Rug Pads Safe For Vinyl Plank Floors

The first and foremost consideration that you must make while considering a rug pad for your vinyl plank floor is to keep in mind that not every kind of rug pad is going to be compatible, and installing a random rug pad, can ruin your quite costly vinyl plank.

Therefore, as a house owner, you should only purchase any sort of rug pad once, and if you are too sure about the rug pad is safe for installation on your vinyl plank.

Particularly, a big NO for vinyl planks is rubber-rug pads. Such rug pads lined with rubber stain the vinyl floor. If not removed on time, the initially temporary stains can transform into permanent stains, absolutely running the shiny appearance of your vinyl plank floor.

So, let’s review the rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors!

Rug Pads Safe For Vinyl Plank Floors

Even though there are a variety of options you will come across in the market upon purchasing a rug pad safe for vinyl plank floors, the one that is our favorite and the most bought by the customers is Rugpadusa.

The exceptional features completely justify the popularity of Rugpadusa’s rug pad among its customers. Unlike the conventional rug pads manufactured by other brands, this rug pad by Rugpadusa lacks no essential quality. It caters to all customer requirements for a safe rug pad on their vinyl plank floors.

Rugpadusa’s Rug Pad:

Priced only at $65. There is no other better option for a rug pad that you can get further than this particular one by Rugpadusa. The 100% felt protective cushioning rug pad is currently featured as the best-selling rug pad for vinyl plank floors on Amazon.

The most distinct quality, and the reason for its demand among users, is the composition of the rug pad. Manufactured out of 100% pure felt, the rug pad guarantees not to stain your vinyl floors despite the span it has been laid for on the vinyl plank.

Even if you put any piece of furniture over it, the rug pad will also successfully endure the weight of the furniture, ensuring that it stays in place without any additional support.

Rugpadusa’s rug pad is also an ideal eco-friendly option for vinyl floors and the environment due to its manufacturing. The manufacturers have not used any product that could degrade the surroundings.

Such as the rug pad does not contain glue, latex, or PVC for that purpose. Another mode of convenience used to offer utility to customers is that the rug pad comes in three options for thickness.

When you feel that one option of the thickness of Rugpadusa’s rug pad will not accommodate the cushioning you desire on your vinyl floor, you can explore the other two options for thickness.

Textures Of Rug Pads Safe For Vinyl Plank Floors:

Regarding vinyl floors, we reiterate that not all rug pads are suitable, as not all pads work to prevent slipping. There are two wide categories of rug pads that you can buy for your vinyl floors.

One is the kind of rug pads produced solely out of synthetic materials and is comparatively cheaper than the other category of rug pads, which are manufactured out of pure materials such as the one we recommended by Rugpadusa.

Even when you can opt for a rug pad composed of synthetic rubber or plastic, we recommend that you do not because these pads only indicate severe damage to the vinyl plank floors.

In often cases, what these cheap rubber rug pads do is that eventually, the chemicals used to make the rug pads resistant to slipping start seeping out of the pad and into your vinyl plank floors.

Gradually, as these chemicals like phthalates seeping intensify, the plank vinyl floors get damaged and deteriorate. Thus, it is a much more plausible option to invest in a safe and eco-friendly rug pad for once than to bear the damages caused by a cheap rug pad to your vinyl plank floors.

You may feel free to choose any rug pad not made of rubber or plastic, as they have the same consequences when used on the vinyl plank floor. Some textures of rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors are the following:

Jute Rugs:

Supposedly, if you have a vinyl plank floor in an area exposed to less foot traffic, such as your bedroom, then we recommend that you go ahead with placing a jute rug in that place.

Jute rugs are one of the safest options for rugs on vinyl plank floors. These rugs are manufactured out of a natural material- jute- which is safe for the external environment and a compatible option for your vinyl floor.

With a jute rug, you will never again have to worry about staining on the vinyl plank floor or even for that matter, slipping. Also, adjusting furniture on a jute rug is convenient as there will be no slipping.

The best part about these jute rugs is that they are cheap and an ideal alternative to synthetic rug pads. Even though those synthetic rug pads may look fancy and colorful, they are not suitable for vinyl plank.

However, the jute rugs will serve your vinyl plank floor and bedroom with a classy and minimalistic look at an affordable price. Multiple options are available on Amazon to purchase a jute rug.

Cotton Rugs:

We have considered an ideal rug option for a low-foot-traffic area, but what about the lounge of your house with high-foot traffic? We offer you a cotton rug on the vinyl plank floor for such areas.

Again this is a safe option to be placed on the vinyl plank floor with almost no concern for staining as cotton rugs manufacturing is done through rather traditional methods which make no use of hazardous chemicals during the production process.

These cotton rugs to be placed on vinyl floors come in a vast variety of colors and designs, unlike jute rugs. You can match a rug perfectly with your lounge’s color combination.

Nevertheless, check the rug’s tag while shopping for a cotton rug for your lounge or any other area with high foot traffic in your house. See whether the tag indicates that the rug was produced from 100% pure cotton. If not, then search for some other option.

By placing a cotton rug over the vinyl floor not made of 100% pure cotton, you do not want to risk the floor with staining and open it up to any other damage. Additionally, whenever you feel the rug has matted or become dusty, you can always wash it up!

Search through Amazon to unlock a range of color combinations of cotton rugs.

Why Get A Rug Pad For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

In this review on rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors, we have been distinguishing between the kinds of rug pads you should purchase and those you should not. However, what is the underlying reason that brings about the necessity of buying a rug pad for your vinyl plank flooring in the first place?

House owners more than just often prefer a rug pad over their vinyl plank flooring to attempt to protect their vinyl floors from wearing out. When the vinyl floor is not kept maintained or covered with an appropriate rug pad under the primary rug, it results in the floor losing out on its shiny appearance and deteriorating sooner.

Therefore they opt for a rug pad because:

Protect Vinyl Plank:

Owners of houses are looking to protect their vinyl plank floors from coming directly into contact with chemicals used to make the rug. Not all rugs have been made using the traditional weaving method, but some are made in large-scale factories that use a lot of chemicals.

Thus, these rug pads play the role of a barrier between the vinyl floor and the rug.


Another role that the rug pads serve is cushioning, particularly in areas around the house with high foot traffic. In these places, the cushioning posed through the rug pad slows down the wearing and tearing of the vinyl floors.

Prevent Slipping:

A common incident materializing on a vinyl plank floor is slipping through the rug. However, when a rug pad is placed underneath a rug, the rug is supported and simultaneously prevents slipping or falling accidents.


In this review on rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors, we have provided you with the best recommendation for a rug pads and guided you about the Dos and Dont’s regarding rug pads to be used on vinyl plank floors.

We hope for now that you reach an appropriate decision for a rug pad safe for vinyl plank floors.

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