How Do I Keep Felt Pads On Chair Legs?

A hardwood floor seems a durable addition to your home, kitchen, etc. Still, sometimes heavy appliances or furniture in your kitchen might damage when dragging or moving it, so most experts recommend using felt protective pads. Still, the question arises: why are my felt pads not secured with the chair legs, or do they seem to slip off? No worries! It’s all about how do I keep felt pads on chair legs.

Despite the protection, you may get to abide by the issue but not after the guide. If you are thinking of using a rug, just don’t; it would mess up, as cleaning would be an issue. So, for that, We brought you the easiest way to secure the felt pads in the best possible way to keep protecting the floor and sideways remain stuck to chair legs to prevent slipping damage.

How Do I Keep Felt Pads On Chair Legs?

To keep felt pads on The chair leg, ensure the legs are cleaned and dried. Wipe away dirt or grime with a cloth or paper towel, or use denatured alcohol.

When attaching the felt pad, make sure the surface is arid. Choose the appropriate felt pad size, as more may need to give proper coverage and may slide off more easily. Ensure the use of high-quality adhesive made expressly for use with felt pads or furniture.

When connecting the felt pad using any glue, apply pressure. Once the felt pad is on the chair leg, press down hard and hold it in place for a minute to let them fix with the chair legs and prevent slipping or coming off. Other fixes include using Double-sided tape, liquid Nails, and hot glue, all popular alternatives. To know each in detail, stay with us!

Why do my felt pads keep coming off?

Most of the users using felt pads might have an issue of frequently felt pads coming off, but why is that so? Before going towards the fix, let’s check out some possible reasons to make you aware of the issue.

  • Generally, dirt or grime build-up needs to be cleaned when placing the felt pads.
  • The felt pads might get worn out or dried out and aren’t staying in place
  • If using adhesive felt pads, the adhesion is reduced over time
  • Use of the wrong furniture felt legs that aren’t compatible with legs and keep coming off
  • Purchasing the wrong size and shape of felt pads, i.e., too small

How do you secure Felt Pads On Chair Legs?

As you have checked previously, the reason for your feet and legs coming off it’s time to help you get the desired fix. We brought you the 06 most straightforward fixes with step-wise methods for more ease and convenience to understand.

Let’s check out all!


  • Use double-sided adhesive tape
  • Glue the felt pads
  • Right size and shape felt pads
  • Use liquid nails
  • Replace the worn-out felt pads

Method# 1 Double-Sided Adhesive Tape:

Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape or double-sided sticky pads are the most convenient way to retain felt pads on chair legs; not just are they readily available at any hardware shop or online, but they make your felt pads securely stick by just utilizing a small piece of the adhesive tape to the bottom of the felt pad.


  • Clean the chair legs using denatured alcohol and wipe out the dirt.
  • Purchase ”EZlifego Double-Sided Tape,” one of the strongest hold double tapes that best suit your felt pads.
  • Cut the tape per the felt size and chair legs, as You can use it for felt pads of versatile sizes and shapes.
  • Remove the upper securing layer and place it under the chair legs. Press it well.
  • Now remove the lower layer and lace the felt legs securely.
  • Finally, firmly push the pad on the chair leg to ensure it stays in place.
  • Repeat for the remaining chair legs and felt pads.

Recommended Product:

EZlifego Double-Sided Tape (best strongest hold double side tape for felt legs and carpets)

Method# 2 Glue the Felt Pads Using Hot Glue

Glue the Felt Pads Using Hot Glue

The second method involves using a hot glue gun and sticks that would secure the felt legs with the chair for longer times. For this, you required 03 primary materials.”

Inspect the case:

Check out the problem of making a mess with the felt pads; most commonly, dirt might be built up, and you haven’t cleaned before placing the felt pads, so go for cleaning them. Other reasons might exist, so go accordingly.

Clean the chair legs:

For cleaning the legs, try using denatured alcohol; for safer use, I recommend using Klean-Strip Green QKGA75003, which comes in 1 Quart bottle and provides an Odorless and Smokeless product. The type is more specially used for cleaning dirty stoves and removing kitchen grime from the furniture.

