How To Stop Bed Sliding On Wooden Floor?

Wooden floors are the most typically used flooring preference for house owners and interior designers. Despite the effort that goes into maintaining the wooden floor, it is common to find a wooden floor installed in most of the houses you may come across.

Hardwood flooring may be in the bedroom, lounge, kitchen, or often in the entire house. However, today’s article will focus on wooden flooring within the bedrooms and how to eliminate some complex problems.

Such as how to stop bed sliding on wooden floor. We are positive you have experienced your bed sliding if you have a wooden floor in your room because this is a frequently reported incident by house owners with such a bedroom set.

How To Stop Bed Sliding On Wooden Floor?

Anything and everything is bound to slide on your wooden floor. Whether it be your bed or your rug, the object will slide when placed onto a wooden floor and involved in any movement.

Though this is not something to be highly concerned about, considering it can be dangerous to lay on a bed or stand on a rug that slides, you should immediately remedy the situation.

Like rug manufacturers ensure that their rugs are manufactured of anti-slip materials or for further protection against sliding, homeowners prefer using a rug pad. For the same reason, we will provide useful tips on stopping your bed sliding on wooden floors.

Useful Tips:

In this section, we have been creative with the proposition of useful and practical tips that can help you put a stop to how to stop bed sliding on wooden floor. So according to the bed type and the tip that suits you most appropriately, choose your ideal tip!

1.) Furniture Pads:

Stop Bed Sliding On Wooden Floor by Furniture Pads

Suppose you have been reading our previous articles regarding wooden floors. In that case, you may be well aware of furniture pads because we have constantly been recommending felt furniture pads to you as a solution to prevent your furniture from damaging your wooden floor.

However, right now, the reason to recommend furniture pads as a useful tip is not to protect the wooden floor from scratches that can be materialized through the sliding of furniture but how to stop the bed sliding on wooden floor.

A very likely reason for your bed to slide on the wooden floor is that there is no grip for the bed, due to which every time you lay or sit on the bed, you experience it sliding into another direction.

Therefore, using furniture pads, similar to stickers in their application, you can prevent the bed from sliding. All you would have to do is stick these adhesive pads under the legs of your bed and have a peaceful night’s sleep without experiencing constant jerking due to the bed sliding.

For instance, if you need clarification on which furniture pads to purchase or where to get them from, we suggest X-PROTECTOR Felt Furniture Pads. They are an ideal product suggestion that we have put forth for you.

The felt furniture pads will counter the situation adequately and will ensure that never again you experience your bed sliding on the wooden floor. You might also find some spare X-protector Felt Furniture Pads laying around your house, only if you have been a keen enthusiast to stop the furniture from damaging wooden floors.

2.) Caster Cups:

Stop Bed Sliding On Wooden Floor by Caster Cups

Although furniture pads are an ideal solution for how to stop bed sliding on wooden floor, it is a solution which is to only work for beds that have a flat base. In the case where you have a bed with wheels, you cannot anticipate stopping the bed from sliding on the wooden floor just by sticking furniture pads under them.

This is because, firstly, the furniture pads will not stick on the wheels, and even if your attempts to stick them have been fruitful then it will be sooner than later that the adhesive pads will start to chip off from the wheels due to lack of stickiness.

To tackle a bed with wheels sliding on wooden floors, we bring you a suitable proposal of using caster cups instead. Caster cups are usually found under the wheels of a rolling seat, and their primary purpose is to aid the user in moving the piece of furniture.

Maybe because of this characteristic of the caster cups, the bed has been sliding onto your wooden floor. However, with a bed, the movement is only confined to settling the bed inside the bedroom and nothing further or beyond that.

Most wheels have caster cups made out of plastic on them. Plastic, indeed, is an advantageous material, but not on wooden floors, as it can induce scratches on the hardwood surface.

So, you must keep in mind the safety of your wooden floor while you are looking for a quick fix for how to stop your bed sliding on wooden floor. Slipstick Furniture Wheel Gripper Caster Cups is a product we have for you that will not only prevent the bed from sliding but also keep an eye out for any damage on the hardwood surface through scratching.

These caster cups by Slipstick have been designed uniquely to lock the bed’s wheels in a particular location and prevent the bed from sliding randomly. Additionally, the caster cups are specialized in protecting the wood against any damage, so it does not matter how long you choose to place the bed on the wood surface; the caster cups will always fulfill their purpose.

3.) Rug:

Stop Bed Sliding On Wooden Floor by rug

Who does not like enhancing the appealing appearance of their bedroom? The rug is another useful tip for eliminating bed sliding from the equation, and simultaneously also provides your bedroom with a minimal and aesthetic look.

Rug Size:

You can place any rug under the bed as long as it covers the entire area over the hardwood which is to be occupied by the bed. If you place a rug shorter than the bed’s surface area, then sliding will still be present, or maybe two legs of the bed out of the four legs may fall onto the rug, and restricting sliding still not stop it.

Hence, the size of the rug you purchase is a crucial factor that needs to be consciously considered when finalizing the rug you want to place under your bed. For this, take accurate measurements of the bed. What you can do to make sure that the measurements you take are exact is to measure the bed’s frame and buy a rug per those dimensions.

Opting for a rug to be placed under your bed to stop it from sliding seems like the most viable option out of the two that we have just stated. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics of a rug apart from its size that needs to be considered for you to be sufficiently catered by the placement.

Rug Material:

Not every kind of manufactured rug is safe to be placed on a hardwood surface because the manufactured material risks damaging the timber. This happens when you proceed with buying a rug that is made out of a combination of materials.

Another reason why a rug may damage your hardwood floor is because of the backing that comes accompanying it. For example, if the rug you want to place under the bed has a backing of PVC, latex, or rubber, then you might want to think twice here.

Do you want to stop the bed from sliding on the wooden floor by damaging the floor that lays underneath it? The obvious answer is no, so do not consider such backings of a rug because, over time, they are bound to react with the wooden surfacing and, as a result, either disclose or stain the timber.

Since we do not want our readers to struggle with finding an ideal rug to be laid under the bed for the bed stops sliding, we say that go ahead with the Unique Loom Solid Shag Area Rug.

These rugs are available in a wide variety of colors, so matching the color of the rug to your bedroom’s interior will not be an issue. However, this is not the main reason for us to specifically recommend Unique Loom’s Solid Shag Area Rug, the fact that the rugs have no backings of harmful material and are composed of 100% Polypropylene which is a safe material for hardwood floors.

You can also opt for another choice of rug as long as they meet the standard criterion we have explained.


In this article on how to stop bed sliding on wooden floor, we have given you three useful fundamental tips to help you tackle the sliding situation. Use the one that works ideally for you!

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