What Kind Of Rugs Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

As hardwood floors seem like an appealing choice for a floor in your house, you must bear in mind that the maintenance and cleaning of such a floor are challenging. Even if you display carelessness, you can be made to withstand costly and damaging consequences to the hardwood surface.

Like not all cleaners are safe to clean hardwood floors, so is the case with rugs. Regarding rugs, you must be highly considerate about the rug material you opt for because not every rug material poses to be compatible with a hardwood surface.

Hence, the question materializes: what kinds of rugs are safe for hardwood floors? In this guide, we will observe and address your concern through a detailed discussion, so remain focused!

What Kind Of Rugs Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Without any further reiteration that not all rug materials are safe to be laid over a hardwood floor, let’s cut to the chase and investigate: what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors?

Before we consider the safe rug materials for hardwood floors, we will eliminate all those rug materials from the equation which are unsafe. First and foremost, any rug with latex, PVC, or rubber backing must never be on your hardwood floor.

We understand that purchasing a synthetically composed rug seems tempting, especially with a budget-friendly price tag. However, at all costs, you should indulge in suppressing the urge and refrain from buying any rug with a back that is latex and rubber or composed of an unpure/ combination of different materials.

Why Are Rubber Rugs Unsafe?

We are so against our readers purchasing a rubber rug and are constantly advocating for you to go for another option because these rugs tend to damage and then deteriorate your hardwood surface at first.

Doesn’t this seem ridiculous? You must be thinking about how a rubber backing rug could damage the hardwood floor when the only purpose for which it is laid is to cover the space and enhance its attractiveness.

Hold onto that thought!

The issue with rubber-lined rugs is that some, due to the composition of which they are composed, start to break down. When rubber is manufactured, or for that matter the rug, a lot of toxin chemicals are used to ensure that the rubber is made to withstand varying and erratic temperatures along with posing to be resistant to slipping.

Over time, these chemicals start to seep out of the rubber backing and into the hardwood surface. This seeping continuously impacts the hardwood surface, eventually resulting in severe damage.

Notably, in areas with high foot traffic and a rubber-backed rug laid, the hardwood underneath the rug will be discolored due to traffic exposure coupled with rising temperatures.

Via the discoloration, the hardwood floor will lose its original brown color and shininess and start to appear dull.

Another outcome that may result from laying rubber-backed rugs on the hardwood floor is staining. Rubber is a material that is not only synthetically manufactured but is dense when compared to other ordinary materials such as cotton or jute.

Due to inhabiting this property, rubber, when on a hardwood surface, prevents and hinders the floor’s breathability, keeping all the moisture that was supposed to evaporate trapped underneath and inside.

This moisture tends to react with the chemicals used to produce the rubber-backed hardwood flooring, resulting in staining. Getting rid of staining through rubber backing is not easy, and where some stains may be temporary, others are permanent and might demand you to replace the hardwood floor.

Why are PVC Rugs Unsafe?

We render PVC rugs unsafe because of the same material properties that the rubber has. Like rubber-backed rugs, PVC-lined rugs will also stain the floors when the gasses released off the PVC react with the chemicals used to refinish the hardwood floor.

Additionally, PVC is made of hard plastic, so every time you drag the PVC-backed rug around the hardwood floor a little too much with some effort, the rug will scratch the surface beneath.

Mind you, scratches like stains are also really difficult to remove from hardwood floors, so the most plausible way out of this situation is to avoid PVC rugs on hardwood floors.

Why Are Latex Rugs Unsafe?

Latex rugs are not ticked off as being safe for hardwood floors either because they can be the primary reason your newly and recently laid hardwood surface might start to appear dull.

This happens because latex traps gasses and moisture, constantly reacting with the hardwood floor and sucking the shininess out of the surface.

Go-To Rug Options On Hardwood Floors:

Until now, you must be clear on what rug materials, when laid on the hardwood floor, can damage the surface. Keeping all these materials aside, any other consideration that you have for a rug will be an answer to what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors.

To address your question precisely, any rug manufactured of cotton, natural fiber, or wool, and all those rugs that do not have a rubber, latex, or PVC backing should be your go-to option for rugs on rugs hardwood floors.

In this section, we bring you a few best recommendations for what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors.

1.) nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug:

Supposedly, you have no particular fondness for the material for a rug to be laid on your hardwood floor. In that case, this Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug by nuLOOM might be your ideal option.

Priced only at $28 and manufactured in Turkey, this Moroccan rug is of a beautiful design and durable quality. Most importantly and the remarkable feature of the rug is that it is safe for your hardwood floor because there is no addition of PVC, latex, or a rubber backing, and is instead made of 100% pure polypropylene.

Even if you consider a rug safe for other sensitive floors, such as laminate or vinyl, the Moroccan Blythe Accent rug is also an appropriate option. Polypropylene is a very long-lasting and robust material that can easily resist everyday high foot traffic and the wear and tear that may accompany it.

You may place the rug anywhere on the hardwood floor and around the house that you might like, as the minimalist design of the product effortlessly blends in with all sorts of shades of your interior.

Regardless, if you have a particular preference for size or color, you can choose the ones that may be the best for your house from the wide variety of colors and sizes that the product comes in.

2.) nuLOOM Wool Rug:

Another suggestion for what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors is this wool rug by nuLOOM. Wool is not only hassle-less to maintain and clean but also a guarantee for durability.

nuLOOM, keeping in mind these demands of the customers, has specifically customized a rug free of any synthetic material inclusion and safe for hardwood floors, meaning that with this wool rug, you will have to be least bothered about the surface being stained, scratched, or damaged.

Wool is, by its nature, resistant to staining because of its ability to not trap moisture and release it immediately into the atmosphere. This evaporation, compared to other materials, happens more efficiently in wool. Therefore, there is going to be no molding or mildewing on hardwood floors.

Because of the weight of nuLOOM’s wool rug, despite you walking over the rug multiple times or standing on it for extended intervals- no slipping will occur.

3.) nuLOOM Jute Rug:

The jute rug recommendation we have for you is the production of nuLOOM. The rug is sophisticatedly and cautiously handwoven and seamlessly integrates with the surrounding exterior decor of your house.

Whether you want a round or a square rug, from the two options of shapes that nuLOOM brings to you in its jute rug, you may choose accordingly. Jute, by its characteristics, constitutes a long-lasting fiber, so you can be sure with this rug that it will not be wearing out any time soon and will be serving you for a very long time.

When it comes to maintenance, the maintenance for nuLOOM’s jute rug is minimal. You can vacuum it or even wash it but remember that you must avoid bringing the jute rug into contact with excessive water as it can ruin the rug’s fibers.

Subsequently, once you have washed the rug, dry it thoroughly before placing it back onto the hardwood surface.


In this guide on what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors, we have brought three premium, affordable, and safe options for rugs that can be your go-to whenever you want a new rug for the hardwood surface.

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