How To Get Rid Of PowderPost Beetles In Hardwood Floors?

Apart from the many problems that could arise on your hardwood floor, considerably that of scratching and staining, another typical issue that users have a hard time wrapping their hand around and subsequently getting rid of is the infestation of powder post beetles in hardwood floors.

Undoubtedly, an infestation attack by the powderpost beetles is the most problematic encounter with your hardwood floors. Not only do the powderpost beetles deteriorate the surface of the flooring, but the problem aggravates, and the infestation spreads rapidly throughout the entire hardwood surfacing.

So, let’s look into a proposition we have in store for you, which will be discussed in this article as an adequate solution: how to get rid of powderpost beetles in hardwood floors.

How To Get Rid Of PowderPost Beetles In Hardwood Floors?

Indeed, ensuring the longevity of your hardwood floor demands a lot of caution, regular maintenance, and continuous care. A single detergent slightly concentrated in a certain chemical can destroy the hardwood floor. This is how sensitive the flooring is.

However, while enduring the onus of caring for the hardwood floor, most users tend to focus only on eliminating a few specific and superficial issues, such as keeping the floor clean from fungi, moisture, algae moss, UV radiation, scratching, staining, and cracks. While completely neglecting the possibility of an infestation by powder post beetles.

Powder post beetles are a branching species of the beetle kingdom and are capable insects who effortlessly succeed at damaging and destroying the hardwood floor. When the hardwood floor has such an infestation, there is no way around troubleshooting the problem other than to replace the hardwood floor and get new flooring.

Nevertheless, this is when the powder post-beetle infestation is not countered as soon as it begins. Regardless, the only solution to an infested hardwood floor is pretty expensive. Therefore, you can take preventive measures to remove powder post beetles on hardwood floors.

Proposition Of An Effective Method:

There are many ways to progress with countering how to get rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors. But the method we will propose has been the most effective at tackling infestations by powder post beetles in hardwood floors.

Pesticides Containing Borate:

Borate is a chemical compound composed of boric oxide. When used accurately and handled with care, any pesticide containing borate is an efficient and effective solution for getting rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors.

The pesticide with a borate constitution works by penetrating through the hardwood flooring surface and killing any powder post beetles which may be causing the infestation to occur. This is done by directly subjecting an attack at the larvae and preventing them from further being nurtured into a beetle.

Along with killing the already present powder post beetles in the hardwood, a pesticide containing borate also acts as a barrier, blocking the entry and exit of any more beetles to prolong the infestation.

Step-By-Step Guide For Using Pesticide Containing Borate:

To restore the hardwood and stop the infestation from further expanding, it is a pre-requisite for you to use the pesticide-containing borate in a precise manner.

If not used in the manner that we state in the following section, the result materializing out of utilizing a pesticide-containing borate will only be partial in the sense that it will be temporary. Only some infestation will be tackled, while a large part of it will remain on the hardwood floor.

Step1: Diluting The Pesticide

Get Rid Of PowderPost Beetles In Hardwood Floors by Diluting The Pesticide

First, the most crucial step to begin getting rid of the powder post beetle infestation is choosing a suitable pesticide containing borate. Many options are available in the market and on the internet, but the recommendation we have for you is Pena Shield’s Clear Wood Preservative.

Though our recommendation for a pesticide containing borate is slightly expensive, rest assured, the effectiveness of the Clear Wood Preservative and the fact that you can use it several times before running out fairly compensates for the price.

The product also has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and reviews commending the Clear Wood Preservative for its effectiveness. Manufacturers of the Preservative- Pena Shield promises their borate-containing pesticide solution to act as a barrier preventing and stopping the infestation from growing further.

Once you have purchased the Pena Shield’s Clear Wood Preservative, it’s time for you to dilute the solution with water in such a manner that the ratio of the pesticide and water is equal. To achieve the best results, refer to the instructions given on the back side of the preservative bottle and follow them precisely.

Step 2: Application

Get Rid Of PowderPost Beetles In Hardwood Floors by Application

To apply the pesticide-containing borate and the water solution, you will need a tool to apply the mixture on the hardwood floor in a moderate amount. You may utilize a spray bottle, a roll, a brush, or any other tool you think you can work with conveniently.

Next up, apply the solution to the hardwood floor. You must focus on applying all of the solutions in a manageable amount. Do not soak the hardwood with your pest and water solution but dampen the surface enough for the solution to seep into the surface and penetrate to kill the powder post beetles.

Often users put forward a query regarding how to get rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors which is primarily concerned with applying the pesticide containing borate- how many times do I apply the pesticide?

Removing the powder post beetle infestation in the hardwood floor is not a one-time thing. It is not like applying the solution, and you may immediately witness the infestation wearing off.

To have the desired results, the solution of pesticide containing borate and water must be applied onto the hardwood floor at least every two months. However, depending on the size and the infestation rate, you can be more regular with the application.

Step 3: Sanding The Impacted Areas

Get Rid Of PowderPost Beetles In Hardwood Floors by Sanding The Impacted Areas

After you have successfully applied the solution and the solution has dried out, it is recommended though not mandated, for you to sand the impacted area. Sanding the impacted area ensures that the treatment is effective by eliminating the risk of the infestation not occurring on the specific area of the hardwood again.

Pros & Cons Of Utilizing Pesticide Containing Borate:

So far, we have been all in favor of the proposed solution of utilizing a pesticide-containing borate to get rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors. Although using the solution comes with many advantages, these advantages also accompany some drawbacks.


Remains In The Hardwood Floor:

Unlike other conventional methods utilized for getting rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors, using a pesticide-containing borate is a long-lasting solution. We claim this because once the solution has been added to the hardwood floor, it remains.

There is no vaporing off of the pesticide-containing borate, nor does it damage the surface, but the solution only plays a significant role in ensuring that the fluid is thoroughly absorbed in all of the hardwood space and none of it leaks out.

This lasting solution within the hardwood floor is valuable because as long as the pesticide remains inside the floor, it will continuously kill powder post beetles while simultaneously preventing further beetle invasion.

Permanent Troubleshoot:

When and if used according to the manner we have stated in the preceding section, pesticide-containing borate is a permanent troubleshoot to remove powder post beetles in hardwood floors.

Results for the solution will keep materializing rather slowly, but you will eventually keep noticing the infestation of powder post beetles in the hardwood floors wearing off.

Effective Method:

Even though pesticide-containing borate works for all kinds of wood, whether refinished or untreated but considerably the results are the most evident for wood that is still raw and untreated. So with a borate pesticide, you prevent the infestation from spreading on your hardwood floors and your logs.


Scrapping Of Hardwood Floor:

To ensure that the pesticide-containing borate successfully treats your hardwood floors for infestation, you must scrape off the wood before application. This is something that the users particularly do not like about the treatment with such a solution.

Powder Post Beetles Not Killed Immediately:

Another con for the treatment of hardwood floors for powder post-infestation through the utilization of a pesticide-containing borate is that you have to be patient and wait for the results to happen.

Through intuition, you can realize that the killing of powder post beetles will not occur overnight, but the infestation will take some time to halt.


We have proposed an effective method in this article on how to get rid of powder post beetles in hardwood floors. Now it’s time for you to get on with the implementation and troubleshoot the infestation!

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