How To Protect Wood Floors From Rolling Chairs?

Undoubtedly, installing a wooden floor takes the appearance of your space up by a notch. The floor provides a chic and minimalistic look and ensures that any furniture placed on the hardwood floor will be amplified in its outlook.

However, keeping all the advantages aside and observing the disadvantages in isolation, there is one drawback of wood floors that everyone is bound to face: the practicality of a hardwood floor.

Wooden floors are impractical to work with due to their primary characteristic of being extremely sensitive to damage. You can evaluate the sensitivity from the view that when a piece of furniture is pulled or pushed with effort on the hardwood, it causes scratches on the surface.

Especially if you have rolling chairs around the space where you also have an installation of wooden floors, you need to be extra cautious. Therefore, how to protect floors from rolling chairs?

How To Protect Wood Floors From Rolling Chairs?

Keeping a hardwood floor free from scratches is an arduous task and one which demands extreme vigilance. You have to be mindful of the wood floor whenever moving furniture around, but how do you prevent scratches when you have rolling chairs around- how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs?

Significant damage is caused by the rolling chairs on the wooden floor, particularly when driven around and over the surface. It is not your body weight or how you are moving the chair around that is causing scratching to occur on the wood floor, but rather the cause of concern is the wheels of the chair that rotate and roll.

The main culprit here is the casters of the chairs that are formulated out of plastic. Such brutal and rigid wheels of plastic do not have enough traction within them, meaning that it is not always the case for the wheels of your seat to move around always smoothly as they occasionally slip.

Tips For How To Protect Wood Floors From Rolling Chairs?

Impairment from the initial scrape of the hardwood floor is the most problematic. A scratch, gouge, or dent on the wooden floor can be accompanied by feelings of despair where you may feel as if a single scratch has entirely ruined the essential elegance which now cannot be reversed.

However, if you wholly abide by the tips that we state in this section for how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs, you may be shielded from the damage that can occur on the surface in the future.

Tip#1). Do Not Push The Rolling Chair:

Do Not Push The Rolling Chair

Pushing any kind of furniture across any floor is indicative of simply damaging the floor effortlessly. Hardwood, especially in this aspect, is the most sensitive out of all the other materials for floorings, such as tiles or concrete.

Rolling chairs are among those pieces of furniture which, if not handled with care and constantly dragged upon the wood floor, can quickly result in the scratching of the hardwood floor.

You may have also noticed that the wheels of the chair screech while sitting on the seat and when moving it around. The screeching sound here, therefore, implies light scratching and, if continued, may result in permanent scratches for which to remedy; you have no other solution than to replace the wood floor.

For this reason, the next time you are in your house or around your office, you and your colleagues indulge in rearranging the office or placing the furniture around in new corners; remember not to drag the rolling chairs around. Instead, try and lift the chairs!

We understand how simply rolling the wheels is more manageable and convenient when compared to lifting the seat. Still, if you are concerned about the outward appearance of the wooden floor, this has to be done without any second guesses or thoughts.

Tip#2). Utilise Casters Of Hardwood:

Utilise Casters Of Hardwood

We previously stated that the leading cause of concern with rolling chairs and them scratching your hardwood floor is the wheels made of hard plastic. Hence, for how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs, this particular feature has to be troubleshot through an effective replacement alternative to protect wood floors from rolling chairs.

Though the plastic casters on the rolling chairs are effective in delivering their purpose of seamless movement over the floor, in consideration of wooden floors, such casters are not a viable option.

Movement through these casters will come at the cost of deterioration of the hardwood floor through the continuous scratching caused by the wheels. You can use a hardwood caster as another option for plastic casters and make your life easier and less worrisome about scratching happening on wooden floors.

Hardwood casters are readily available in the market and online. As far as their fitting is concerned, they require no expert knowledge and can be fitted by anyone around your office as long as they have a screwdriver.

A recommendation we bring to you for hardwood casters is Slipstick CB680 50mm. Not only are these casters manufactured by Slipstick affordable, but thanks to the rubber manufacturing material, they will act as a barrier between the wheels and the floor, preventing hardwood from being scratched.

We highly advise purchasing hardwood casters and replacing them with plastic ones because they can be cost-effective in the long run. The cost that had to be invested in installing a new hardwood floor because of scratching will far exceed the cost of replacing plastic casters with hardwood-friendly ones.

Tip#3). Cover The Wood Floor With A Rug:

Cover The Wood Floor With A Rug

Supposedly, suppose you do not want to progress with our previously preferred two options for how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs and want a one-time solution that will immediately free you of the worry of scratches. Then, we have the ideal solution- a rug.

Covering the wooden floor over which the rolling chairs are used with a rug is an instant remedy for how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs. With the wide variety of rugs available in almost all shapes, sizes, and colors, the challenge for you to go through a chaotic process in search of the perfect rug has been resolved.

However, there is still a factor that you must bear in mind when shopping for a rug to be placed over the wooden floor. This consideration that has to be made is of the rug material.

Only some rugs will suit the wood floor or be compatible with the surface. Precisely, those rugs manufactured out of a combination of different materials such as rubber and plastic or rubber and cotton are not an ideal option for a rug to be placed over a wooden floor.

Additionally, any rug with latex, PVC, or rubber backing is neither safe for wooden floors. This is because such backings of the rugs can cause staining on the wood floor. So while eliminating scratching on the wooden floor by placing a rug, you might be inviting staining on the surface.

Thus, only purchase a rug made out of a single material such as cotton, jute, or wool and has no backing of the mentioned mediums.

Tip#4). Furniture Pads:

Furniture Pads

Another way to protect wood floors from rolling chairs is to buy furniture pads. Again, we know that you would have to invest in buying furniture pads for the multiple rolling chairs around your space, but when considering the costs of replacing the hardwood floor, the costs of furniture pads are minimal.

These furniture pads have been specifically designed to prevent scratching from occurring on the wooden floor and, indeed, are one of the most typical ways that people protect their floors from scratching by the furniture.

Thereby, it is a practical and workable remedy for how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs. The furniture pads avoid direct contact between the furniture and the wood floor and keep the wheels away from scratching.

Moreover, since these furniture pads are self-adhesive, their application is also straightforward. Perceive furniture pads as stickers to be stuck under the wheels, and you will understand the point we are trying to convey.

Tip#5). Regular Repairing & Maintenance Of Wheels:

Regular Repairing & Maintenance Of Wheels

Mostly, the only type of wheels that cause scratching over the wooden floors comes from rolling chairs that have been in use for years. Due to the regular use and movement of the seats around, the wheels, with time, start to wear out and eventually start demanding more effort be invested when moving the chair from one location to another.

When the user of the rolling chair puts through more than the required effort, the burden that the wood floor can endure through the furniture exceeds, and through the exerted additional pressure, scratching starts to occur more than just often.

Therefore, you need to keep the rolling chairs and their wheels maintained by oiling the wheels or through other measures that may be fruitful in such a situation and successful in how to protect the wood floor from rolling chairs.


With so many tips for you on how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs, prevention should be a manageable task!

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