What To Put On Outside Steps To Prevent Slipping?

To suffer a slip, whether from a single step or multiple stairs, is always a threatening situation that can bring significant danger, resulting in causing you severe injuries, so it is crucial to be protected against this risk.

However, the concerning question is what you mainly do to guard yourself against slipping from any surface or materials on the flooring causing you to slip. When and if slipping is through an incompatible material rug laid on your flooring, it is easy to troubleshoot by removing that rug.

But this situation becomes more complex and challenging when considering outside steps. What to put on outside steps to prevent slipping is the main focus of our article today, and to fulfill this goal, we will present you with multiple ideas that can be utilized as remedies.

What To Put On Outside Steps To Prevent Slipping?

Although there is no reason for you to worry about slipping from the outside steps most of the year, as soon as monsoon or winter approaches, the concern for falling with this too materializes.

This is because both monsoon and winter carry the risk of rain and moisture, respectively, which is a primary reason for slipping. Even typically smooth surfaces like concrete and wood can get exceptionally slippery during these seasons.

Does not matter if we are talking about the outside steps of your workplace or house. You need to be shielded against either due to the severe consequences that can appear because of slipping.

So, what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping?

Ideas To Prevent Slipping:

Adequate Lighting:

Adequate Lighting

The easiest, most convenient, and quickest way to ensure that no one suffers a fall from your outside steps is to have adequate lighting around that area. More often than people only slip from surfaces irrespective of whether they are wet because they cannot see where the next step is.

Through this, individuals tend to be misguided and miss out on steps, leading them to suffer a slip on the outside steps. Therefore, if you have sufficient lighting around the stairs, the steps to the passerby will be vividly visible and significantly reduce the previously posed risk of slipping from outside steps.

Anti-Slip Tape:

Anti-Slip Tape

Have you ever considered taping your outside steps? As absurd as the proposed idea may sound, it works to be an effective solution regarding what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping.

An example of such an anti-slip tape that has been the most recommended product with 5-star ratings and favorable, positive reviews on Amazon is the Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti Slip Grip.

Product: Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti Slip Grip

The black grip anti-slip tape by Eden Products has specifically been designed keeping in mind the needs of the consumers constantly struggling with slipping on the outside steps. Construction of the tape is of an anti-slip material that is exceptionally durable and weatherproof through the three layers of adhesives imported externally from Japan to ensure that the tape lasts and does not peel off within a few days of being stuck.

An 80-grit aluminum oxide traction pad also constitutes the construction of the black grip anti-slip tape to prevent slipping and boost traction for the foot traffic, providing a firmer and smoother grip than a rough and slippery surface, particularly while the rainy season is in a swing.

The most distinct quality of this tape is its high water resistance. This means that no matter how much rain falls onto the tape, it will not get wet nor wear off, and because it is also anti-slip, the threat you previously had for slipping is also taken care of.

Compared to similar anti-slipping tapes in the market, the distinguishing factor between Eden Products tape and the others is its three times more adhesiveness, allowing the tape to stick onto any surface without being challenging to the user.

Talking about installation, that too is straightforward. All you have to do is trim the tape out per the requirements of your outside steps, peel the non-sticky backing of the tape, and then stick it onto the stairs that you are looking to tackle for slipping.

Furthermore, the product is budget-friendly. If you are unsatisfied with the results or think the tape is doing no good in preventing slipping on outside steps, you can return the tape to Eden Products and have all your money returned without any penalties.



Another idea for you for what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping is to carpet your stairsteps. Though this solution to preventing slipping might not apply to all our readers, if you live in an area that remains dry, humid, and warm throughout the year, rest assured there is no better option than to carpet your stairs.

We recommend carpeting your stairs to prevent slipping because the likely cause is originating from the surface of your stairs. By surface, we mean the flooring installation that you have.

Some flooring materials are more slippery than others, such as compared to wood; you are more prone to slipping on a ceramic floor. Hence, when a ceramic installation has been done on your outside steps, to eradicate slipping from the equation immediately, you must start by ruling out the cause of concern- the material of the stairs and counter it in an effective and lasting manner- carpet it!

Paint And Grit Mixture:

Paint And Grit Mixture

Remember how we previously stated that wood is an anti-slip material but it could become slippery due to prolonged exposure to rain or water on them?

If this is a situation that you have been a victim of lately, we have the perfect and successful idea for you to troubleshoot your way out of a slippery situation quite subtly.

All you have to do is ensure the wooden flooring installed on the outside steps does not slip, and you can do this by applying a coating of grit mixed in the paint. Apply on the entire footsteps or on specific locations of the footsteps that you think are areas from where users of the stairs frequently slip.

Grit is an additive with paint and can be added to any type of paint you have purchased from any company. The brand and the kind of paint are of no concern to you here, so do not bother.

We are still determining the amount of grit to be added to the paint; however, we can claim intuitively to add an appropriate amount where the grit is enough to dissolve in the paint and not saturate.

Once the mixture of paint and grit is ready, you may apply more than a coating to the outside steps to prevent slipping. Nevertheless, again do this with caution and only use three layers at maximum and not more than that because only a moderate layering will not damage the underneath wooden floor.

Rug Runner:

Rug Runner

To avoid the situation of slipping from coming about, what you can do is completely cut off the source of slipping. The source of slipping on watery outside steps can be that the collected snow around the outside steps has melted, and the water has been carried onto the steps.

By adding a rug runner on the outside steps, snow, and any incoming debris further aiding slipping will be stopped as the runner will effectively grip the ice, ensuring it does not come close to the stairway.

Finding an ideal rug runner that matches your outside steps’ interior and performs its duty is not arduous. As soon as you begin searching for rug runners for what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping, you will come across a variety, and per the requirements of the size and color, you can find yourself the appropriate one!

Add A Railing:

Add A Railing

Different house owners complaining about slipping have different suspicions about what is causing the slipping to happen on their outside steps. Supposedly, you are that house owner who thinks that slipping happens because not enough support is provided to the person walking down the stairs, then adding a railing for support seems like a good idea.

It is not only your intuition that there is a lack of support for users of the outside steps resulting in slipping because it’s true. People unfamiliar with the steps of your house or office are most at risk of slipping because of their lack of familiarity. Thus, a railing can be a good idea for what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping.


This article gives you multiple ideas for what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping. Now all that you have to do is, with vigilance, pick and choose the one that you think will help you prevent slipping.

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