How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

Two prominent characteristics that must always be kept in mind when considering hardwood floors are that firstly due to being delicate, they can be demanding and require you to look after them continuously, ensuring that the surfaces are prevented from damage arising from your furniture or any cleaning detergent.

Secondly, hardwood floors are renowned for their smoothness and how shiny they look as a floor installation. This can also be to your disadvantage, whereby nothing on a hardwood floor will remain in a single location and keep sliding or skidding.

Your chair mat stands victim to sliding on hardwood floors; therefore, it must be remedied. So let’s look at our proposals for you today on how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors.

How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

The primary reason you should immediately attend to the situation of a chair mat sliding on your hardwood floors and avoid causing a delay is that if not, then it would be sooner than later that you may suffer a slip/ fall from that chair mat.

Though the chair mat’s central purpose is to provide support to your chair and also to make sure that no damage from the pulling and pushing of the chair is done to the hardwood surface.

However, if someday you are directly in contact with the chair mat continuously sliding on your hardwood floor, there is a genuine and likely chance that you may slip. Mind you all, injuries sustained from a slip are not like your ordinary injuries and are incredibly severe and hazardous to health.

For this purpose, we bring you some practical proposals that are easy to implement to counter how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors.


Tape The Chair Mat:

Tape The Chair Mat

We will begin our list of proposals for how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors with a very effective proposal of taping. Typically we all have heard of taping, which is commonly undertaken to ensure that an object sticks to another firm.

So will the case be with the chair mat that is problematically sliding on your hardwood floor- you will be taping the chair mat to the hardwood floor. We understand if it is shocking and the proposal may sound absurd to you, but it is not and is a very ordinarily used procedure.

What will differ here with taping the chair mat to the hardwood floor is that you will not be using your conventional clear or yellow tape, which you usually do tape objects together or for other purposes.

But you will be using a tape that has been mainly manufactured to tape your chair mat to the hardwood floor, and that is the Double-Sided Carpet Tape By XFasten.

Rest assured, you may not need to have any doubts concerning using this tape to ruin your hardwood floor because, as we stated earlier and reiterating now, the tape has been made for this purpose. Therefore your worry has already been catered to by the manufacturing company.

Suppose you want to confirm your suspicion further and have some consolation over our word that the tape is not ruining the hardwood floor. In that case, you can search for the product on Amazon and see that in its description, one of its typical uses is listed as “Area rugs over hardwood floors.”

Not only will the tape work to have your chair mat in place over your hardwood floor, but it will also bring you the advantage of not leaving a residue or stain behind when peeled off from the timber surface.

The Adhesiveness of the Double-sided carpet tape of Xfasten is such that it is safe to render the tape durable. The tape will not lose out on its stickiness regardless of anything and will keep your chair mat held to the hardwood floor and in a singular place for a span longer than you anticipate.

Replace The Chair Mat:

Replace The Chair Mat

Have you ever thought about what might be causing the chair mat to slide on the hardwood floor apart from considering that it can be the smoothness of the hardwood floor?

If not, think hard about it, and consider it as a possibility that the material you have chosen for the chair mat might be safe and compatible to be laid on the hardwood floor; nevertheless, it lacks the essence to counter slipping and sliding.

A calculated guess that we take in your situation is that your chair mat is sliding on the hardwood floor because it has been manufactured out of a 100% pure material such as wool and jute.

Jute and wool are two non-damaging chair mat materials for hardwood floors, but they do not control for any slipping due to their natural characteristics. Hence, it is time for you to slide the sliding char mat from over the hardwood floor and replace it with a chair mat that is not harmful to the surface but also takes account for tackling any slipping.

As we do not want our readers to search for a mat containing both of these qualities, we bring you a recommendation to save you time and the headache of finding such a mat.

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat is a 36’’ chair mat, providing enough space to accommodate the four legs of your chair while preventing the same chair legs from destroying your hardwood floor and, most importantly, remaining in a single location instead of sliding.

Even though our recommendation of a glass chair mat does stand out of the ordinary, it offers qualities that remain unmatched and yet to be provided by a chair mat made of another material.

For example, the glass chair mat by Lorell is resistant to scratches on its surfaces. It guarantees to endure a weight of up to 1000lb because of the solid construction, promising never to slip on the hardwood floor.

Such products always come in handy and are rarely encountered as a readily available option, so before you skip out on this proposal for how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors, re-contemplate!

Place Rug Pad Underneath Chair Mat:

Place Rug Pad Underneath Chair Mat

An option that never goes out of the trend and remains evergreen trending is the proposal of a rug pad underneath the chair mat how to keep the chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors.

If you have previously read our articles, then you might be well aware of how we have always advocated for our readers to utilize a rug pad under any of their problematic mats. Does not matter if you are considering a chair mat or a rubber-backed area rug for slipping or damage. A rug pad is an all-rounder sort of product that successfully eliminates all worries of the house owner.

Acting as a shield between the chair mat and the hardwood surface, a rug pad will make sure to keep your chair mat away from sliding and for you to comfortably sit on the chair without being on a constant edge about slipping from the chair.

Rug pads are exceptionally conveniently available, so purchasing them will be no hassle at all either; however, we would prefer you keep in mind to go for a rug pad manufactured out of felt rather than PVC, latex, rubber, or plastic.

You want to avoid proceeding with countering sliding off your chair mat with a rug pad unsuitable for hardwood floors. The mentioned manufacturing materials for the rug pad are damaging to the surface, so we recommend that you go with a felt rug pad which is safe.

Gripper For Chair Mat:

Gripper For Chair Mat

This proposal of ours is similar to the taping proposal we had for how to keep the chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors. With taping, the scenario is that you have to choose the precise locations where you would tape the chair mat, and it will stick to the hardwood floor, not move again.

But grippers for chair mats make this job much easier, whereby the adhesiveness is enough to control the sliding of the chair mat on the hardwood floor just by having them stuck on the edges.

Four grippers for chair mats on the four corners of your chair mat are more than enough to keep your chair mat in place without requiring additional measures.

If of two we have to assist you in deciding on out of one. Because of the convenience, we would favor you going for grippers over the double-sided tape for chair mats.


In this article, we have proposed multiple proposals for you on how to keep chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors. You can now choose the one you think is easiest and most practical to implement.

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