How Do I Keep My Chair Wheels From Rolling?

Nothing is more annoying in the office than your desk chair’s wheels continuously rolling and distracting you while hindering your productivity flow. Especially if the floor underneath you is hardwood, this continuous and unnecessary movement of the chair’s wheels can cause significant damage to the surface.

The chair wheels often tend to roll without your possession of them because either the wheels are unable to balance your weight or there is an occurring issue in the casters of the wheels, and they urge to be replaced.

Mainly worn-out casters can cause this precisely when they automatically detach themselves from the wheels resulting in the wheels rolling without any need. So let’s see how do I keep my chair wheels from rolling.

How Do I Keep My Chair Wheels From Rolling?

There are several reasons why your desk chair’s wheels keep rolling and diverting your attention. Of the many potential causes, some can be that the surface is too slippery for your wheels to have a firm grip (linoleum, tile, hardwood). Or that the size of the casters on the wheels is mismatched with the original size.

If something is dividing your attention span, you must remedy that, so how do I keep my chair wheels from rolling? Hence, let’s troubleshoot this with some valuable tips!

Troubleshoot Tips:

Replace Ordinary Casters With Locking Casters:

Replace Ordinary Casters With Locking Casters

We will begin by stating our list of troubleshooting tips with one of the most highly effective ones: replacing ordinary casters with locking casters. However, you need to know where the caster lies on your rolling chair and its purpose.

You can easily spot the caster on your desk’s rolling chair on the wheels. Distinguish between the wheel itself and the small covering that is above it. To be exactly defining a caster is to say that it is an assembly over the wheels which are inclusive of a mount and wheel, and together they work towards ensuring a smooth movement of the object that they are assisting, such as a rolling chair, a cart, or a rack.

You can find casters in varying sizes, dimensions, widths, and materials, so finding a caster that locks independently will not be arduous. Nevertheless, we bring you a recommendation for locking caster Swivel Caster Wheels.

Swivel Caster Wheels are specialized through a mechanism for locking, and when these locks on the caster are in place, your chair will be in the same position. These locking casters come accompanied by a dual-locking technique that further enhances their purpose and makes them stand out from all the others available in the market.

Supposedly, if you are worried that the chair when locked through the Swivel casters, will lose out on its movement ability, then this will not happen because, despite the lock, you can rotate your chair in a 360-degree.

What is better than this? The chair will not move even by the slightest inch, and you will be able to rotate the chair around in case you want to interact with your colleague.

Similarly, do not concern yourself with damage to the floor supporting your rolling chairs as the manufacturing of these Swivel Casters makes them an ideal option not only for preventing unnecessary movement of the wheels. But also for not causing denting, scratching, or discoloring, particularly on hardwood floors.

Area Rug:

Area Rug

You may not be ready yet to replace your caster on the wheels with locking casters. Do you let the situation be and allow the wheels under your chair to keep rolling and disturbing you?

Fortunately, replacing the casters with locking casters is not the only effective troubleshooting. We have another in mind, which will efficiently remedy your worry and let you work in peace.

Remember, we previously talked about the cause of chair wheels rolling because of the surface’s texture. Maybe the surface is slippery, and the wheels roll, so you add a barrier between the wheels and the floor to prevent them from slipping with a rug.

Placing a rug under your rolling chair serves a two-in-one purpose. With the rug, not only the area’s appearance will be enhanced, but since they are a preventive measure for the rolling wheels, the wheels will not roll anymore.

An ideal rug would constitute the qualities of attaining an adequate thickness and one compatible with the surface on which it is to be placed. The thickness should not be too less, not too much, but moderate. If the thickness is less of the rug, there can be a risk of denting on the floor.

However, if the thickness is more, the wheels on the rug will not move because moving the chair around will be an effortful task. The adequate thickness of the rug will counter the slippery surface and give the chair a rough surface, whereby the movement will be rather limited.

Another factor that must be kept in mind is the material of the rug that you choose, but this consideration only applies to some kinds of floor surfaces, for example, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate.

These floors are very susceptible to the materials that are laid onto them. If you place an unsuitable material, it can be more damaging than the potential threat of damage posed by rolling the wheels on your desk chair.

With such floors, always proceed on finalizing material for the rug with a pure material construction whereby the manufacturing material is not used in a combination, such as jute, wool, and 100% pure cotton.

Additionally, the rugs should not have PVC, latex, or plastic backing. Over time, when placed on hard floors, chemicals used to make them can seep out of the rug and into the flooring material, indulging in a chemical reaction that results from staining, denting, or discoloring.

Even though placing a rug under the rolling chairs to prevent any excessive rolling of the wheels is preferable, you have to be mindful of the thickness and the rug materials. For this reason, we bring you the rug we prefer: nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug.

Available at a budget-friendly price, nuLOOM’s Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug has the perfect thickness and manufacturing material that will not make you regret buying this product.

Place Caster Wheels On Furniture Cups:

Place Caster Wheels On Furniture Cups

Utilizing a furniture cup onto the caster wheels is another viable way to troubleshoot your problem of how do I keep my chair wheels from rolling. The primary job of these furniture cups is to fix any furniture with assisting wheels on and keep them in place, including your rolling chairs.

Additionally, furniture cups, like our previous two recommendations, act with a dual purpose: to minimize the instances of unnecessary rolling and protect the laying surfaces underneath them.

We all know the extravagant costs of repairing dents on laminate, hardwood, and vinyl surfaces. Therefore, it is wise if you act beforehand and take certain precautionary measures to ensure that the situation where the surface is dented does not materialize.

Yupeak Bed Stopper and Furniture Caster Cups are one of the best furniture cup options you will find online and in the market. On Amazon, the customers have reviewed this product as a 5-star for protecting hardwood surfaces and a 4-stars for value.

So if you are considering buying furniture cups from Yupeak, the cups’ durability will ensure you have a worthwhile experience and ultimate utility for the price they come at.

The composing material of the Yupeak Furniture Caster Cups is silicone, which implies that no scratching occurs on the surface flooring nor releases a repugnant odor or causes any injury if stumbled on.

Replace Rolling Chair:

Replace Rolling Chair

Despite all the tips we have stated for how do i keep my chair wheels from rolling, it is officially time for you to get rid of your current rolling chair and have it replaced with a brand new rolling chair.

Alternatively, suppose you are too tired of the wheels rolling repeatedly; you are paranoid and think this situation cannot be remedied. You can deviate from the norm and opt for another kind of chair that is more suitable for your comfort and is not a rolling chair.

Considerably, you can have a non-rolling and stationary chair on your office desk. For this, choose a chair that does not compromise your comfort and simultaneously aids your productivity.

This means getting a comfortable chair to sit on for long hours and will not have you fatigued once you finish the day’s task. This chair is not hard to find but requires you to know what your demands are and the kind of chair you want to have in an office setting.


In this article, we have assisted you with valuable tips for how do I keep my chair wheels from rolling. Now, out of the four options, you can choose the one that will cater to you sufficiently!

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