How To Secure Area Rug On Top Of Carpet? 

Is the area rug frequently slipping off, creating a mess? Want to know how to secure an area rug on top of the carpet? If yes! Try out reviewing our guide to find the easiest fix to the query!

Whether it’s hiding the nasty permanent spill on your carpet or beautifying the room, using an area rug is all you need, but have you ever got slipped by its edge, or because children are playing, the mat slips off the carpet? Well, most commonly if having any furniture would secure the mat, but what if it’s all clear? Want to know How to secure an area rug on top of the carpet? Stay with us!

A creeping and slipping rug over the carpet is more than just a mess creation; it may lead to accidental damage if it slips off. To make it secure, we brought the easiest fixing guide solution for the users to maintain a great hold and grip of the area rug with the carpet and add some unique and heavy-duty area rug recommendations to ensure you end up with the right size rug without extra future investments.

How To Secure Area Rug On Top Of Carpet?

For a quick go-through idea for our readers, it possible to secure the area rug on  top of the carpet by incorporating 03 easy fixes that would help you out:

Can I Secure Area Rug On Top Of the Carpet? How!

1.) No Slip Rug Pad:

No Slip Rug Pad

Secure Area Rug Using Non-Slip Rug Pad:

Ta avoid your area rug from slipping, the first fix would be to use a non-slip rug pad below the area mat that secures the rug and does not make it drop or riffle. But wait! You cannot select any rug pad just for choosing it; you must know its backing, as many might be reactive to your carpet or area rug.

Do not use waffle-cut rug pads, as they seem more prone to dirt accumulation. To ensure maximum protection and prevention, check out natural materials rug pads like Wool felt, jute, and natural rubber to securely hold your area rug. Ensure you go with a rug pad that firmly grasps both the carpet and the mat to prevent bunching, shifting, and rippling over a carpet which causes creases and waves. Rug pads add an excellent shielding effect to avoid slipping, abide more foot traffic, and last longer.

Before selecting the rug pad, check out what size area rug you have. Measure the area edges and then compare them to the rug pad specification. Make sure the rug pad is one inch smaller than the area rug.

Which Non-Slip Rug Pad To purchase? Expert Recommendation!

After extensive research over the marketplaces, I found the Mohawk Home Non-Slip 8′ x 10′ Rug Pad; that isn’t just my favorite but is liked by multiple users and ranks o the top with various benefits and usage.

Mohawk Home Non-Slip 8′ X 10′ Rug Pad:

  • The USA-made Mohawk Home rug pad’s Non-Slip Grip function is a game changer in interior design.
  • Thanks to the sturdy, slip-resistant latex rubber backing, you can arrange your rug precisely and prevent it from slipping, bunching, or wrinkling.
  • Enhanced gripping capability
  • Also, the rug’s surface remains smooth, making vacuuming a breeze.
  • The felt surface and latex backing are also intended to give Long-Lasting Protection from various damages.
  • We found it appropriate for various surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and carpets.
  • Floor Versatility option with noise and shock absorption
  • For a luxurious, cushioned feel, the Cushion Variation feature offer two thickness options: 3/8 inch or ¼ inch to make it easily opt as per the case.
  • Size may be larger, but with trimmed to size feature, it gets easy to size the rug pad.
  • The additional thickness is all about warming the area rug and ensuring reliability.
  • Affordable and easy to maintain.


2.) Double Sided Carpet Tape:

Double Sided Carpet Tape

Prevent Area Rug Creeping Using Double Sided Carpet Tape:

You can try double-sided carpet tape for quick, inexpensive fixing to prevent the area rig from slipping and creeping. But is it securable? Investing in a good quality carpet save tape would be a worthy option; however, some can negatively affect the carpet. So how to select? No worries, check out the recommendable product to make it easily opt for the area rug and secure the carpet and area rug in no time.

Remember that the wrong tape might leave a sticky residue, release harmful chemicals, get carpet stained,

and neutralize sickness with spilling. But to avoid such, the best double-sided carpet tape is set to make it to the top of the list with safe and effective use. However, it is noted that double tape last only for six months, unlike rug pads that last ten years.

Which Double-Sided Carpet Tape To Purchase? Expert Recommendation!

We suggest going with the XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape, one of amazon’s highly rated products in ensuring excellent adhesion with no harmful effects. What makes it so best? Let’s check it out!

XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape:

  • The double tape seems to be heavy duty ensuring 2” x 30 yds
  • You get a residue-free double tape with X-Fasten
  • Better adhesion for keeping the rug in place
  • You can use it as a rug tape for laminate, tile surfaces, hardwood floors, and marble.
  • If you have the elderly and children around, then consider using double tape.
  • Best for meeting rooms or conference halls
  • The heavy-duty tape better hold rugs and carpets weighing up to 20 pounds
  • It suits Tencel, Linen, Bamboo, Jute, and Nylon carpets.
  • The best option for gym mats, rubber mats, floor runners, and area rugs.
  • Ease of using, installation, and removing
  • Double carpet tape ensures resistance against moisture and weather
  • Affordable and easily available on amazon
  • Versatile sizes with suitability for both outdoor and indoor use

How Much Does It Cost?

The double carpet tapes aren’t that pricy, and you can get them at an affordable rate from ” check price on amazon.”

3.) Heavy-Duty Area Rug:

Heavy-Duty Area Rug

Invest In A Durable And Heavy-Duty Area Rug: 

Are you shifting to a new home or considering removing the old area rug? That’s the best time for you to understand which area rug to purchase to ensure no slipping and prevent accidental damage. Those having light area rugs might consider investing in a heavy-duty rug to eliminate the issue. Where to get the best heavy-duty area rug? Any idea?

Don’t worry; we had exceptional research on the area rugs and found the to be one of the best highly recommended heavy duty ug for your home, which seems to be highly thick, durable, and last longer. You won’t need double tape or rug mats, so get one for yours and say bye to issues like slipping and creeping of area rugs.

Top 03 Recommendable Best Heavy Duty Area Rug:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why do rugs slip off the carpet?

Area rugs might easily slip off the carpet because of lack of friction; when the carpet’s surface is smooth, lack of friction won’t let the area rug stay in place. With a Poor-quality rug pad, you need an appropriate grip or be excessively thin, allowing the rug to shift. Moreover, Uneven carpet surfaces cause bumpiness and make the rug shift and slip.

When there seems to be High foot traffic or constant movement and weight of people, cause the area rug shifts. Lastly, If a rug is too small or too light, it may not work and results in slipping and creeping.

So, before you set that magnificent carpet down, ensure you have a rug pad to go with it to prevent the issue.

Is a rug pad for carpets a good option?

Rug pads keep your rug from slipping, curling, and bunching up and protect your flooring from heavy furniture and scratches. Furthermore, they provide an additional layer of softness, minimize noise, and even offer better insulation eliminating cold floors.

They may appear to be an excessive addition to your home decor, but they are a saving grace for many reasons. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good rug pad – as they will protect your flooring and extend the life of your costly rug and carpet.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you find the answer to How to secure an area rug on top of the carpet. An area rug can change the look of a room by adding color, texture, and personality. With these guidelines, you can safely install an area rug on top of the carpet, resulting in a nice and elegant room that is safe and comfortable. Select the best method for your space and rug, then relax and enjoy your new decor! In addition, you can also try additional methods like Velcro strips or using furniture for securing, but commonly using rug pads, double carpet tape, or investing in heavy-duty area rugs are the most common fixes to the problem.

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