How Soon Can You Put Furniture On Laminate Flooring?

Undoubtedly, laminate flooring is out of one of the most popular floorings among house owners and house designers. Both groups prefer the installation of laminate floorings around the house to ensure that the living place resonates with a soothing, calming, and aesthetic vibe.

Not only the laminate floors are practical to work with, but they also provide the house with a sleek and elegant look which every house owner urges to achieve. Although some caution and care are needed for the regulation and maintenance of the laminate floor, there are no such drawbacks to having a laminate floor around the house.

However, the question we discuss, which many house owners pose and put forward, is how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring? So, let’s estimate!

How Soon Can You Put Furniture On Laminate Flooring?

We bring you good news to address your concern regarding how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring. Often and with other hardwood materials such as oak wood or vinyl installations, users are told not to place furniture over the refinished or newly installed flooring.

But with laminate flooring, there is no such need or prerequisite to abide by. Therefore, laminate flooring makes your life as a user very easy and cuts your waiting time for how soon you can put furniture on laminate flooring to a significant extent.

Thus, with laminate floorings, you do not have to wait to sit around patiently counting until it is the exact minute you can place your furniture on the floor. This means that as soon as you get an installation for laminate flooring or the installers of the floors leaves, you can immediately move the furniture back into your space and over the laminate flooring!

Even though other people with an opinion on how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring will ask you to wait around and give a few hours, a day or so, for the “flooring to sit in place,” rest assured, there is no need.

The underlying reason for this is not technical but based on intuition. Laminate flooring installations make no use of an adhesive liquid such as glue or anything of that sort to get the flooring in place. As a result, there is no demand by the laminate flooring for it to completely dry out and then be claimed safe to place furniture over it.

Hardwood Flooring Vs. Laminate Flooring:

Before we discuss how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring, let’s discuss the material laminate. What is the material in its essence? Is it natural wood or just another material depicted to be wood, or, in actuality, is it a different material?

Laminate is in a rare position with its material characteristics. Even though the product looks and acts like wood but entails properties that have far any similarity with timber. For instance, let’s consider a typical wood property: wood is difficult to handle.

Handling wood is a challenging task. With every movement you make with wood, whether cleaning or placing furniture, you must be highly vigilant because even the slightest demonstrated carelessness could result in severe repercussions.

However, in this regard, laminate, regardless of looking like a material identical to or somewhat “similar” to wood, is convenient to manage and practical to work with. There are no particularities you must keep in mind when moving furniture over laminate or when cleaning it.

Another aspect in which laminate and wood can be distinguished is their installation process. Hardwood has to be glued to the surface. Even its refinishing procedure has such propositions.

Whereas the installation of laminate flooring is simply a click-and-lock system. Instead of gluing to the surface, the material is only made to hover over the sub-surface and is not wholly attached to the ground.

Subsequently, giving laminate flooring the ability and the advantage to endure the weight of heavy furniture as the weight of the furniture will not be hurting the structure of the underneath flooring because the “locking” feature will back laminate with its strength.

Hence, such characteristics give laminate flooring the edge to acquire a rare position within the categorization of wood and other typical materials. Easy for furniture movement and straightforward in its installation- laminate flooring is the ideal alternative to having a hardwood floor.

Essential Considerations For Laminate Flooring:

In the proceeding section, we saw how laminate flooring is an excellent choice for an alternative to hardwood floors and how the material is easy to use and work with. However, by no means have we intended to imply that since the material has properties that ease your life as a user is indicative of you demonstrating carelessness with laminate flooring.

There are some crucial considerations for laminate flooring that you, as a homeowner with such a flooring material around the house, must undertake at every instance.


Every material used for flooring, be it tiles, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, is susceptible to scratching. You name the material, and soon you will encounter that the material is prone to scratching when not handled with care.

Some materials can be easily scratched, such as hardwood, where a slight push or pull with some effort can discard a significant area of the entire floor. Nevertheless, scratching to happen on laminate flooring is not this effortless, but this still does not mean you should not be apprehensive about it occurring later than sooner.

Indeed, you can shift your furniture to laminate flooring as soon as the floor is installed, but we highly recommend you be careful with it. Moving heavy furniture such as sofas or dining tables on the laminate flooring, whether installed for two days or two years, can subject the floor to scratching.

This scratching on the laminate floor is not going to act to anyone’s detriment but to your own. While you can remove stains on the floors through troubleshooting and navigating with experiments in a trial-and-error journey, scratching is irreversible.

Once the laminate floor has been scratched, there is no way for you to undo the scratches. Were you considering refinishing to eliminate the scratching? Even with this process, no 100% certainty applying multiple layers or coating the laminate surface with toxin coatings will result in a scratch-free floor.

Therefore, at every cost, you must know the hazard of scratching on your laminate flooring.

Preventing Scratching:

We understand how the information we just provided you might have rung some bells for concern. Though we said that scratching is irreversible, we never mentioned that you could not prevent scratching.

Scratching is something which, therefore, cannot be eliminated from the equation concerning laminate flooring, nor can the variable be made to stand irrespective, but what can be done to deal with the issue is to take adequate preventive measures.

The preventative measure we bring you is a furniture slider, commonly known as a pad. When stuck under the corners of a table or a chair, these pads ensure that no matter how hard the furniture is dragged over the laminate flooring, the flooring is kept safe from scratching.

Hence, the part played by a furniture slider is that of a barrier between the furniture and the laminate flooring.

Felt Furniture Sliders:

Priced within a range of $11- $20, the Felt furniture slides (today’s recommendation for you) are affordable and feasible. Based on your requirements, you can purchase these furniture sliders in any size and quantity that sufficiently meets the demands of your furniture.

Such as the self-adhesive and rubber backings are available in a pack of four and twenty-four pieces, all priced per the quantity and the size of the furniture sliders. With this product, your furniture will not be scratching your laminate flooring; instead, it will continuously work towards fulfilling its role as a preventive measure.

Along with taking care of scratching, Felt furniture sliders also look out for any scuffing and denting that can happen over the flooring via the movement of the furniture. The tenacious adhesive quality of the furniture sliders will tightly grip the pads onto and with every piece of furniture you apply them to, providing durable protection to the flooring against scratching.

Additionally, with the pads accompanying the corners of the tables and chairs placed on the laminate flooring, no matter how hard you push or pull the furniture around, no noise will be produced.

With a single purchase of the pack of the Felt furniture sliders, you can be the least bothered about scratching not only on laminate floors but hardwood, vinyl, and others, too; sliders are suitable for all floor materials.


In this article, we have given you an estimation for how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring, along with a valuable recommendation.

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