How To Remove Broken Staples From Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are among the most decent and elegant floorings around the office, your house, or any other location. But they come with a cost of being regulated and maintained, which can be demanding.

Similarly, the ability of hardwood to get damaged is also very likely, for which you always have to have an eye out for observation. Most damage on flooring occurs through water spills, inaccurate detergents, and inappropriate rugging, which can be dealt with to an extent.

Another challenge that you may have to face with hardwood floors is the difficulty you would have to endure to get rid of broken staples that, through some tasks, are now in your hardwood floors.

Therefore, we bring you an article containing an effective strategy for how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors.

How To Remove Broken Staples From Hardwood Floors?

How to remove broken staples from hardwood floors is a comparatively simple task. You may not need to acquire any expertise to fulfill it, but you will constantly need to be highly vigilant and cautious while undertaking the task.

This is because any effective strategy to remove broken staples from proposed hardwood floors requires you to use tools on the hardwood floor which, if not utilized properly, can result in even further damage- scratching.

Mind you all, scratching is even more complex to diminish on hardwood floors than removing broken staples from hardwood floors because once the scratches are present on the surface, reversing them is far more taxing.

Now there are two methods you can undertake when it comes to deciding how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors: the conventional and the modern method. The conventional way uses traditional tools like a plier or a screwdriver, whereas the current method uses a staple remover.

In the following sections, we will discuss both methods in quite some detail before concluding with a single and effective method to remove broken staples from hardwood floors.

Conventional Method:

Typical and the most widely used method for how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors has so far been the conventional method whereby house owners utilize their tools such as the flathead screwdriver, pliers, and other similar tools that have a sharp edge/ corner to pluck out the broken staple from within the timber surface.

Although all these tools are straightforward in their use, if not carefully handled and taken care of, then at the risk of removing broken staple pins, not only will you be scratching the hardwood but also injuring your hand.

Cat’s Paw:

Cat’s Paw

The cat’s paw is a tool that every house owner has somewhere stored in their house because, undoubtedly, the tool does a great job at taking out any nails stuck inside the walls or any other surface.

Cat’s paw will serve a similar purpose to removing broken staples from hardwood floors, where you will use the tool’s sharpened edge to plug out any broken staple forcefully.

You may pry out the broken staples by tapping any chosen edge of the cat’s paw onto it and then firmly gliding the tool alongside the hardwood while gripping it at 45 degrees. Any broken and stuck stape will instantly appear out of the hardwood as soon as the pointed end is in strike with the staple.

Angled Plier:

Angled Plier

Another handy tool that will come in handy during your endeavor to remove broken staples from hardwood floors is the angled plier. The versatile tool is also renowned and known as the diagonal plier, so do not let the name lead you astray.

Razor, curved and sharp pliers angled by this tool are highly efficient at grasping and clinging onto any staples, removing them from hardwood floors. However, while using the angled plier, ensure that the plier does not directly come in contact with the surface and that there is some space.

This is because while attempting for the angled plier to grip at the broken staple, you can end up causing the hardwood floor to dent and scratch.

Pros Of the Conventional Approach:

The conventional approach to removing broken staples from hardwood floors has several benefits. The most highlighted one is that the tools are already laying around the house, so you will not have to invest additional finance into purchasing them.

Also, if you are a DIY enthusiastic individual, we guarantee you have the tools and the patience to undertake the task with such complicated and caution-requiring conventional approaches.

Apart from that, the efficacy of the traditional method is the same as the modern method for how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors- easy, quick, and straightforward.

Cons Of The Conventional Approach:

When looking at the conventional approach from the lens of the cons that it has, the benefits are surely outweighed by the cons. Not only is the traditional approach to removing broken staples from hardwood floors very tiresome, but it also needs to be faster.

Though this is not the most severe con of the conventional approach, the fact that a high likelihood of you damaging the hardwood floor while doing the task is a threat constantly circling over your head.

Additionally, the conventional method techniques are tiring. They can make you feel exhausted, with your hands strained from continuously holding the tool at a certain angle and twisting your fingers to unwind the broken staple.

Modern Method:

In all its essence and while having an unbiased position, we agree that the conventional method is a very effective way to remove broken staples from hardwood floors despite the accompanying cons.

Nevertheless, the circumstances in which you can use your tools, such as the diagonal plier, screwdriver, or cat claw, to remove the broken staples are limited. The method is good to go if the hardwood lacks an exterior layer and a finishing.

When the hardwood is covered with a carpet, you can no longer remove broken staples with your conventional tools. Still, you will have to seek another way out of the situation, which will be through the modern method of using a staple remover.

Purchasing a staple remover for removing broken staples from hardwood floors is not going to take much of your effort but only some to surf the internet.

Even then, it is with a guarantee that we assure you to come across many readily available staple removers on Amazon which are ready for delivery immediately and will not have you waiting for long.

Moreover, unlike conventional tools to remove broken staples, the staple remover will not make you fatigued or strain your fingers because operating the automated tool is very convenient.

All that will be demanded of you by the staple remover is to press the handle over the staple to ensure that it pops out of the hardwood surface.

How To Use A Staple Remover?

Wanting to remove the staples from the hardwood flooring without any inconvenience, we have the steps in place for you!

Step 1:

Be with gently removing the carpet or the carpet padding attached to your hardwood floor. By doing this, you will easily comprehend the exact locations from where the broken staples are needed to be removed, which were previously used to keep the padding in a palace on the surface.

Step 2:

Now that you have an overview of all the areas where the broken staples are, you can remove them one by one with the assistance of the staple remover you purchased.

Take the staple remover and press its handle over the broken staple to have it out of the hardwood floor and on the side.

After being done, take another look at the hardwood floors to spot any broken staples you might have mistakenly missed out on.

Step 3:

Lastly, when done removing the broken staples from hardwood floors, vacuum or sweep the hardwood floor to have the area clean and free of dirt.

Effective Method:

From the two proposals we have brought to you for how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors, our vote for the most effective method stands to favor a staple remover.

Through using a staple remover for the task, though you will be investing in the purchase of the product, rest assured it will save you a lot of unnecessary fuss and headache associated with using the conventional method.

All the time that was previously consumed in indulging with the tools will now be saved by the staple remover. Also, with this product, you will not be fatigued, nor will your hands be strained.

Likewise, there is going to be no threat or actual damage to the hardwood floor on which the staple remover will be used.


In this article on how to remove broken staples from hardwood floors, we have not only listed the two typical methods but also given you the discretion to choose either while stating our view on the most effective method!

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