formulation of both types of wood surfaces.

Instead of having only wood planking in its construction, engineered wood floors are composed of a high-quality core plywood that acquires a thin and single layering of hardwood on its top as a cover.

Apart from these, there are many other differences existing between ordinary wood floors and engineered wood flooring, but we will be looking into them later on and after addressing your concern regarding, does engineered wood flooring scratches easily.

Does Engineered Wood Flooring Scratch Easily?

Out of all the concerns house owners have for their flooring materials, one of the prominent ones remains for wooden floors, which is to know whether the wood floor will scratch easily.

Be it your wood floor or the engineered wood flooring, this question needs to be answered by the house owner so that they can further proceed with finalizing the flooring they want, as scratching acts as an important determinant in the decision-making process. Does engineered wood flooring scratch easily?

An immediate and straightforward answer that we have for you to convey is that the engineered wood floor will scratch as easily and abruptly, following the same path undertaken by your wooden floor.

This means that all the activities that pose a scratching threat to you on your ordinary wooden floors will also constitute a scratching threat on your engineered wood floor. Let’s take an example here.

Supposedly, pulling or pushing the furniture forcefully on the wooden floor on your typical wood flooring results in scratching. Considerably, the same will also happen on your engineered wooden flooring. Moving the furniture forcefully is effortlessly going to yield an outcome for scratching.

Despite the notable durability of the engineered wood flooring with other wooden floors, activities resulting in scratching remain more or less the same for all timber surfaces.

Engineered Wood Flooring Vs. Ordinary Wood Flooring:

Now that we have dealt with your query of does engineered wood flooring scratches easily, we will discuss the critical properties of both types of floors, which make them different, and categorize them under various categories for specific characteristics.

Ordinary Wood Flooring:

Ordinary Wood Flooring

Often ordinary wood flooring is also known as solid wood flooring, made out of hardwood species. Renowned hardwood species include timber, oak, maple, cherry, poplar, etc.

Solid flooring is only guaranteed through solid hardwood species, hence the layperson terminology for wood flooring- solid hardwood flooring. Installing this flooring involves nailing the wooden planks onto the surface of the subflooring.

Due to being solid hardwood, it is convenient for you as a user because you can get it refinished and sanded any time, and every time, you feel as if your hardwood flooring is losing its essence. Rest assured; the stated activities will restore the charm of your surface!

Engineered Wood Flooring:

Engineered Wood Flooring

A notable feature of engineered wood flooring is that it feels and looks almost identical to solid hardwood flooring. However, the construction of this flooring only requires a single plywood core to be used.

Additionally, engineered wood flooring is a DIY- friendly surface structure and is available in two types of installation: gluing or interlocking planks. As a house owner, you can choose the viable option for you.

Maintenance and refinishing of the engineered wood flooring permit the flooring to take its lead when in competition with all the other wood types. Feel free to refinish your flooring as much as you want to because of a single top layer. Refinishing is not only accessible but budget friendly too.

Even if you choose not to refinish the surface frequently, the engineered wood flooring can last for a long time, but with maintenance, the long-lastingness is enhanced to up to thirty years.

Which One To Choose?

Once you know the features and differences between ordinary wood floors and engineered wood flooring, you will be compelled to ask yourself which one to choose.

The type of hardwood flooring you choose as a final installation material must be per your needs and cater to you efficiently. Both surfaces scratch easily; therefore, the most crucial determinant for your decision process stands to be irrespective here.

Nevertheless, engineered wood flooring costs per square foot are much more affordable, costing $4-$7 compared to ordinary wood flooring costing $8-$15. Durability is also almost the same. When considering durability, remember the approximation of it primarily lies as an onus on you as a house owner, considering how well you can maintain and regulate the flooring.

As far as practicality is concerned, using a wet mop over the engineered hardwood flooring will not damage the surface. Still, ordinary wooden floors can be quite damaging.

Remember, engineered hardwood flooring combines plywood core bonded to a thin, single layer of hardwood through glue. In contrast, your solid hardwood flooring is a composition of 100% hardwood.

Bottom Line:

In several aspects, engineered wood and hardwood are used interchangeably in almost all homes. Both options for floorings have lesser differences but more similarities. Therefore, the decision you make narrows down as per your budget and the place where you want a wooden floor installed.

This is because engineered wood flooring is a primary option for elevated-moisture environments than ordinary hardwood flooring, and hardwood flooring is an overall preference for installation around the entire house.

Troubleshooting Scratching On Engineered Wood Flooring:

Even though the numerous layers of oils and lacquers coated onto the engineered wood flooring effectively work towards making your surface scratch resistant, this still does not guarantee your engineered wood never be scratched again.

Hence, it must be your utmost priority when dealing with wooden floors of all types to know for troubleshooting measures to be used to counter the scratching that may materialize due to your activities.

A way around the situation and to deal with the scratching on your engineered wooden floors is to use a scratch remover that would successfully eliminate the scratches from timber.

However, suppose you have just installed an engineered hardwood floor, and before the floor becomes used, you want to take preventative measures. Some preventive measure you can take is to use furniture pads for furniture, and if there are any rolling chairs, then cover their wheels with hardwood casters by replacing the initial plastic casters.

Furniture Pads:

Furniture Pads

Our frequent recommendation for furniture pads has always been the pads manufactured by X-protector. These felt pads are very easy to use, and their adhesive quality particularly makes them stand out amongst all the other options. You can easily shop these furniture pads on Amazon: Felt Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR.

Hardwood Casters:

Hardwood Casters

Hardwood casters for replacement of the initial plastic casters, you can choose to purchase Slipstick CB680 50mm. Not only are these casters budget-friendly, but they are also lasting, ensuring that no scratching appears on the engineered wood flooring through the movement of your rolling chairs.

Replacement is also easy and can be done by you with the help of a screwdriver.

Scratch Remover:

Scratch Remover

It is finally time to seal the deal for Does engineered wood flooring scratch easily, and for this, we bring you one of the most effective, capable, and component products of all time. This product will remove the scratches in a single swipe of the floor with the remover: Old English Scratch Remover.

A distinct quality of the Old English Scratch Remover is that through its use, you will not only eliminate the worry of scratches and the specific area over the engineered wood flooring where scratching occurred. The part that lost color and the appealing look will be reinstated.

Though the remover is an ideal product option for hiding scratches appearing on the surface of the engineered wood flooring, you cannot anticipate the remover also to remove the scratches that have occurred deep within the surface. That is a task that so far has yet to be deemed to be achievable by any scratch remover.

The correct way to use the Old English Scratch Remover is after you have poured some of it directly onto the engineered wood flooring surface or have moped the surface with a cloth containing the remover- let it be.

Try not to rush into immediately cleaning the surface with the remover by continuously rubbing it. This can be more dangerous and make the flooring even more susceptible to minute scratches.


In this article, we have looked into Does Engineered Wood Flooring Scratch Easily. We have stated an answer to this concern. It is your time to decide whether to purchase or not purchase the engineered wood flooring!

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