Does Vinyl Plank Flooring Scratch Easily?

Indeed, there are many options for you when it comes to redoing the flooring around your house or office. You will come across hardwood, tile, marble, vinyl, and many other materials in the market.

But the one flooring we have always advocated for has been vinyl plank flooring, and the exceptional characteristics offered by this material as a surface fully justify our favorability.

Not only is the vinyl plank flooring durable, but the most distinct quality it has is customization, whereby you can get any custom-made design on the vinyl plank. Supposedly, if hardwood is an unfavorable option for flooring because of its demanding management, you can get a vinyl plank resembling hardwood.

No one can tell apart. You will get the durability of vinyl plank flooring, while the outward appearance will be hardwood. But in all its essence, does vinyl plank flooring scratch easily?

Does Vinyl Plank Flooring Scratch Easily?

Exploring the scratching capability of the vinyl plank flooring is an essential characteristic that must be observed before you conclude a decision. This is because if the floor, regardless of it not being vinyl plank and is prone to scratching, then that can be problematic and a source of constant worrying.Does Vinyl Plank Flooring Scratch Easily

Does vinyl plank flooring scratch easily? We’ve claimed that vinyl plank flooring is durable, but have you wondered why? The durability of vinyl flooring originates from its highly scratch-resistant nature.

Therefore, and quite fortunately, you cannot anticipate possibly scratching your vinyl plank floor as easily as it would be the case with hardwood. With your vinyl plank floor, no scratching will occur even if you pull or push the dining chair into the dining table a bit with force.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you continue with all the activities that are bound to leave scratches on floorings that are somewhat susceptible to damage through scratching, such as vinyl plank flooring. You should still be taking some preventative measures because highly scratch-resistant is no guarantee of being absolutely scratch resistant.

Protect Vinyl Floor Against Scratches: (Preventative Measures)

The most common cause for scratching to occur despite the high resistance offered against it is through furniture. Either when the furniture is moved forcefully or when the furniture has been kept in the same place on the surface for too long.

In this section of our article, we will consider both aspects causing scratching and provide you with troubleshooting remedies for protecting the vinyl floor against scratches (preventative measures).

1). Furniture In Place:

Furniture In Place

You may not even realize that scratching on the vinyl plank flooring occurs in those particular areas of the surface where you might not have moved the furniture for weeks or months.

How is this happening? How is static furniture on your vinyl plank flooring resulting in the flooring scratching underneath? This scratching may share a subtle resemblance with denting where the vinyl floor, due to being unable to keep up with the weight of the heavy furniture, has been dented.

Does not matter if the cause of concern is denting or scratching, but the fact that the vinyl floor is being damaged is something you must protect against. For this, we bring you a recommendation for furniture pads from X-protector.

You can stick these furniture pads by X-protector under the legs of your recliners, sofas, couches, chairs, consoles, tables, and any other piece of furniture. Certainly, this product will indefinitely relieve you from the worry of denting or scratching on the vinyl plank flooring, ensuring its durability simultaneously.

However, furniture pads are only to be stuck for furniture items that are not to engage in movement. If you place the pads under moving furniture, such as the dining chairs, the pads will keep coming off, and secondly, they will not protect your vinyl plank flooring against scratching.


Various advantages come along with the purchase of furniture pads by X-protector, and some of them are the following:

  • Unlike other furniture pads conventionally sold, X-protector furniture pads are highly adhesive. Even the manufacturers guarantee that the pads will stick to the furniture and not quickly come off. The users of the X-protector’s furniture pads, who agree with the claim, have further testified for this testimony.
  • Like your vinyl plank flooring, these furniture pads to are durable and tough, meaning once you have invested in purchasing a pack of X-protector furniture pads, you are sorted for a long time and do not have to bother about re-stocking them.
  • Most importantly, the furniture pads are suitable for all floorings and precisely compatible with vinyl plank floorings. Therefore, despite being in contact with the vinyl floor, no damage will be done to the surface in terms of staining, nor will they leave behind a residue, and will effectively work towards acting as a barrier to prevent scratching from the furniture.
  • The furniture pads come in various sizes, so choosing the right size for your furniture will not be a task. You must match the exact dimensions of the chair’s leg and the furniture pad.

2). Furniture In Movement:

Furniture In Movement

We have proposed an adequate remedy to prevent scratching from furniture in place. Still, we will be considering solutions to any scratches that materialize as an outcome of furniture continuously being moved around on your vinyl plank flooring.

Significant movement of the furniture over the vinyl plank flooring happens during the rearranging or redesigning of your living space. Then you must drag that heavy dining table on the vinyl floor since it cannot be picked up.

Suppose you are undertaking rearranging, redesigning, or something similar. In that case, we may have the ideal product in our recommendation for you that will ensure that despite the forceful push or pull, the vinyl plank floor remains guarded against scratching: Furniture Sliders and X-protector.

More or less, the purpose served by furniture sliders and furniture pads is the same- protect the vinyl plank floor against scratching. However, one notable difference distinguishes both the products in terms of their use: furniture sliders are to be placed under the furniture to be moved around. In contrast, furniture pads are more useful for furniture that remains in the same place.

Even the way to install the X-protector furniture sliders is the same. They are to be installed under the legs of your furniture by taking the non-sticky peel off and immediately sticking the slider to the chair, couch, or table.

Additionally, opting for X-protector furniture sliders is an ideal choice you can make because furniture that is regularly in use is bound to scratch, but with these sliders on the furniture, the situation of scratching is likely to be averted.

3). For Rolling Chairs:

For Rolling Chairs

Do you have rolling chairs with a vinyl plank flooring installation around the area? If you do, rest assured the particular item of furniture causing frequent scratching on your floor is the rolling chairs.

These rolling seats have wheels with casters, and often the casters are incompatible with the floorings you have installed, in which case they leave scratches every time they move around.

Alternatively, if the casters of the rolling chairs have worn out due to being in use for a prolonged time, then they, too, are more likely to scratch the vinyl plank flooring. Hence, look out!

One way to do this is by replacing the old plastic casters with casters that are compatible and favorable to be rolled around on the vinyl plank flooring. You can find a variety of such caster options on Amazon.

Replacement of plastic casters with compatible ones is also straightforward, and you need not have any expertise, but the skill to use a screwdriver will also suffice here!

4). Rug:


A way out of scratching on vinyl plank flooring is by placing a rug on the area underneath your furniture. This will ensure that the furniture is moved on the rug if and when the furniture is moved. The vinyl floor is protected as the rug poses a barrier between the surface and the scathing that could occur from your furniture.

However, if you are progressing with placing a rug under the furniture to protect your vinyl plank flooring from scratching, you have to be mindful of the rug option that you finalize.

Remember- not every rug will be compatible as an option to be placed on your vinyl plank flooring because some rugs are damaging, such as rugs manufactured out of a combination of materials or that which have a backing of PVC, latex, and plastic can leave behind residues which eventually results in staining.

Therefore, when you hunt for a rug, consider the size of the rug, which shall be adequate to accommodate all of your furniture and the material that must be compatible with your vinyl plank flooring.


We have thoroughly examined does vinyl plank flooring scratches easily. While the flooring does not, it is always advisable for you to take the proposed preventative measures.

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