How To Keep Floor Mats Sliding Vinyl Floors?

Any floor mat that slides on your floor is an indicator not to be taken lightly and the one factor which must be attended to immediately because if not, then later than sooner, you will end up injuring yourself by slipping from the mat.

Injuries sustained through slipping are severe and can result in you damaging one of your ligaments beyond repair; therefore, in the following article, we will be stating and then discussing some of the ways how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors.

Vinyl floors are renowned for their durability, practicality, and smoothness. Hence, there is nothing to wonder about if your floor mat is slipping on the surface because it is most likely occurring out of the smoothness of the vinyl plank over which you have laid it.

Do not rush to immediately replace the floor mat because this situation can be easily countered, so let’s get to it!

How To Keep Floor Mats Sliding Vinyl Floors?

Undoubtedly, placing a floor mat is one entity that instantly enhances the dull and monotonous appearance of your vinyl floors to make them attractive and appealing. But what if the floor mat is continuously problematic? How to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors?

No matter how hard you try, the floor mat will just not remain in a single location whether it is the furniture placement to put additional weight or placing cushions over the floor mat, no amount of weight on the floor mat results in keeping it in place.

You can opt for several ways to tackle the situation at hand whereby your floor mat keeps sliding against the vinyl floor, creating a source of constant nuisance and agitation for you.

Effective Ways- Keep The Floor Mat In Place!

Attaching Non-Slip Rug Grips/ Strips:

Attaching Non-Slip Rug Grips/ Strips

A top-rated and highly effective solution for how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors is to attach non-slip rug grips/ strips under the sliding floor mat. These strips have an unmatched adhesive quality, ensuring the floor mat is gripped with the surface and does not let the mat slide.

To precisely explain the function of non-slip rug grips/ strips is to say that they act like glue. Unfortunately, sticking floor mats with glue to not let them slide is an option that is neither available nor safe for the health of your vinyl floors, so we bring you a better alternative.

Trying to discern the difference between a non-slip rug grip and a strip? There is not much difference between the two. Both work similarly and offer the same purpose; however, the only factor which might distinguish them is that they come in different placements and shapes.

For example, if you want a sticky material to keep the floor mat away from sliding and want the mat to be sticking from the corners, you should purchase rug grippers. They specialize in their adhesives to have the corners of the mat attached to the vinyl floor so that they do not curl or slide.

However, if you want to hold the floor mat away from slipping at the bottom, the option that will work more effectively and is also more suitable is a non-slip strip.

Non-slip rug grip and strips are typically composed of silicone which is not a safe material to be placed on the vinyl floor and one that will not incur any damage. Still, it also creates friction against the vinyl surface, keeping the mat secured in a singular place.

The best part about using these non-slip grips or strips is that when placed under the floor mat, they will be successful in serving their purpose alongside making sure that when the floor mat is walked upon, no bumps are felt and that the rug is still felt to be flat against the vinyl plank.

Use A Rug Pad:

Use A Rug Pad

In our second recommendation for how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors, we bring the most widely and commonly used effective way to keep your floor mat in place. It is none other than a rug pad.

Rug pads truly have been a lifesaver throughout many scenarios. Whether you are looking to protect your floor from being damaged by a rubber-backed area rug or looking for additional cushioning on your otherwise very thin and flat-laying rugs- a rug pad has always been the answer.

Similarly, even when how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors, rug pad has stolen the show’s light and is once again at the rescue of our distressed readers who are fretting over looking for a solution.

Your mat is sliding on the vinyl floor because there is nothing to keep the floor mat in place, and when in direct contact with vinyl surfacing, it cannot help but simply slide.

Therefore, adding a rug pad underneath the floor mat will be assured that the mat stays in place. However, significant considerations must be made when purchasing a rug pad that is safe and compatible with the vinyl floor because your flooring is easily and quickly susceptible to damage.

The last thing you want to do is counter slipping at the cost of damaging your vinyl floor, so avoid buying any rug pad with a PVC, latex, plastic, or rubber backing and instead go for the one made out of felt.

Mohawk Home Rug Pad is one rug pad option that is safe and guaranteed to ensure that your floor mat does not slide anymore. Manufactured out of 100% felt, no damage to your vinyl floor will materialize regardless of the span that you keep the rug pad laid.

Available in various sizes, finding a rug pad of the exact size of your floor mat will be no hassle. You can find the product advertised on Amazon if you want to purchase the rug pad or read more about its features.

Loop and Hook Grips:

Loop and Hook Grips

Were you previously hesitant when we proposed using non-slip rug grips and strips as adhesives to be placed under the mat? Supposedly, you were, and even the mere thought of attaching such bonds to your vinyl floor has you unsettled, we bring you quite the alternative for it- loop and hook grips.

Although loop and hook grips will act in the same manner as your non-slip rug grips and strips, one massive difference will make you either sway your decision away or favor this option- they will not adhere.

Rather the functioning of loop and hook is that one set of the hooks is attached to the floor mat and the other one to the floor where they permanently or for a comparatively longer span, keep the floor mat from sliding.

However, the small loop and hook grip set will be adhesively attached to the vinyl floor, so if you ever reposition your floor mat, a residue will remain.

Two-sided Floor Mat Tape:

Two-sided Floor Mat Tape

The best solution for how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors is to use two-sided floor mat tape. Forget about using non-slip grippers and strips because the advantages of using a two-sided floor mat tape far exceed the advantages that our previous options may offer you.

A two-sided floor mat tape is the only remedy you should be looking for and proceeding with when it all narrows down to how to keep floor mats sliding vinyl floors. We only advocate for our readers to utilize XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape and rely on no other two-sided floor mat tape option.



The Xfastenen Double-sided carpet tape is nothing but value for money. Unlike your other conventional tapes, the tape will not come off even after it has been on the floor mat for a sufficient time.

This is because the tape has a durable and heavy-duty construction which not only allows it to hold the floor mat in place but also allows it to retain its adhesiveness. Therefore, with sliding, you also eliminate curling, bunching, slipping, and skidding out of the equation concerning your floor mats on the vinyl floor.


The safety of any product over a vinyl floor should be your primary concern. No product to counter sliding of the floor mat is worth it if it damages the surface with it. However, this is something that the manufacturing company of the double-sided tape guarantees.

The tape is made to be compatible with the vinyl floor so that when you remove it, there are going to be no stains or a remaining sticky residue which is challenging to get rid of.


Now that you know many effective ways for countering sliding, dealing with how to keep floor mats sliding, vinyl floors should not be a complex task for you! Good luck with choosing the most effective method!

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