What Are The Alternative To Felt Pads For Chairs?

Conventionally, when protecting surfaces from scratching caused by furniture, people often opt for felt pads to be stuck under their chairs. Although felt pads do the job effectively and act as an appropriate barrier between your chair’s corners and the surface, they can be a source of nuisance.

Felt pads are particularly troublesome when they keep coming off the chair repeatedly. Either you have to replace the felt pad with a new felt pad with an adhesive sticking quality or just make failed efforts into trying for the felt pad to remain stuck.

Such situations compel an individual to consider other viable options and alternatives to felt pads for chairs. Are there any alternatives to the felt pads for chairs, and in the case that there are, what are they? Let’s delve deeper into the alternative to felt pads for chairs.

What Are The Alternative To Felt Pads For Chairs?

Though the use of felt pads for chairs is not mandated, some house owners use them as a preventive and safety measure to protect their highly susceptible floorings from damage.

If you have wooden flooring or vinyl flooring around your house, then you mustn’t have the furniture lying in the space without felt pads.

This is because even a slight pull or push of the chair on such flooring can cause significant scratching damage. Mind you, scratches on a hardwood floor or a floor similar in texture are not easy to get rid of until and unless you decide to get the flooring refinished. Apart from that, the only considerable way out of a scratched floor that you have is the replacement of the surface.

Therefore, you have to be extra vigilant with such floors and ensure they are protected against scratching caused by furniture through felt pads. However, as much as we advocate for the benefit of felt pads through advertising for their advantages, there are also certain disadvantages.

Such as, the felt pads tend to wear out in a shorter span than you would anticipate. This means that you will expect the felt pads to lose out on their adhesive qualities after a significant time lapse. They would do so before, rendering felt pads to be problematic.

You would have to constantly invest in purchasing more and more felt pads to stick to the legs of the chairs so that your flooring does not have to suffer damage at the cost of your furniture.

With this, it’s time you consider alternatives to felt pads for chairs.

Shepherd Hardware Rubber Chair Leg Caps:

For someone who’s had an awful experience experimenting with felt pads for chairs and is also on the lookout for attaining the ideal alternative for felt pad chairs, we bring you exactly what you want- Shepherd Hardware Rubber Chair Leg Caps.

The fitted rubber tip caps protect the hard floor surfaces from scratches and keep any furniture they support steady. Thanks to the rubber manufacturing quality, the furniture is always maintained in the area, and even when moved around, no screeching noise is produced.

Not only do these Shepherd Hardware Rubber Chair Legs Caps serve protection, but they are also often used by furniture producers to cover the rough edges of the chairs and provide them with a neat, finished, clean look and a stable ground to stand on.

These rubber chair leg caps manufactured by Shepherd Hardware are available in various sizes to accommodate all sorts of varying diameters. So you do not have to worry about whether you will be able to find the right chair leg caps for your dining or your Windsor chair.

All that you have to do is to ensure to get the corresponding and exact size of the diameter of the chair leg cap that would effortlessly fit onto the edges of the chair and protect the furniture from damaging your floor. For this, measure the size accurately.

If you make even the slightest error, let’s say even by 0.5 inches, then the size of your rubber chair leg caps and the leg of the chair can differ greatly. Even if you consider still proceeding with the inaccurately sized rubber chair leg caps, you must be prepared for the caps to fall off every time you move the chair, even by an inch.

Advantages Of Shepherd Hardware Rubber Chair Leg Caps:


Unlike your felt pads, with the rubber chair leg caps, you are free to never worry again about how long the product will last when inconsistent use. This is because these rubber caps are much more long-lasting and durable when compared to the felt caps you previously utilized.

The durability of the rubber chair leg caps is one aspect that makes purchasing these caps value for money because they last for longer spans. For the time that they are in function, they are keen to deliver optimal functioning to users by aiding them with assistance.

What precisely makes the caps durable is the fact that these caps, once inserted, do not come off. Imagine the caps being like something in which the leg corner is placed, and the placed leg is held firmly.

Therefore, due to the sturdiness and durability of the rubber leg caps, you will rarely ever need to replace the chair caps until and unless the condition has deteriorated to a point where it cannot be reversed.

Provide Adequate Protection:

The point of purchasing felt pads is to protect the underlying flooring against scratching and denting caused by the movement of chairs. Now that these felt pads will keep losing their stickiness and constantly moving around, how will they ensure the surface is secured?

Since chair caps are made of rubber, they take note of all your concerns, and as a result, there is the protection offered to the floor against any sort of scratching and denting. Whether the floor is that hardwood or tiles, rest assured with the caps on the chair legs, no damage is going to be materializing.

Additionally, do not limit the use of the chair caps to chairs only placed on hard floors because even for the chairs to be placed on carpet, through the caps, no wear and tear of the carpeted surface will occur.

Some more good news for you- any chair you insert the chair cap on, regardless of how much it is being moved around, the chair will not skid nor slide and instead remain in a single position without dangling even when placed on an uneven floor.

Anti-Slip Leg Caps:

Rubber as a material has certain exceptional qualities. Out of all these qualities, a prominent and most famous one is the anti-slipping quality of rubber.

As the chair caps are made out of rubber, you sure must expect them to resist slipping, which in actuality, they will!


Only at the price of $14.99 do you get a pack of these rubber chair caps, which can be placed onto any chair with which the size of the cap corresponds. All factors set aside, we urge you to take our word when we claim these rubber chair caps are worth it!

The numerous advantages of these rubber chair caps not only make them a perfect alternative to felt pads but also a much better choice whenever you contemplate using a barrier to protect the flooring against your furniture.

Quick To Clean:

Another commendable property of the rubber chair leg caps is that the caps are very easy to clean. In the case where you contemplate the chair caps not being easy to clean, this concern of yours has already been remedied.

Thanks to the plastic and rubber construction of the chair caps, these two materials make the caps very conveniently cleanable and, with the swipe of a wet cloth, against the exterior surface.

Disadvantages Of Shepherd Hardware Rubber Chair Leg Caps:

Come In A Single Shape:

After having gone through every single review about the Shepherd hardware rubber chair leg cap, the only disadvantage the users reported was that the cups only come in a single shape- a circle.

Many customers have a complaint about the rubber chair leg cap not being in a square but only being available in a circle. However, if you have a similar concern about the chair caps, a solution for the situation is to purchase a slightly larger diameter cup so that it can easily fit onto the chairs that have a square base without posing to be problematic for you.


In this article on the alternatives to felt pads for chairs, we have provided you with undoubtedly one of the best products to be utilized in the scenario where you completely want to eliminate felt pads from the equation of protection of the flooring against the furniture.

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