How To Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas?

A matted carpet is bound to materialize if you reside in a high-traffic area. This is none of your fault because regardless of all the measures you undertake to ensure that no dust or combusted smoke enters your house, it does and ends up residing inside your carpet, resulting in a matted and worn-out look.

Although all carpets will later than sooner appear to be matted, the chances of the matting happening earlier are increased due to the enhanced amounts of debris, dust, and dirt that are trapped within because of the high-traffic area you live in.

We understand how such constituents can make your carpet appear rough instead of smooth and fluffy due to the crushing of fibers. However, you should now stop worrying about it because we bring you an article about how to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas.

So keep reading to find out more about the troubleshooting measures for how to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas!

How To Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas?

There are several ways to fix your matted carpet and restore it to the once-healthy shape it acquired. Nevertheless, choosing the right and most suitable method is a requirement that you must abide by when it comes to how to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas.

Following, we state some of the most common and typical troubleshooting ways users undertake to fix their matted carpet problem.

1). Vacuuming:

How To Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas by Vacuuming

We will start by proposing the most basic and easiest method. If you live in a highly trafficked area, we are certain that you are the rightful owner of a vacuum, and there is no best opportunity for you to utilize your vacuum other than to use it on your matted carpet.

Remember how we stated earlier that a matted carpet often results from a buildup of dirt and filth constituents? These tiny molecules that have housed themselves within the thin fibers of the carpet can only be evacuated conveniently through one conventional method, vacuuming.

Supposedly, suppose the carpet that has matted is of a light color, then you can also prominently witness these dirt buildups by identifying certain patches on the carpet that appear out of color or out of shape.

Thoroughly vacuuming the matted carpet will guarantee getting rid of these buildups and simultaneously ensure that all the fibers that have been crushed or gone stiff due to being matted are loosened and eventually restored to their normal shape.

If you want to avoid the often matting of your carpet, despite living in a high-traffic area, we will advise you to vacuum your carpet regularly. Even when you cannot do the task daily, vacuuming your carpet at a potential risk of matting at least twice or thrice a week will minimize the risk.

Additionally, to further the efficiency of your vacuum, you can attach a brush to the machine to eliminate dirt and pet hair not only from the superficial surface of the carpet but also from within the depths of the fiber strands.

However, if you see that despite your regular efforts, the appearance of your carpet is the same, it remains matted. Before running the vacuum, another time, sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and let it be there for a few minutes.

Baking soda, acting as an alkaline substance, will penetrate the fibers and assist in lifting the dirt from the ground, neutralizing the odors radiated by the carpet.

2). Raking Matted Carpet:

Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas by Raking Matted Carpet

Another method that, even though not as efficient as vacuuming but still assures to get the work done is raking through your matted carpet. Comb-like rigid and stiff teeth accompany the rake on its surface, which can be helpful if utilized to rejuvenate the matted old carpet.

Now when you go out to purchase a rake, there are two readily available options in the market that you will be encountering. One is the carpet rake, and the other will be a brush. Although both serve the same purpose of eliminating matting from the carpet, we suggest you choose the product per your needs and the requirements of your carpet.

However, one recommendation that we have in mind for you for a carpet rake is the ROBERTS 70-127-3 Carpet Rake & Groomer.

3). Moisturizing:

How To Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas by Moisturizing

An effective troubleshooting measure for how to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas is moisturizing the carpet. Moisturizing can be done over the entire carpet surface area or on the matted parameters.

For instance, if the furniture sits too long over a carpet, fiber strands of the carpet beneath are suppressed due to the pressure. To free the strands of this suppression, you can place ice cubes over these areas and allow them to melt. Once they have melted, run a stiff nylon brush over all the matted areas.

In contrast, if all of your carpets have been matted, then replace the small ice cubes that you were initially using with lukewarm water.

Sprinkle the warm water over the matted carpet’s surface areas, ensuring that the carpet is only slightly dampened but is not soaking in water. This is an important distinction you must remember when moisturizing the matted carpet.

Later again, run the nylon brush over the matted carpet to straighten the fibers out. If you do not have a nylon brush, use your fingers to align all the fibers in a certain manner. While on it, do not forget to miss out on a single inch of the carpet.

In the scenario where matting on the carpet is severe and after using ice and lukewarm water, you still did not get rid of it, then use a solvent of water and vinegar.

In an equal quantity, add water and vinegar into a glass and then sprit this combination over the carpet and repeat the process of brushing through the strands to put all the fibers back into their original shape.

An alternative to the water and vinegar remedy is vinegar and baking soda. Take half a glass of vinegar and add two or three full tablespoons of baking soda and ensure the powder dissolves into the liquid.

Then again, sprinkle the mixture over your matted carpet, and once it has settled, brush the carpet using a nylon brush or your fingers. This proposed method is practical and a successful remedy for deeply cleansing and eliminating the matted look of the carpet.

4). Steaming:

How To Fix Matted Carpet In High Traffic Areas by Steaming

The last recommendation that we have for you for reviving your matted carpet in high-traffic areas is steaming. For this troubleshooting measure, any machine producing adequate steam will do the job for you.

Even if you do not have an iron steamer, you can revive your matted carpet with a typical clothing iron. For this troubleshooting, you must begin by dampening a lint-free, clean cloth and then placing it over any area subjected to matting.

Subsequently, plug the iron into the socket, and when it is fully heated, place it over the dampened cloth but only for a few seconds because the iron can burn the cloth, which can also impact your carpet.

When you remove the cloth after ironing it over the matted carpet, you will notice that the strands of the fibers of your matted carpet are not crushed anymore; instead, they appear fluffier in their outlook.

Repeat the steaming procedure on all the carpet areas that are matted out. However, before placing the iron over the matted area, dampen the cloth beforehand.

Despite this measure, if you feel that towards the end, the matted area is still not looking the way you would have wanted it to look, brush the carpet using a nylon brush or simply just run your fingers thoroughly through the strands and make sure to that when you are done, the strands sit upright.


In this article, we have proposed four effective methods for troubleshooting: how to fix matted carpets in high-traffic areas. Supposedly, if a method does not work for you, you can choose to implement another method, but do not give up, as the matting of a carpet is something an individual can get rid of easily and on their own!

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