What Can I Put Under My Bed To Protect My Hardwood Floors?

As much as a hardwood floor would look graceful and ultimately give your bedroom a refined look, it must be remembered there are not only financial costs to the installation of hardwood flooring but the cost of continuously maintaining the surface due to its delicacy.

If not looked after the surface, it can be open to damage and be damaged quicker than you might think. You will not even realize that the harm in scratches, dents, stains, or any other shape will have materialized.

Dealing with the damage once it is there is a task more challenging with remedying; instead, it is a better and more plausible option to ensure to keep the hardwood floor in your bedroom protected beforehand.

More or less, the damage will occur from the bed that you have placed on this very fragile and highly vulnerable to the damaged floor. So what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors?

What Can I Put Under My Bed To Protect My Hardwood Floors?

When considering what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors, most house owners only have one requirement- whatever is being suggested must be well suited to the overall interior.

The proposed solution to what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors should be such that it keeps the bed away from damaging the wooden floor and simultaneously does not feel out of place but is blended in and looks subtle.

Therefore, to cater to all our reader’s demands very precisely, we only bring you a practical guide compiled of those solutions that, when placed under the bed, will not seem like a prominent externality and, in the meanwhile, fulfill their purpose of protecting the bed from damaging the hardwood floor.

Suggestions For Protecting Hardwood Floors From Bed:

Furniture Pads:

Furniture Pads

The first and foremost suggestion that we bring you for what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors is furniture pads. This product has been the lifesaver for countless house owners, and honestly, we think the popularity of furniture pads is justified.

These furniture pads are rarely ever visible in sight.

Still, when considering their effectivity, there is no alternative product yielding an outcome greater than that yielded by furniture pads.

We do not want our readers to be struggling with surfacing the internet in the search for the “best furniture pads”, so we even have a specific furniture pad recommendation for you in the store as well, and it is none other than X-PROTECTOR felt furniture pads.

Manufacturing Material:

Manufacturing Material

While you might have heard of certain materials on the hardwood floor that can be damaging as a myth, rest assured it is true. So you must be mindful of the materials of the protective products you choose too, but this is not the case with X-protector felt furniture pads.

Manufactured out of felt, there is no other more suitable material for constructing these furniture pads because felt, whether in the construction of your area rugs, floor mats, or even in the furniture pads, is a promising guarantor for no damage to be occurring on the floor. Thus, it is suitable for all floors and most compatible with hardwood floors.

Easy Installation:

Easy Installation

Another good news that accompanies the X-protector felt furniture pads is that they are also very easy for their placement. You need not have any technical knowledge or should be skilled in using tools because none of either will be required of you.

However, some vigilance and attentiveness are mandatory. Peel off the layer protecting the adhesive side of the felt furniture pad and carefully place each one under the next leg of your bed.

After this, you can lay over the bed in any manner, and not fret about its movement causing scratching underneath and over your hardwood plank flooring.



One reason you would want to consider what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors is that your bed, despite its rigid and tight frame, keeps sliding and slipping on the wooden surface because of its smoothness.

There is no surprise in encountering something slipping on a hardwood floor because it is very smooth. Nevertheless, the situation can immediately grow alarming if the slipping of anything on the hardwood floor is resulting in scratches.

This will likely happen with your bed slipping on the hardwood floor. But again, once the X-protector felt furniture pads are under the legs of the bed, the bed will no longer slip or slide against the surface.

Similarly, also promises to keep your bed in a single place- the location that you have chosen.



Currently, contemplating whether the X-protector felt furniture pads purchase would be worth it. Definitely, and with all our confidence in its durability, we, on your behalf, claim that it will be.

All credit to the durability of the felt furniture pads, which enhances the adhesiveness of each stuck piece under the bed. They do not come off quickly, nor will they be wearing out, so this is a purchase you must invest in without any further thought to it!



What other way could there be for you, and what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors, if not rugs? Floor mats or area rugs are products that will never seem to be something out of place, even in a single instant, and as an externality to the interior.

As an additional factor, the rugs, while working to take the appearance of your bedroom up a notch, when placed under the bed, will also not permit the bed legs to come in contact with hardwood. Therefore, acting as a protective shield between the bed and the hardwood floor.

Instead, if you have been considerate enough to choose a rug that matches the furniture of your bedroom and is also in sync with the color palette, then a rug would do nothing but further compliment the appearance of your bedroom.

The key to choosing a perfect rug for your bedroom lies in selecting the one which will blend in at the finest. However, let’s not forget that our focus is not on any type of bedroom but a bedroom with hardwood flooring.

With such delicate flooring in your room, choosing the ideal rug remains no more a straightforward decision but requires a lot of careful deliberation.

Rug Material:

Rug Material

Out of the many deliberations, you might have to make concerning the ideal rug in your bedroom and on a hardwood floor, the most crucial one so far is to consider the sort of rug material your rug has.

Taking note of the manufacturing material will only benefit you, and if otherwise, that will be a detriment for you. Regardless, our advice to you on the subject is to never proceed with purchasing a rug placed on a hardwood floor made out of synthetic materials.

Such chemically formulated materials are highly unsafe on hardwood floors and can cause them to be problematic after some time. Rather than protecting the bed from scratching the hardwood floor, they will engage in staining the timber floor as the toxins may seep out of the rug and into the surface, constantly reacting and resulting in staining, which is like discoloration.

Similarly, do not go for any rug that has a backing of rubber, PVC, latex, or plastic because the outcomes will be the same as we have previously stated- damage to the hardwood floor through staining, discoloration, and in the form of sticky residue which is difficult to get rid off.

Rug Size:

Rug Size

Though this is something we believe is intuitive, a reminder can always help. Rug size!

The size of your rug should accommodate your entire bed. The rug should cover all the space that falls under your whole bed, not even leaving out an inch, because that will be doing no good to you.

There is a lot of variability in the rug size, and you always have the option to choose whether you want the rug to expand from under the legs or the size should only be such that it has the four legs of the bed on the rug.

Only another helpful piece of advice which you are by no means bound even to consider: get a rug that not only covers the bed legs but some additional space as well because the otherwise will seem out of place and will specifically highlight nothing in the room but the bed and the area underneath it.


In this practical guide, we have brought two very helpful suggestions for what can I put under my bed to protect my hardwood floors.

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