Remove Rug Pad Marks From Hardwood Floor

Although the installation of rug pads underneath your rugs does ensure that your wooden or hardwood floor is protected from being damaged due to the synthetic chemicals in the manufacturing of the rug. But this is the case temporarily and only proves fruitful in the short run.

Often, when you decide to replace the rug or completely remove it from the interior of your space, the rug pads beneath tend to stain the hardwood floor, leaving marks that are there to stay.

Getting rid of these rigid marks is a task. No matter how much you scrub or scratch the floor, you fail to remove these marks. However, to help you out in this endeavor of yours, we bring you an appropriate method for how to remove rug pad marks from the hardwood floor.

Remove Rug Pad Marks From Hardwood Floor

Removing those horrendous-looking remaining marks after installing a rug pad is quite a straightforward task. It does not demand you to acquire any technical expertise.

However, if you are not too cautious with following the steps, that can be problematic and might lead to an outcome of even worsening the condition of your hardwood floor.

All the products that you will need to remove rug pad marks from hardwood floors are denatured alcohol, sandpaper or a scrapping knife, a mop, and of course, a strong and effective hardwood cleaner.

With the cleaner, you can choose which one you want to use to utilize any cleaner you think is the best and efficiently deliver the results you are looking forward to.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Reiterating, an important point again, follow every step we have stated in the order. Do not try to experiment around and jumble up the steps!

Step 1: Spraying Denatured Alcohol

Begin by spraying all the affected regions with rug pad marks with denatured alcohol. The purpose of spraying denatured alcohol is to serve as a solvent that will ensure softening up the stuck padding of the rug pad forming marks and making it seamless for you to scrape it off later.

This solvent is nothing similar to paint thinner, with an odorless spirit acting as a cleaning chemical solvent. The recommendation we have for you in store for a product to be used as denatured alcohol is that of Klean Strip.

Company’s denatured alcohol is out of the most effective and efficient ones you will come across in the market and are also readily available.

The job that your other conventional solvents will do in long spans, the Klean Strips denatured alcohol promises to get done with the same work in just a few minutes and makes no compromise over their user’s utility.

Once the denatured alcohol has been sprayed, let the solvent sit over the rug pad marks on your hardwood floor for at least 15-20 minutes to avoid difficulties in undertaking the next step.

Step 2: Scrapping Hardwood Floor 

Since you had initially sprayed denatured alcohol over all the impacted regions of your hardwood floor, scrapping the hardwood floor will be comparatively quick and easy to do so.

You can choose between sandpaper and a scrapping knife when scrapping the hardwood floor. However, we prefer that our users progress with scrapping using a knife rather than sandpaper because if they are not too vigilant with the paper and scrapping the marks, then the outcome instead of removing the marks can be wild scratches on the hardwood floor.

Similar is the case with the scrapping knife as well. Make sure to use a knife that is not blunt enough but has an appropriate sharpness to get the scrapping done.

Step 3: Sweeping Hardwood Floor

When done with scrapping all the remaining marks of the rug pad from the hardwood floor, you must sweep it thoroughly with a mop. This step gives you a clearer idea of where you stand with how to remove rug pad marks from the hardwood floor.

Supposedly, if after mopping you realize there still are some rug pad marks that you neglected to account for, then you can spray some denatured alcohol over them again and scrape their way out of your hardwood floor.

Step 4: Time For Some Cleaning Detergent

Removing rug pad marks from the hardwood floor does not end with scrapping only. You have to afterward indulge in a thorough cleansing of the floor as well. For this, use any cleaning detergent that is safe for hardwood floors.

One cleaning detergent that has been rendered safe for hardwood floors due to its neutral pH characteristic is Fabuloso. So purchase this cleaning detergent if you have no other adequate option, and mix ¼ cup of the product for every gallon of water you have.

From the variety of scents that Fabuloso’s cleaning detergent comes in, you can conveniently choose the one you want.

Step 5: Mopping Hardwood Floor

Mopping the hardwood floor has to be done twice when removing rug pad marks from the hardwood floor. First, dip your mop into the Fabuloso and water mixture or the mixture you have formulated using any other cleaning detergent.

Sweep this detergent-immersed mop on the floor and wait until every mixture particle has evaporated to mop the hardwood again. Then redo the sweeping but this time using clean water. Refill your bucket with room-temperature clean water and use a microfiber cloth/towel to wipe the hardwood floor down again.

You don’t necessarily need to use a microfiber cloth, but you can also use your mop. However, for this, you would have to ensure that the mop has been washed correctly and nicely enough for it not to retain any solutions before using the mop to sweep it again on the floor with clean water.

Why Are There Rug Pad Marks On Hardwood Floor?

As is the case with most queries, several underlying causes result in the consequence. This is not the case why are there rug pad marks on a hardwood floor?

There is only one simple and possible explanation: the rug pad marks only materialize on the hardwood floor when the rug pad material is unsuitable, meaning synthetic.

Any rug pad made of either plastic or rubber, synthetic materials will, with a guarantee, end up staining your hardwood floors. This happens because of the way these rug pads have been produced.

During manufacturing, a lot of toxic chemicals are used to make the rug pads resistant to slipping and to induce other qualities within them suitable for their purpose. Such chemicals eventually end up reacting with your hardwood floor when the rug pad has been laid on them for a long time, and as a result, the floor starts to appear dull after losing its shiny and appealing appearance.

Nevertheless, lacking shine is not the worst part about synthetically produced or latex-backed rug pads, but the fact that over time as they start to wear out and break down, rug pads leave sticky residues which formulate themselves into stains/ marks on the hardwood floor.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to always keep an eye out for the manufacturing materials of the rug pads because if they are not pure and compatible with your hardwood floors, then issues like removing rug pad marks are bound to arise.

Suitable Materials For Rug Pads:

To be very precise, any material that is not synthetic or has been composed using toxin chemicals proves not only to be a safe choice for a rug pad but also an ideal one. Materials that are suitable for rug pads are pure cotton, jute, and hand-woven rug pads, and another one that is our favorite is by Rugpadusa.

Rugpadusa’s rug pads are one of the most compatible options for a rug pad for any hardwood floor that you have around your house. Manufactured of 100% pure felt, they come with protective cushioning and are highly resistant to slipping.

A commonality between all the options we have stated in this section is that all these alternatives are made out of pure materials. No chemicals go into their manufacturing, nor is the primary constituting material mixed with another material to improve the outcome.

As a user, we can understand how you might be worried about not finding a variety within our recommended options for rug pads, but rest assured, once you start searching for them, you will realize there are many options to pick from.

Hence, this particular aspect of these rug pads makes them a perfect pick and guarantees not to leave any marks on the hardwood floor.


In this article on how to remove rug pad marks from hardwood floor, not only have we provided you with an appropriate method but have also recommended certain best products for use in cleansing. So, do not forget to consider them, and good luck with getting rid of rug pad marks!

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