How Do I Keep My Chair Wheels From Rolling?

How Do I Keep My Chair Wheels From Rolling

Nothing is more annoying in the office than your desk chair’s wheels continuously rolling and distracting you while hindering your productivity flow. Especially if the floor underneath you is hardwood, this continuous and unnecessary movement of the chair’s wheels can cause significant damage to the surface. The chair wheels often tend to roll without your … Read more

What Are The Alternative To Felt Pads For Chairs?

Does Engineered Wood Flooring Scratch Easily?

Conventionally, when protecting surfaces from scratching caused by furniture, people often opt for felt pads to be stuck under their chairs. Although felt pads do the job effectively and act as an appropriate barrier between your chair’s corners and the surface, they can be a source of nuisance. Felt pads are particularly troublesome when they … Read more

How Do I Keep Felt Pads On Chair Legs?

How Do I Keep Felt Pads On Chair Legs

A hardwood floor seems a durable addition to your home, kitchen, etc. Still, sometimes heavy appliances or furniture in your kitchen might damage when dragging or moving it, so most experts recommend using felt protective pads. Still, the question arises: why are my felt pads not secured with the chair legs, or do they seem … Read more