How To Keep Furniture From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest qualities that are offered by hardwood floors is the smoothness that they have. When walking on hardwood, you can feel the smooth surface of the flooring against your bare skin.

Even the shiny appearance that you witness of the hardwood floor and as a house owner is always keen to preserve is, in fact, a vital indicator of the smoothness. However, this glossy outlook can be advantageous under many circumstances, but not all.

This is because the smooth surface of the hardwood floor may not permit any furniture to stand in a single location, and it will skid whenever you sit on a couch or the bed. Similarly, if you walk too comfortably on the hardwood floor without attaining a firm grip, there is also a likely chance for you to suffer a fall through a slip.

Therefore, to ensure that this smoothness of the hardwood floor is not acting to your detriment and the disadvantages are moderated, you need to undertake certain steps. In this article, we will state a few useful propositions for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors.

How To Keep Furniture From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

Placing furniture on a hardwood floor is in itself a quite challenging task. You must always be mindful of any piece of furniture not scratching the surface when moved around, nor is it too heavy to cause denting.

But the most complicated task arises when you have to wonder how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors. Whenever you place a couch or a chair on the hardwood floor and seat yourself upon it, the item is prone to sliding, which is not good for you and the appearance of your surface.

Firstly, such sliding of the furniture on the hardwood floor can catch you off guard and result in you sustaining an injury as an outcome. Or another scenario could be that the furniture sliding is causing severe scratching on the hardwood.

No matter how much you try to control the sliding of the furniture on the hardwood floor, there is no way around it that you have figured out yet. Therefore, following, we state some of the useful propositions that house owners use to ensure put a stop to the sliding of furniture on hardwood surfaces.


The propositions we today have in store for you are very easy to implement. None of the ideas we recommend to you will demand you to invest a hefty amount into the purchase of the product, nor will the product that we prefer you place to counter furniture sliding appear out of place in your space.

Hence, if you choose to proceed with any of our propositions for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors, rest assured it will be an easy way out of the problematic situation, and you will be sorted!


One of the easiest and, so far, the most convenient methods for keeping furniture from sliding on hardwood floors is to place a rug under the furniture. What placing a rug will do is it will provide the furniture with a rough surface underneath, unlike the smooth hardwood surface.

As a result, it will be non-challenging for the placed furniture to attain a firm and promising grip. Another advantage that will come with the placement of a rug under the furniture is that the rug will act as a barrier between the furniture legs and the hardwood floor.

This means there will be unnecessary scratching on the hardwood floor. If the rug you choose to place accommodates the entire surface area covered by the furniture on the hardwood, then the no-scratching situation is guaranteed never to materialize.

Though placing a rug under the furniture seems like a plausible option for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors, there are still some considerations that you must make.

Consideration #1: Rug Material

You might have always witnessed everyone advocating to choose a rug not made of synthetic materials or does not have a PVC, latex, or rubber backing because they can damage the hardwood floor.

We completely stand in agreement with these claims and are also aware of the damage that might be brought along with placing such rugs on hardwood floors. However, placing such rugs in an attempt to control slipping is crucial.

This is because only synthetic or rugs with rubber backing are competent enough to tackle slipping on the hardwood through your furniture. In contrast, naturally constructed rugs are safe for the hardwood floor but do not account for slipping.

Nevertheless, you can always place a rug pad under the synthetically composed rugs to ensure no damage to the hardwood floor in terms of staining and leaving residue behind.

By placing a rug pad under the rug to control the sliding of furniture, we are confident that you will succeed in your endeavor and accomplish your mission of minimizing sliding while simultaneously keeping the surface damage free.

Consideration #2: Rug Size

Another factor of high significance that must be kept in mind while you are doing your rug shopping to tackle furniture sliding is the size of the rug you choose.

Choosing the appropriate size is very important.

If the rug size is insufficient to have all of the chair legs of your dining table over it, then placing the rug under your furniture for slipping will be futile. So always go with the size of a rug that promises to contain all your furniture on its defined parameters.

Furniture Pads Furniture Grips:

Our second proposition for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors is one of the most renowned and typically used remedies- furniture pads.

These pads are stuck under the legs of the furniture and seem invisible in their appearance. They are highly efficient at keeping the furniture pieces in a precise location, alleviating any slipping from the respective equation.

As we do not want our readers to thoroughly search to find the best kind of furniture pads readily available in the market, we already have a recommendation for you:  X-protector furniture felt pads.

Not only are our preferred furniture pads affordable, laying within the budget of every house owner, but the best part about the product is the manufacturing material. Made out of felt, there is not even the slightest bit of risk of the furniture pads damaging your hardwood floor.

Felt is a favorable material choice for the hardwood floor because it provides two benefits. The first benefit is that when attached under the legs of your furniture, the chair or the table will not be sliding anymore.

The second benefit is that, unlike the synthetic or rubber-backed area rugs that require an extra protective layer of rug pads underneath them, there is no such prerequisite with your X-protector furniture felt pads.

Furniture Grippers:

Even though there is not much of a prominent difference between furniture pads and furniture grippers, furniture grippers are an ideal alternative.

When you cannot find furniture pads that are per the size of your furniture legs, the next best option you must resort to is furniture grippers.

Furniture grippers are available in a wide range of varieties, meaning there are plenty more options and an even wide variety of sizes. Nonetheless, if and again, there has been no luck finding the appropriate size, you can purchase any furniture gripper and alter it to the size you want.

After alteration as well, there is going to be no change in the functioning of the furniture gripper and they will grip onto your furniture as smoothly as they would have, had the alternation in them not occurred.

But you might want to notice that unlike the furniture pads (the one we recommended) furniture grippers are a task to find in a hardwood-safe material. They are always and only available in rubber or silicone material and can both be a potential threat, signaling damage to the hardwood surface.

Reiterating furniture grippers is an excellent option. While they counter the slipping of furniture they also bring about additional advantages of countering scratching and bearing on the weight of the heavy console, not letting the hardwood get dented.

Now it is up to your discretion whether you would want to choose furniture grippers or furniture pads as your final option. The decision narrows down to what suits you the best as a compatible option for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors.


So far, we have given you three very effective and easy-to-implement propositions for how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors.

Although there are many other methods as well, we only wanted to propose those that have been tested and tried by us!

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