How To Protect Wood Floor Entryway?

As much as a wooden floor would provide the aesthetic edge to your house, with that also comes the onus of keeping that wood floor-lined entryway clean and maintained.

Even the slightest scratch on the wood floor entryway can give the house a mismanaged appearance, and no house owner wants that. Therefore, you must take adequate steps to keep the wooden floor entryway free from stains, scratches, or dents.

Although most house owners are often encountered with this thought, how to protect the wood floor, and entryway hampers their ability to proceed further. You may stop worrying because, in this guide, we bring some ideas to remedy your query effectively.

How To Protect Wood Floor Entryway?

Some places in your house constitute areas with low foot traffic, whereas the others are termed high foot traffic areas. What does this precise term “foot traffic imply?”

Foot traffic is the frequency or the chances of the floor coming in contact with people. Let’s build on this concept further through an example. Supposedly, your bedroom in the house is an area where the only visitors would be you or your partner. In contrast, to the bedroom, the living room is an area where many other people than you or your partner would be going.

Therefore, the bedroom is a low-foot-traffic area, and the living room a high-foot-traffic area. Mapping and applying this concept to the wood floor entryway- this, too, is a high foot traffic area. Considering the rate at which people enter or exit the house via the entryway, it can be challenging to devise measures to check the durability and appearance of the wood floor entryway.

Thereby, the question occurs: how to protect the wood floor entryway? What steps may a house owner take to keep the wood floor entryway in a healthy condition whereby despite the high foot traffic, the surface is not damaged or deteriorating in its outlook?

Ways To Protect Wood Floor Entryways:

Now it’s time to finally address this discussion’s core topic: how to protect wood floor entryways. Even though there are a lot of measures that you can take to do this per the demands you have; however, in this section, we discuss some of the most common and feasible ways that a house owner chooses to proceed with to protect their wood floor entryway.

1.) Rug:

Protect Wood Floor Entryway with Rug

A rug is one of the most specific suggestions that a house owner makes when asked for their recommendation on how to protect the wood floor entryway. Not only this but it is also the most utilized option.

Undoubtedly, a rug works a dual role with entryways. The rug makes the house’s wood floor entryway attractive while simultaneously acting as a barrier between the high foot traffic and the wood floor entryway to protect it from destruction.

Now when it comes to rugs, you have a lot of variety available to and for you. This variety liberates the house owner in their options and permits them to choose a rug accordingly to the exterior of their house.

You can get any color in the rug that will look the best with the wallpaper or the paint of your house, and also choose the size that would perfectly fit the hardwood floor of the entryway effortlessly and without any need for alterations.

Rug Material:

However, a certain consideration needs to be made before you finalize the option for the ideal rug that you want to protect the wood floor entryway, which is the rug material.

Wood is such a surface material that it is easily susceptible to damage. A slightly disproportionate move that does not fall under the requirements of the wooden floor can land your wood floor entryway on its journey of destruction.

An example of this is choosing the inappropriate material for the rug. Not all rugs are suitable or compatible to be laid on the wood floor entryway of your house because of the manufacturing materials that they have or because of the backings that line a rug.

Purchasing a rug manufactured out of a combination of materials or a rug with a rubber, PVC, or latex backing can result in staining the wood floor material. This is because these particular rug constituents are unsafe for the wooden floor.

When laid on the floor for an extended span, the chemical compounds used during production react with the surface. Thus, resulting in stains that, despite being temporary, are quite difficult to eliminate.

A recommendation for a rug safe to be laid on the wood floor entryway, which will not result in staining, is nuLOOM Elijah Natural Seagrass Farmhouse Accent Rug. nuLOOM’s rug is not only long-lasting and suitable for wood floor entryways but also the ideal rug to provide a minimalistic look to the entryway of your house.

2.) Door Mat:

Protect Wood Floor Entryway with Door Mat

Another similar proposal to the proposition of a rug that we have for you is that of a doormat.

Doormats are typically utilized to clean the shoes before entering the house so that no dust or debris enters the hallway accompanying you. When comparing a doormat with a rug, there are a few differences in the purpose they serve, another being that a rug is laid to cover a specified area in the house to enhance the beauty of that premise.

Whereas door mats serve the opposite purpose and are very lightweight when contrasted with rugs woven or manufactured of hefty materials.


A significant factor that must be taken into account when finalizing the door mat you want to place on the wood floor entryway of your house is whether the doormat is easily washable in a washing machine or not.

Due to the exposed high foot traffic, your door mat will be trapping a lot of dust, debris, mud, grass, and other similar particles, making the rug dusty and needing a quick wash in a very short span.

So to make your life convenient for you and the process of cleaning the doormat straightforward, choose a doormat with a characteristic for washability.

The underside of the Doormat:

Just like for rugs we preferred for our readers not to opt for a rug with a backing that is lined with rubber, PVC, or latex, relative to that and with doormats- never choose a doormat that has an underside to it lined with glue.

Glue underlinings on the doormat can cause massive damage to the wood floor entryway. With time, the glue particles might seep from the doormat into the wooden floor or induce a direct chemical reaction with the wood floor entryway.

Nevertheless, in either situation, glue-lined door mats are not a safe option for a doormat that you must place on your house’s wood floor entryway. Hence, whatever doormat you purchase should be exclusive to this property.

Use Waterproof Material:

Sometimes the cause of the wood entryway being damaged is that specific parts of the wood start to swell. This happens due to water contact with the area, which materializes due to a damaged floor.

When considering the material of a doormat, choose one that has a waterproof material for a door mat. With this quality accompanying the doormat, any water incoming through the high foot traffic will be limited to the doormat, absorbed, and not be further transferred into the house as an individual walks in.

3.) Reduce Foot Traffic:

Protect Wood Floor Entryway with Reduce Foot Traffic

Although this recommendation that we put forward for reducing foot traffic regarding how to protect wood floor entryways may not sit right with most of the readers, rest assured, it’s an option that house owners consider worth contemplating.

They reduce foot traffic by introducing another entryway to the house by making the back door, or an alternate door more accessible. However, this can be problematic because you cannot convince every household member to follow this regulation.

The other way is by decreasing the probability of the occurrence of scratches by keeping the footwear elsewhere. Regularly, footwear that the members of the household use and wear are placed near the entryway, increasing the foot traffic of the area, and when the hardwood entryway comes in contact with sole shoes, scratching is easily caused.

Therefore, avoid wearing your heavy sole boots on the hardwood floor entryway and instead pick another place to wear or take off these shoes of yours. Or you can also place a shoe rack nearby, where the footwear is neatly placed in an organized manner, reducing foot traffic and scratching.


In this guide on how to protect wood floor entryways, we have stated three practical options for you to choose from. Now it is on you to pick out the option that works ideally for you and implement it before it gets too late and your wood floor entryway is ruined.

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