With the help of a cleaning solution, you can use a brush or scrubber to scrub off any stubborn dirt, making the cleaning more convenient. Once you clean the chair legs, process them by drying them or wiping them out using a dry cloth or paper towel.

Get your hot glue gun ready:

Now take your Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun kit, place the glue stick, and let it get hot. Once done, add some glue to the chair leg. Once added, quickly add the felt pad securely to the chair leg. After placing it at the right site, squeeze it and make it hold firmly with continued pressure to make them stick well. Continue the same for all sides, and you are done; a great job for today!

Why use a Gorilla Mini Hot Glue Gun kit?

My experience with glue is a great outcome. Another reason is that it is designed to ensure long-lasting secureness and will easily fix the issue. With additional 30 sticks, you can keep using it for other day projects. On the other hand, the Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit is compact and lightweight, with a quick heat-up that makes the work easier.

Moreover, with additional dual temperature settings, it fits multiple projects. Overall, using the mini hot gun seems an excellent investment for crafters, hobbyists, and professionals desiring an efficient and durable glue gun.

Method# 3 Get the Right Shape Felt Pads

Get the Right Shape Felt Pads

The shape of the felt pads plays a pivotal role in securing the chair legs because selecting the wrong shape will cause your felt pads to come off the chair.

You need to purchase the right felt pads for faxing the issue, but how?


  • Check out the shape of your chair or furniture legs; if it’s square, consider purchasing square shape felts pads.
  • What if it seems to be round? Yes, you got it right! Consider purchasing round felt pads.
  • Once done, secure them but clean the legs before securing the pads.

Method# 4 Get the Right Size Felt Pads

Get the Right Size Felt Pads

There needs to be more than the shape for securing the let pad to chair legs because what if the size is wrong? Again, you might be abiding by the issue. So always check out the size and shape of your chair leg or furniture legs size and shape to find a perfect mate to keep the security and let your furniture be free from any damage.

Method# 5 Liquid Nails

Liquid Nails

Lastly, you can use Liquid Nails Extreme Heavy Duty Construction glue that amazingly secures your felt pad and chair legs despite any temperature. With 2X more robust adhesion properties, they beat the standard fasteners and keep performing n all season without quickly drying out. You can place it outdoors as its plastic storage tube is durable and abide by any conditions.


Clean the chair leg, and apply the nail liquid glue. Spread it using a stick. After that, place the felt pad and press it for a few seconds. Once you think both are secured, lower the pressure, and you are done attaching the felt pad.

Method# 6 Replace The Wore Out Felt Pads

Replace The Wore Out Felt Pads

Over time the felt pads might get worn out, or the adhesive might dry out, letting it come off the chair upon simple movement, so what’s next? Do I have to purchase new? If you have previously used X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads, you won’t worry because it comes with 133 pieces, more than enough to replace the old ones each time they become bad. Most felt pad types would have more replacement pads, so check yours; if not, try using the X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads.

What alternatives can I use instead of felt pads?

Are you searching for something other than felt padding for your chairs? There are numerous alternatives, but two stick out. The Godehone Chair Leg Cover provides a soft, long-lasting option with an anti-slip bottom pad. On the other hand, you can try out the Shepherd Hardware 8622E Leg Tips that protect flooring from scratches and eliminate the noise during dragging. Both alternatives fit snugly into your chair legs, making them a more dependable option than some felt pads.

Final Thoughts:

Did you get the fix for How do I keep felt pads on chair legs? That’s great! Maintaining felt pads on chair legs can be difficult, but they can be securely and efficiently fixed with the appropriate method, tricks, and equipment. When attaching the felt pad to the chair, clean and dry the chair leg, use high-quality glue, and apply pressure.

If you’re still experiencing problems, try a more extensive or thicker felt pad or seek help from an expert to solve the query. Purchasing new felt pads can be a cure for those felts that are worn out, so get new ones if you consider so.

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