When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floor?

As hardwood floors seem aesthetic to the house and pleasing to the eyes, their care and maintenance require a significant investment. The investment entails the house owner being cautious with every activity they perform on the hardwood floor.

Whether it concerns the cleaning of hardwood floors or placing rugs on the surface, an immense amount of consideration goes in. This is because a slightly concentrated detergent or a synthetic backing of the rug can damage and deteriorate the hardwood surface.

The case for when can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floors is also the same. If you are not vigilant and place the furniture on even the slightest damp hardwood floor, you must be prepared to withstand the consequences. So, let’s estimate!

When Can I Put Furniture On Refinished Hardwood Floor?

No matter how tempted you are to immediately place the furniture on the hardwood floor to see how it looks, you should somehow suppress and retain the urge. If the hardwood floor has not dried out, it can have severe repercussions for you as a house owner and the floor. Let’s focus on when can i put furniture on refinished hardwood floor.

Before placing the furniture on your refinished hardwood floor, you must wait four days at a rough and estimated average for all hardwood-type floors. Four here is the charm number. Going beyond this span is unsafe, but exceeding four days is safe and is an additional precautionary measure.

Immediate four days that follow right after the refinishing of the hardwood floor, allocate enough time for the surface to dry out, ensuring that when you place the furniture on the floor and if by accident pull the furniture too hard, it won’t result in evident scratches on the hardwood.

In the meantime, while waiting for the hardwood surface to dry out, remember to maintain the room’s temperature. Do not let the space get too heated or humid; try acquiring an equilibrium between the both.

Different Spans For Different Refinished Hardwood Floors:

We all are aware of the wide variety that comes with hardwood floors. There is no single type of hardwood; instead, you have the option to pick and choose between any of the hardwoods you prefer.

Previously, we stated that typically and at an estimated average, all hardwood floors require almost four days as an answer to your query of when can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floor.

However, exceptions to this stand, and we will be considering when can I put furniture on refinished Oil-Based Polyurethane and water-based polyurethane hardwood floors.

Oil-Based Polyurethane:

When considering oil-based polyurethane hardwood floors, you might be surprised that this hardwood surface takes more than the ordinary span to dry out. Where you expect your typical hardwood floor to be dried out within four days on average, this will not be the case for oil-based polyurethane.

You will have to be more patient with oil hardwood floors and give them approximately a week to dry out before confidently placing your furniture on them. Also, often users installing an oil-based polyurethane hardwood floor, prefer not to go with just a single application of the coating to ensure the durability and longevity of the surface.

Where you have taken such an approach, then increase the day per the number of coats. Every coat applied to the hardwood floor takes an average of 24 hours to dry before another one is used immediately, ultimately, or after some time.

Therefore, if you have three coats for refinishing over your oil-based polyurethane hardwood floor, you should give three days for all the coatings to dry out.

External factors, for instance, humidity, also impact the drying time for your oil-based polyurethane hardwood floors. If you are a resident of a highly humid area, the refinishing of the hardwood floors will take longer to dry out than if you were a resident of a drier area.

Thus, after the coats have dried out, you must wait another three or four days before decorating your appealing oil-based polyurethane hardwood floor with furniture to be on the safe side of not destroying the refinishing.

Water-Based Polyurethane:

Another species of hardwood that we will be considering for when can i put furniture on refinished hardwood floors is water-based polyurethane. Now according to intuition, we know that water-based coatings are usually quicker to dry relative to that oil-based coatings.

So is the case with water-based polyurethane as well! Unlike your oil-based polyurethane coating on hardwood floors, with water-based polyurethane, you will not have to wait so long after refinishing the hardwood to adjust your furniture.

This is because every water-based hardwood is bound to dry out within 2 or 4 hours at a maximum. Rest assured; it will not take any longer than this. Despite the numerous coats that use water-based polyurethane on your hardwood floors, the absolute drying of hardwood floors will not exceed those three or four days.

However, this factor highly also depends on the number of coatings you do. If the coatings are minimal, then there is a possible chance for the refinishing on the hardwood floor to be dried out within two days.

Helpful Guide For Refinishing Of Hardwood Floors:

Skipping out on reading this section is something we would not have done if we were to be in your place because here we break down all the “WHEN’s” for when can I put furniture on refinished hardwood floor.

We provide you with a breakdown timeline of when to place what and what not right after getting your hardwood floor refinished. So let’s dive right into examining this!

24-Hours Later:

After the hardwood refinishing has been done and 24 hours have elapsed, only then, and on this condition, are you allowed to walk on the hardwood floor. Nevertheless, even then, wearing socks while walking the hardwood surface is ideal.

This is because even after 24 hours, not all of the refinishing or the hardwood coating has been dried out, but some of it has. Therefore, it is safe to walk onto the surface with socks on to avoid staining your feet with the coating used for refinishing and to avoid leaving any marks.

3 Days Later:

This is when you can be almost confident that the hardwood floor’s refinishing has dried out. Now you can place furniture, but heavy furniture is still not an ideal option.

For instance, avoid placing your huge dining table or heavy sofas on a hardwood surface that has just been refinished. Instead, what proves to be a more plausible option might be to place your coffee tables.

2 Weeks Later:

As pet owners, we understand how hard it can be to keep your cat or dog away from visiting the area where the hardwood floor has just been refinished. But after two weeks have passed, it’s safe for your pets to be in the area of the hardwood floor.

Previously, having your pet around this area was not safe primarily because refinishing materials have toxin chemicals, and due to licking the surface, your pet is likely to ingest some of those.

Even though having a pet around in this area before the two weeks will not ruin the refinishing, it can surely endanger your pet animal’s health.

3 Weeks Later:

After three weeks have passed, you are officially allowed to bring all your heavy furniture onto the refinished hardwood floor. At this point of refinishing, any heavy or light furniture will not damage your hardwood in any possible aspect.

Regardless, we recommend to you a hardwood-saving product- a furniture pad. Furniture pads have been designed to ensure that your flooring is not hampered even after your furniture has been on the hardwood surface.

Moreover, furniture pads also take care of any threat of scratching that might be posed due to constantly moving the furniture around and, as a result keeping the hardwood floor free and safe from scratches.

The best furniture pads and also budget-friendly and are manufactured by X-protector. You can easily purchase a bundle of these furniture pads from Amazon, and they would guarantee to stand by their promise of not compromising the health or the outlook of your hardwood floor in any aspect.

4 Weeks Later And Beyond:

This is the period where anything and everything that will be placed or laid on the hardwood floor will not deteriorate the health of the surface at any cost. Be it your rug or your furniture, after a month has passed, you are safe to go with anything you want to add to the hardwood surface.

However, with rugs specifically, be more cautious with your chosen material because not all rug materials are compatible with hardwood floors and can stain the surface. Precisely avoid latex and rubber backing rugs.


In this article, we have quite in detail discussed: when can I put furniture on the refinished floor, attempting to address any concern you might have. We hope you are now confident about the issue!

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